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Review of Fusion: A Mingled Flavour Mocktail

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Publisher: Dream House Publications

Category:  Anthology

Life is full of unexpected events and many of us don’t know what next is going to happen in our life. There are many people present in this world who all are still not aware about the different shades of life both positive and negative. It’s true that if we are enjoying a blissful life we hardly dare to care to look into the life and pains of people who are suffering. If you are keen to know about the different shades of life in true spirit they my friends go ahead and pick the latest release by Dream House Publication- Fusion: A Mingled Flavour Mocktail– An anthology of 25 wonderful stories of modern century with different shades, which will help us to know what life is for many people.

rachitDr.Rachit Bhushan

Before I go ahead further on discussing about the wonderful stories in this Anthology, I would like to congratulate Dr.Rachit Bhushan, Editor for this Anthology for making the wonderful selection of short stories written by bright, young, promising, multi-talented writers of India. This bunch of 25 authors proved India is full of talents.

Let’s go ahead to discuss in short about these 25 short stories:


  • The Heir by Renuka Viswanathan: A story which stands apart from common life. Once you start reading it you will first get to realize that something is attracting you to understand the complicated relationship of a husband and wife and why there is a gap in it which forces a father to stay away from his sick son of 2 years who is counting his last days. How can doubt and disbelief hamper and spoil a family The Heir will tell you. Good work Renuka.


Shreya Kumar

  • Dance Of Life by Shreya Kumar: For many of us end of relationship seems like end of the world for us and ending the life seems to us as one stop solution. We fail to realize that by ending our life we are ending the chance to show the world how important we are for this society and especially for those people who love us unconditionally. An individual who managed to survive in life after coming out of such situation can be a true figure for a person who is passing through the hard times of broken relationship and decide to end the life. Here in this story we will learn how a victim who survived managed to bring positive-ness in another victim to look at the bright side of life.


  • Telephone by Ayan Basu: The plot of this story is just amazing and truly speaking I will try this technique out which Ayan mentioned in this story to spend a lonely rainy day with a conversation with an unknown person over phone. Very interesting and a complete new thought which I get to know from this story. Amazing work Ayan.


  • Strings by Mehek Bassi: Good story, well-crafted the relationship of a mother and child even after the demise of mother. How a mother managed to fight against all odds of life alone, in spite of being a handicap to give the best to her daughter who is perfectly physically alright. Emotionally this story touched my heart. Mehek you are unique in your presentation.


  • Affair@Online by Neelam Saxena: A real picture of the modern India which we will get to see happening to many of us, but the rest world is not aware as the same is kept hidden by families. We all are highly addicted to social media networking and ends up making friendship which leads to love affairs on this platform. People are there to trap innocent people in the net of spider with the intention to do criminal activities and earn money from the families. This story is a warning to all such people who fell in love without knowing the criminal intention of the social media friends unknown in personal life.


  • Twilight by Purba Chakraborty: A love story which departed two young lovers as family did not allow them to be together as both belong to different cast. Both started separate family but with no love in relationship with partner. God didn’t give them the chance to stay together in life but gave them the chance to die together in each other arms while by chance at senior age they were traveling in a bus for same destination in side by side seats which met an accident to mark their demise together. Heart touching love story by Purba.


  • The Red Lahori Dupatta by Paromita Bardoloi: Another love story in this series which ended with death of the male character. It is a cross border love story – India – Pakistan. The love birds met online in social networking site and from there the story began. When they planned to meet for the first time in India, the female character requested for Kajal and Red Lahori Duppata to the male character from Pakistan. The destiny decided something else and the love story came to stand still all of a sudden. But the love is still alive in heart of the girl. Heart touching sensible love story by Paromita. Love it.


  • Love – A Vague Puzzle by Nehali Lalwani: An interesting presentation of love story of modern India where friends and roommates play a significant role towards bringing the spark back for the love in life. Here we will get to learn how the roommate helped the room partner to get back her lady love. Nice one and I liked it.


