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A session with Harshita post release of Novel” Bad Romance”

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Harshita Is talented girl but still down to earth and always gives me the feeling of the girl next door. She is sober, she is intelligent and beyond that she is a good human being. After her first novel ” One in a million” she delivered her 2nd Novel ” Bad Romance”. In this session she is talking about her novel “Bad Romance”.

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  • Welcome Harshita and congrats on your successful delivery of your second baby “BAD Romance”. So how you are feeling?

Amazing. I have no words to describe the ecstasy I have been experiencing these days more so because the book has done appreciably well. This concept and story of this book happens to be really close to my heart. When people call up or message me saying that they simply loved the book, I witness myself skipping a few heartbeats. After all, not every day do you see people reading your book as soon as they get it in their hand? My readership has increased to a large extent

  • In a very short span of time you completed your second novel- Being a regular Job girl how you managed to get time to plan for this storyline?

It was indeed quite difficult to manage both the things but the sheer will I had in me and the immense support I received from my office people helped me bring out this book on time. This book took about one complete year to finish off mainly because I had my profession to look into as well but thankfully, I made it till here and hope to continue doing so.

  • Will request you to give a brief on the story?

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Bad Romance is an intense romantic fiction that deals with the struggles of a girl who has been tied up in an emotional abusive relationship. While the girl has a trapped up part, there’s a hidden part of her that longs for someone who can understand her, someone who can give her the love and affection she deserves. In all this hullabaloo of being accused of infidelity every day by her partner, she takes an extreme step. The pressure and accuses tend to take a toll on her and she turns a rebel in her own way. She kind of finally begins to do everything she is blamed for. In a nutshell, this story happens to pierce inside the wrapped up dark side of humans.

  • Who is the publisher this time?

The publisher of my latest book is Gargi Publishers.

  • What are you plans for the book promotion?

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My publisher has been very helpful in promoting the book, online and offline. Together, the team of Gargi and I have been constantly promoting the book on different platforms and we have witnessed some astounding results. Let’s see how things come out in future.

  • In which online stores the book are available now?

The book is available on all major online portals including Homeshop18, Flipkart, Infibeam, Amazon, etc. Apart from this, the book can be found on major bookstores, thanks to the strong distribution network of my publisher.

  • What are you expectations this time from readers?

After the positive response of my debut work, One in a Million and Moonlit Matinee, my readership has increased to a large extent. And this was pretty much evident during the pre-orders that went way beyond our expectations. So yes, my overall hopes from this book is pretty much more than my previous books and I hope I have done good work.

  • Have you targeted a specific age group in this story or people of any group can be the reader?

No, my books aren’t age or gender specific. My Mom loves reading me as much as she loves reading any other writer. I have received appreciation mails from a 15 year old teen to a 50 year old lady so I’ve never written out stuff pertaining to a particular category although yes, since my stories are set around in the modern times, the youth would be able to easily relate to what I write.

ROMANCE is a beautiful experience, then why you named BAD Romance?

Love is undoubtedly an amazing experience but there is another shade to it. There’s always a darker side of everything and hence, I titled it as ‘Bad Romance’, a book that shows the darker aspect of romance.

  • What next is there in Pipeline?

There are two projects I’m working but I don’t think this is the right time to reveal anything about it. There’s an anthology ‘Drenched Souls’ coming around soon set in the monsoons that will be edited by me. After the positive response that the publishers got from Moonlit Matinee (another anthology I had edited), they decided to have another one coming out. I couldn’t be more than happy about it.

Wishing you the best for BAD Romance-  Surely it will touch the hearts of millions of readers.

Thanks a lot, Samata. I really enjoyed talking about my books with you. Wishing you all the best for your venture.


Connect with Harshita: hsrivastava0205@gmail.com

Enjoy Reading her blog: http://harshitasrivastava.blogspot.in/