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Review of Novel ‘Whisper of the Worms’ By Marcardian

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Title: Whisper of the Worms

Author: Marcardian

Publisher: CACTUS




The story of the novel ‘Whisper of the Worms’ centers round the main character of Thobais Mathai who is based out in USA and has been diagnosed with a disease which is deadly and known as Cancer. He is strongly determined on not telling his family about this ghastly ailment.

As he was sure that his life is going to end he decided to spend his last days on his own terms and conditions. He decided to pay a visit to his nation and meet his old mother for the last time.

He decided to live once again his childhood days before this deadly disease made him say goodbye to his life. Even in this situation life was not so easy for him and he experienced a huge twist in it. His international ID (Passport) was usurped while he landed in the airport. He was accused of a charge imposed by his past association, SMILE BANK.

He was in the trap of a spider where he needed to think about his wellbeing along with the job of managing a case.

He was resolute to know the reasons which became instrumental in recording a case against him and he also needs to comprehend the thought process behind such allegations. The question will definitely come in mind of reader that is it true that he is honest or has he been made a scapegoat for this case? To get the answer to this question being a reader I will insist all to read this novel.

The story is passionate and absolutely an endearing one. I am sure about the fact that the way I loved the author’s creativity in penning down the child and father’s relationship in this story. No doubt in the fact the motion of this story is slow although the story is well crafted. In some areas it will give the feel that the story is unnecessarily dragged which can be easily cut short. Some features of this story are on the positive side and some on the negative side too. It will be hard for the readers to predict the story which is definitely a great power of presentation shown by the author and the emotional side which is displayed in the novel is absolutely heart touching. On the cons side the cover page is not matching with the context of the story and the motion is slow for the story. Rest this novel is a perfect buy for all fiction lovers. Do read it……….

The book was received as part of the “Reviewers Programme” on “The Tales Pensieve”. 

Rating: 3.5 on 5