  • How To Kill Boredom by Arjun Pereira: A childish love story of school days where both young boys and girls believes in getting the attraction of the most attractive boy or girl of the school and feels like a great achievement if they manages to get the job done for them. Nice story and a true school life infatuation story. Good work Arjun.


  • The Unsaid Words by Swarupa: The Theme is heart touching of this story. Unspoken feelings of one character and wrong selection of love life by other character devastated the life of 2 Peoples and forms the base of this story. One is alone even today and makes the effort to find peace in every day tiring professional life while the other one entered family life but not happy with partner. The two main characters meets after a long timeline when the son of male character fallen sick and need the attention and care of the female character who is a Doctor by profession.


  • A Housewife And A Goon by Renu Sethi: How unconditional love for a lady who is victim of domestic violence can change the life of a Goon is well depicted in this story. The love was so pure that the goon in the role of a character like Robin Hood did not hesitate to take charge to finish the life of the husband and in-laws to take revenge for killing the lady whom he loved so much. he did his best to give the best life and education to the daughter of this lady. The story is narrated by the lawyer who was fighting the case for him in court.


  • Slaves of Soul by Heena Ahuja: Story is nice, well-crafted keeping in mind the concept of how forcefully lands are taken from poor villagers against huge promises to establish commercial complexes against a good pay, job and shelter. Nothing is received by the poor people finally and then they decide to rob the bank where the false documents are stored of their property keeping the employees and customers hostage. Knowing the real fact of robbing how the employees as well as the hostage customers stand along with the robbers to support their genuine demand forms the base of the story.


  • The Blind Fold by Shalini Katyal: The base is common for this story but the fact is very real as many of us believe that one sided love is enough to craft the fairy tale of love. But when this fairy tale gets a jerk, then life seems a complete end. The narration is good, simple and easily reaches the heart. Simple yet nice work by Shalini.


  • Anaesthesia By Manshi Bhateja: It’s a story where the central characters loses his father at the age of 12 and enters a lonely life where her mother remains busy and occupied to forget the absence of her husband and earning the money to give an established life to daughter with whom she gets disconnected emotionally. How a social networking site friend makes the space in the heart of the girl and gives some light to life covering up the loneliness which she was facing for long after her father’s demise at her tender age forms the base of this story.


  • The Angel by Ishita Bhown: A heart touching story of a young girl of just 12 years with a good voice of music. She is the daughter of a poor man and his father in spite of severe financial crisis along with her reached Mumbai for a music audition. She was selected and happy but destiny decided something else for her. Her father faced a heart attack and she alone was puzzled what to do. A wrong number call to a person who is real angel by nature helped the girl to reach the hospital with the father and stayed still the last with her before her relatives reach there. The doctor responsible to handle the patient in ICU was busy celebrating the 16th birthday of her daughter and reached quite late to hospital in spite of several reminders from the hospital. When he reached there is no life left and the patient died. He lied to the child of 12 that he did his based but can’t save him. For him the doctor was an angel to do his best to save his father. To know further about the story read it for sure. Ishita you did a wonderful job. Kudos.


  • Stone Cold by Nikhil Chandwani: The anxiety of parents for a hospitalized child at old age, their reaction and dreams in life about how to care for the child forms an interesting base in this story.


  • That Unexpected Encounter by Elora Rath: Story of Arnav and Ankita, two people who were in love and separated before getting together as Arnav’s father who was in death-bed wished his son to get married to his friend’s daughter whom he promised for this marriage when his friend was in death-bed. When Akita was getting married to other guy selected by her parents, life gave her a chance to meet Arnav. Rest part of the story will tell what the destiny holds for Arnav and Ankita. Good work by Elora.


  • It’s Forever … It’s Love!!! by Vinita Bali: A Heart touching love story, where one decided to take owns life to be with the partner whom she lost in an accident. Narration is good and story is simple.


  • Simplicity by Col Mahip Chadha: A Story with a different theme. A Story of simplicity of an army man will attract readers for sure.


