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Session with Author Shivam Singh

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In recent time we will get to see that young people from technical backgrounds are entering the world of writing with huge confidence. Most of these authors are creating a unique place in the mind of readers. One more young author stepped in this world- Shivam Singh.  Expectations are huge from Shivam. Here comes the session with Shivam Singh.


1)  Shivam welcome to ” Samata Welcomes You” , say something about you ,  your educational, professional and family life. In short who you are?

Thanks a lot for welcoming me Samata. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to be having this conversation with you.
Born and brought up in different cities of this country, owing to my father’s transferable job, I have always been a guy who has been very fond of traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people and making new friends and I say it with utter pride that I have been to all metros and major cities of this country ranging from Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi to Bangalore.

I have completed my schooling from Lucknow and graduation from Bhopal and have been working with Infosys Technologies Limited as a Senior Systems Engineer for last two and half years and it’s been quite a learning experience so far.

2)  What’s the difference between a life of a System engineer at Infosys and a creative writer?

A Systems Engineer spends his whole day sitting in a small square sized cubicle in front of a desktop fighting his brain with various bugs and making complex designs and programs. He lives on a fixed salary and in a very tight and fixed schedule where there is no space for any creativity and interacting much with people outside the work area.

While a creative writer’s life is more of a nomad kinds with no fixed schedule, salary and without any certain way of doing work. He lives life on his own terms and conditions, spends his day observing people and things and applying it to his writing. His work allows him to be creative and do it only when he is free and not confined to any 9 to 6 schedule.

3) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?

I have always been an avid reader and have done reviews of quite a few books too but my inception into the writing is quite accidental or I would say ‘By Chance’. I never planned or dreamt to become a writer. These are the one of the best and unforgettable moments of my life that led to the conception of “Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever”. This book has been dedicated to my best friend and without her I feel I won’t ever have been a writer and this book would have ever existed.

4)  How you manage to invest time towards writing after hectic professional schedule?

Being in the IT industry it’s hard…”Really Hard” to invest time not just towards writing but reading as well. You work on a busy schedule from Monday to Friday which doesn’t give you any spare time to devote to writing or anything else. And the two days you get at the end of week, you prefer to step out of your place and go out on a drive and hang out with friends rather than sitting at home and writing or doing anything else. But as I love writing, I still manage to find some time for it sometimes in between work or on weekends when I am at home and another shock of idea hits me.

5)  When you first decided to give your words a shape of a Novel?

It was some two years back when I decided to pen down this story of my friendship with the best girl I have ever met and the bestest friend I have ever had in my life. I wanted this story of my friendship with her to reach out to the world and make people believe that such kind of friendships do exist.

6)  How is your journey so far as an author?

Nothing changes as such except for the fact that you start getting more attention and importance from the people owing to your author status and you get few people you have never met in this world to recognize you by your name. And this what has been my dream all my life – “To be recognized by people all over the world by my name for my work”.

7) The Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever is your debut Novel- what’s the genre of this Novel?


This book borrows most of its pieces from my life. Though few parts of my personal life have been exaggerated a bit in the book, but this is done just to make it a joy ride for readers. The reason for which I have kept it under “Fiction- Friendship” genre.

8) Request you to give a small summary of Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever

Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever is based on the real-life story of two best friends. It’s about two friends who share an unbreakable bond and are an indispensable part of each other’s lives. It’s about their friendship, the highs and lows, and how they tackle them together.

I would like to mention that it’s not at all a story about two best friends falling in love, as is the trend these days. It’s just about simple, honest friendship.

9)  When this Novel getting launched in the market?

Feb 2014…i.e end of this month.

10)  Authors empire is publishing this Novel, so how you met Kunal Marathe and how you decided to go with his publishing house. What attracted you to select AE as your Publisher?

I got to know about Kunal through facebook. We had some good number of mutual friends. I knew that Authors Empire is not that old a publisher and has recently been started but the way it has grown in such a less time period was really commendable. With the amazing book printing quality, great distribution network and very-friendly and helping nature of Kunal, the CEO of publishing house, who wouldn’t want to be associated with it? At the time when I contacted Kunal, I had an offer from one of the established publishing houses too, but I chose to go with Author’s empire rather as I felt my book will be in much safer hands and will have better future than it’s with the other one.

11)   What are your expectations  from your readers?

Like every other author, I expect the readers to like my book too. But other than that I also expect them to like the protagonist “Ena” in the book, character around whom the story revolves.

12)   Shivam, what are your other passions in life?

Apart from writing, I love reading, swimming, dancing (I have been trained in salsa), travelling, and the list goes on…

13)   Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Five years down the line, I see myself comfortably settled in life as a successful entrepreneur and an author.

14)  To be an author what qualities are mandatory as per you?

To be an author, first and foremost thing I feel is one should be a good reader and observer or listener. Your writing reflects your taste in reading. And then one should have really good command on the language he is writing book in.

15)   What next after this novel?

Nothing planned and decided as of yet. It’s not that if I have written a book then I will write the second one too. I can and I will but only when something interesting happens in life again that I feel worthwhile to write and share with everyone.

16)   Any suggestion for budding authors?