  • Born under Bad Sign by Warishree Pant: How the non-acceptance of a homosexual relationship by parents and pressure of society, can end the life of 2 young lovers forms the base of this story by Warishree. We all should get the right to live our life the way we want and with the person we want. Who understands this fact in this society of complications where society status matters the most. Well written.


  • Play 4 Change by Roshan Kumar: We can see these days that young generations are taking a step forward to create the spark in the life of common man about how to say no to corruption. This story spreads the message about how to remove the corruption from this society of humans with complete patriotism. Roshan this is a sure short nice story to touch the heart.


  • This Was Written by Surbhi Thukral: No doubt in the fact that if the selection of the life partner is done without thinking of the future then it will make the life a devil’s home. Same was the case with the lead characters of the story, who failed to recognize what is best for them in life and married to such people on parents’ choice who made their life a complete hell. But all well that ends well, the male character realized the real love of his life and approached the girl with confidence who also a victim of broken house. The flow is smooth but bit fast which does not spoil the essence of this story. I liked the work of Surbhi.

 anjali 1

  • Love, Lust And Loot by Anjali Vaswani: A single thriller story in this anthology. A story of a neglected wife and her aggression in life how helped her to plot the plan of killing his husband along with his love partner in a full proof manner to get the property. A well plotted thriller story by Anjali


  • Will You Cross The Skies For Me? by Neha Zahir.: The most precious possession in the life of a woman is her self-respect and dignity. What happens to a woman when she is repeatedly used like an object of sex ad satisfaction after marriage? The narration of the story to the person whom she used to love in her college days touches every bit of the heart. This story touched my heart and its narrations are awesome. It’s the story of many women who all are scared to tell the real fact happening in their life. Awesome presentation by Neha.


  • Menaka-A Lost Apsara by Simson Biswal: Before I started reading this story I was quite sure about the fact that same is going to offer me a different flavour which I will definitely cherish. The reason for this fact is that the author Simson Biswal. Truly he failed to disappoint me and presented a story which is out of the odd. Betrayal from wife and her relationship with other man will definitely spoil the life of a loving and caring husband and that what exactly happened to the lead character of this story. His vagabond life one day all of a sudden in drunk condition took him to the red light area where she meets the prostitute Apsara- The name of his ex-wife. He was not comfortable with the lady and when he realized that she is severely down with fever and still trying to serve him, he moved up and paid what she deserved and left the place. He again returned next day morning with fruits and asked her why is she in this profession and she told the real fact of financial crisis and need of urgent money to help her poor father who is in the picture that his daughter is doing job in the city to help him. Apsara requested to stop taking alcohol and he requested to stop doing this job. Next day he wrote a letter to her stating that he wants to do something for all those girls who are forced to join this profession in whatever way he can and for that he wants her in his life as a partner. Will she agree? Read the story. A heart touching story by Simson. Great work.

The publisher needs a review too or else my review will remain incomplete. First of all thanks to the team of Dream House Publishing for sending the review copy. The cover is very well designed and the title selected matches really well. The quality of paper is good and the book is handy enough to carry where ever you go. Great work by Dream house and I expect much more good work from their end to fulfill my thirst for good stories. Keep Going.

Rating: 4.5/5

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You ll live again…Let me Die by Simson Biswal – A review

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BOOK: You ll live again…Let me Die

Year: 2014

Publisher: Dream House Publications

Summary of the Novel

It’s the story of a young aspiring boy having a world full of imagination. We will experience the college life of young students, their desires, destinations, imaginations, mistakes, sacrifices and the special world of love and romance in this novel by Simson Biswal. The experience of college life gets a new dimension when students need to move to a new place far away from their home town and stay in hostels. I personally experienced hostel life in my college days and so can say beyond any doubt that this life teaches us lots of lesson which makes us and our way of thinking more matured.