Don’t come into the writing if your aim is just getting famous and earning big bucks. You will be disappointed. Write only when you are really passionate about it and when you have something really extraordinary to write and share with people. And last and most important one – ‘Have Patience’. Great things in life take time to happen and writing asks for too much patience.

17)   In One line who is Shivam the author?

An over-ambitious and adventurous soul which dreams a lot.


Review of Novel “In Pursuit of the woman” by Rajbir Gill

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Book: In Pursuit of the woman

Author: Rajbir Gill

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication


It’s a love story with a different flavor. One day all of a sudden the central character of the novel, Indian Naval helicopter pilot Lt. Devinder Kapoor receives a letter from one of his close friend stating that his sister Suman along with her friends are reaching Goa on a trip organized by college.

Devinder’s friend requests him to take care of his sister in Goa and help her in exploring the destination under his guidance. After 2 days of getting the letter Suman lands in Goa and after spending time with Devinder, the two realized that something is attracting them towards each other. Its love and both of them realized the feelings well.

The real surprise is still waiting for Devinder which comes as a huge shock in his life. After spending time with him, Suman goes back and then again he receives one more letter. The letter is again from his friend stating that her sister was not well and so she didn’t turn up at Goa.

The girl Suman whom Devinder met was not the one who is his friend’s sister. Oh God, what a mistake and as a result of the identity crisis because of the same name of both the ladies. He tries his level best to clear off the confusion and rushes to Delhi. Failing to patch up with the situation Devinder’s father faces a stroke and reaches the hospital.

Getting depressed to realize that he is about to lose his love he introduces liquor in his life. Devinder and Suman are children of old family friends who are unaware of the love story of these love birds.  When Suman gets to know about this confusion she decides to move out of the relationship to end up the confusion between the families.

What will happen next? To know this you need to read the Novel.

A master piece by Rajbir Gill is “In Pursuit of the woman”. The story goes on in a very smooth and simple language which is easy to reach to the heart of the readers. You will get to feel each and every up and down in the life of Devinder and Suman.

Rating: 4 on 5


Review of Novel” The justified Sin”- Harpreet Makkar

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Book: The Justified Sin
Harpreet Makkar

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication



The title of the Novel itself is so interesting that I was just wondering what the story will be all about in reality. The Justified Sin- It is a true fact which we can’t ignore that whenever a sin gets executed by a person, he or she lefts no stone unturned to fight  back for giving justification for the Sin and to prove that the sin is justified.

The very first question which provoked me to pick up this novel is the secret which is hidden under the cover so attractive about the sin. Earlier I had a session with Harpeet about this Novel and also about his life being an entrepreneur to author, from that time onwards I was keen to read his Novel and Kunal Marathe from Author’s empire gave me this opportunity to review the same.

The central character of this Novel is Jay who is in his sweet teen.  At the age of teen it is dream for all to have friends like Shaurya and Saloni. The base of this story center rounds the girls and their impact on the life of Jay. Things take a different turn altogether every time when Jay starts thinking that love arrived in his life. Here yow will get to feel the emotions of teen when friendship takes the shape of Love.

I prefer not to disclose the rest part of the story as I want others to enjoy the flavor of this novel. The novel is narrative and I liked it. No doubt on the fact that being a debuting author Harpeet did full justice to “The Justified Sin”.

I am expecting some more good work in the coming time from Harpeet and am sure he will fulfill the desire of his readers for sure.

Rating: 4 on 5

Review of Novel” The Woman’s Code” By Binduu Chopra

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Book: The Woman’s Code

Author: Binduu Chopra

Year: 2013
Publisher:Author’s Empire Publication


The Woman’s Code, by Binduu Chopra is a great novel which was published last year by Author’s Empire Publication.

The cover page clearly speaks about the central character of the novel who believes in dealing with life like a free bird. Sunill Kaushik designed this attractive cover page. The title itself is also attractive.

I can say one thing for sure that all men should definitely read this novel to know in depth about the world of a woman which is her very own. While in case of women this novel will help them to realize their inner world once more.

The presentation of the novel is done in a very artistic way with very good quality paper.

The story is very well knitted with right tone of emotion. The smooth flow of the story will keep the readers engaged till the last page of the Novel.

In short about the story- The story is about the woman Sumi and the ups and down she faced in her life. While reading this story you will get to feel every bit of the emotion of Sumi. Her main motto in life is to live life like a complete free spirit.

How she acts and reacts and gets connected to people forms the base of the story.

The story is narrated in such a simple language that it will touch the heart of readers straight away. The story will make you feel that life is not at all a Bollywood love story which in most of the cases ends with happily ever after tone. The story plot is set in the era of 21st century and so it looks quite real.

In one line”The Woman’s Code” is a story which depicts the transformation when a girl grows up and becomes a woman of substance. It’s no doubt an amazing work by Binduu Chopra. Hats of to you Mam and your work is just amazing.

Being a woman you have every right to experience your freedom and enjoy your inner desire like a free bird in the open sky. If you are not doing that then you are in a life which is no better than a prisoner’s life. Give your life a chance to enjoy freedom and enjoy reading this amazing Novel by Binduu Mam.

Rating: 4.5 on 5