The story starts off with the conversation between few friends who meet after a long gap of time making them free from the professional world for time being. While talking, the discussion turns on love topics.  A girl named Sangeeta committed suicide for Love. This topic of sangeeta moved the discussion on how foolish are people who commit suicide and are weak hearted. One of the friend in the group denied that point and said that there is no hard and fast rule that a person need to be of sick mentality and weak hearted for committing suicide.

Right from here the actual story begins of the central character named Robin. He was the son of a middle class family and in order to fulfill his dream to become an engineer he moved from Orissa to Kolkata. His father took the risk of making investment of his hard-earned money on his son in order to secure the future of elder son Robin besides the complete family.

The first introduction with the Roommates Chetan and IAS is really heart touching as this happens actually on the very first day of hostel life.  How IAS introduced Robin to the college campus, the canteen and to the view and information about Girls hostel is quite interesting. But I feel if there is little bit addition of introduction with seniors and the intros taken by them is there in this story it would have look better.

In next part of the story you will learn about the bonding of friendship, the essence of first love, result tensions, unexpected episodes in life of Robin and betrayal of first love leading to addiction of alcohol and cigar.

Can second love ever happen to anyone and can be that successful, can true love and silly mistakes in life can bring an end to it……………………..Read it to know what will happen next in the life of Robin

My review:

The story goes in a smooth flow till the time 2nd episode of love arrived in life of Robin. I was expecting some new twist after that, but that finally ended up in a very expected way as the name of the novel already gave the view that someone is going to die in this love story.

The language is simple and understandable to every reader in India. But in my personal view too much use of Hindi language is there, which will keep this novel confined to Indian readers only as the Hindi words and sentences are not narrated in English. In one section I got to learn Kolkata is an expensive city, but I deny on that part as expenses in Kolkata are cheaper even today in comparison to other metro cities. Overall a cool story, but areas of improvement are there and I am sure Simson will come with more new stories which are entertaining and fresh. For readers who believe in love a definite novel to read.

Rating: 3.5/5

A session with author and Entrepreneur – Simson Biswal

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A young and energetic mind with a passion to lead and change is the author and the founder of Dream House Publications, India. Simson started his career as a government employee, but he always has a dream to become a writer. To carry his dream forward he started Dream House Publications, India. He believes every person has a writer instinct inside him just needs a correct opportunity.


1) Welcome to Samatawelcomes you. So Simson, will request you share with us your educational and family background and also about you as an individual.

Namaste Samata, I hope you are doing well. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me such an opportunity. I will never shy to admit that it’s first time I am getting such a chance to share my feelings and facts about me in something like an interview. My educational qualification is 10+2 science and I belong to a middle class Indian family. My father is a Government High school teacher. And I don’t think there is anything like extra ordinary qualities which I will share. I am a so simple guy and believe in common way of living.


2) You already penned down 2 novels and as per records 4 more are in pipeline. So when you first stepped in this world of writing?

I am acquainted with writing and literature since my childhood. My mother is a play and scripts writer. So from a very young age I have been finding myself with the world of literature. And ‘Krunowanto Bishwom Aryam,’ a Sanskrit chant signifies make the whole world Aryan was the first taught I learned from my family. Perhaps that’s the key factor which leaded me to raise voice against the day to day society and circumstances for the existence of our pure and unblemished soul. When I started understanding the world by my own consciousness and ability, I understood if there is a requirement of change to save our ever-green Aryan culture and ethnicity and to check the ultra-modern young stars’ changing attitude and way of living under the delusion of Western culture, there must be a revolution needed and it should be from every Indian heart and soul.

So if there is a need of revolution then let’s begin it from our home first and through my pen as words touches hearts deeply before any sword could.

I wrote my first novel in Odiya in the age of twenty-one to fulfill my mother’s dream as she always wants to see me as an Author. And in 2013 I published my second novel, ‘1Mistake2Lives’ through self-publishing.

3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be a part of this world?

All the credit goes to my mother Shrimati Monorama Biswal and mata Sharaswati (Goddess Sharaswati). I learned the first letter of writing from her.

4) So far which among all your books, is the one which is close to your heart and why?

It’s my first book which I had written in Odiya and that’s because there are lots of things in this book which is related to my life.

5)  When you decided to go with Dream House publications, India (DHPI)?


Samata, do you remember that song, ‘Jindegi hur kadam ek nai jung he….’ If every day we have to face with a new problem then why not we should face it in our own way? And the problem can be anything. Take an example as finding of a good publisher for my books that can available my books all over the country. So the thinking of Dream House Publication, India came in my mind to help myself and the other people too who also have a dream like me.  Here I am the builder of my own Dream.

6) How you managed to arrange the initial funding for your dream project DHPI?

I always believe when there is a will there is a way. As I belong to a middle class family I am not that much of financially strong but it never became an obstacle on my course.  There are lots of good people in this planet who helped me to dig the pillar of Dream House.

8) Give us a brief about the work process of DHPI and its various services?

Book publishing and Marketing is totally a business. But In DHPI we want to do this business with love not by bargaining with the authors who wants to get published. Our basic aim is to help and inspire young writers.  And I have vowed I will never let anyone to face such a situation which I had faced with the publisher of my second book. It hurts too when someone breaks your trust. I remember well that time how much it was difficult to arrange 38k rupees to avail a package to publish my book. However I did it. I trusted on them. But they simply broke my trust.  Even I would like to thank them too. Due to them only today we are talking about Dream House. And Samata when it comes about our work process and various services we are promising to do everything for an Author whatever he / she deserves and needs to become an renowned Author.  But one thing I want to make clear that I personally don’t believe in show business as other self-publishers do. Our first work and duty is to bring books near to the readers and make it available all over in a very low cost.

9) What are you other interests in life?


I love to help people. I want to do something for the people of my place so that even after my death they will remember my name.

10) Share the Wow moments you experienced being the owner of DHPI?

Every day there is a Wow moment wait for me being the owner of Dream House.  Every day I am learning and getting chance to see new things.

11) How you make selection of Novel to be published?


Selection procedure depends upon our editorial team. They will decide which will be published or not through Traditional way.

12) What are your future plans with DHPI?

We are planning to extend our hand for distribution of other publisher’s books in southern sector.

13) Which one is your next upcoming novel to hit the mark?

‘you’ll live again…. Let me Die’ is my upcoming book. It is going to release in coming January. And obviously it’s the first book for DHPI also.



A synopsis of the Novel by Simson

 ‘You’ll live again ….Let me Die…’’ is a heart rending true story about Robin, his dream and destination of love through poverty, trust, overwhelming desires, friendship, religions, misunderstanding, mistake and a sacrifice.

Yes…. My dear readers… it’s a story about ‘Robin Das,’ a twenty years old common Indian.  I said him Common because it has a reason.  He is neither one among the great Icons of this land nor those personalities whom our world should remember for eras. He is just an unknown character, an anonymous, but the thing which gives him an importance that now we are reading his name because once upon a time he had a spark in him. The same spark which doesn’t help million Indian minds to stay in rest in their adolescent. It runs in their brains at every moment and ignites to do something in life. Even in sleep as dream. And you know this is the only thing which keeps people awake and inspire them to make their names immortal. Can you say what this is?

It’s the spark of Desire.  The desire for achieve something, to do different and make people to remember you.

And we will remember him for his Desire for Love, for his Mistake and his Sacrifice.

                                                    Time to make our Love Immortal….

                     ….and it will come through only sacrifice.

14) Any suggestion for budding authors and entrepreneurs?

Have you heard this song, ‘‘Jadee tore dak sune keu naa ase. . .

                       Tabe akla cholo re. . .

 Tabe mukh pute tore monar kotha . . . . akla bolo re . . .

                      Akla chalo akla chalo. … akla chalo re. . . ..’

I think Samata you are Bengali, right? Then it needn’t to say whose song is this. So what does it mean? If no one is there to give a company, to listen you and help you then keep moving alone. Never let go anything. Just concentrate your mind in your destination and keep moving.