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A session with author Shikha Kumar

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Shikha Kumar– An engineer by profession and an author by passion. She made an attempt to present her as an author with her debut novel “He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him”. Presenting a lively session with Shikha for my readers.

Shikha - Red Blazer

1) Welcome to SamataWelcomesYou. Before i Go ahead will request you to share with my readers you background and also who you are as a person apart from being an author.

I’m an IT Manager with TCS as a profession. I’m a graduate in Computer Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth College, New Delhi. I have no professional degree in writing nor do I have any such background. It all just occurred to me as divine plan maybe.

2) How writing came to your life?

I always cherished writing but mostly limited to myself. But slowly the craving kept mounting and finally I penned a story down which was knocking my mind from long.

3) who encouraged you to enter this world of authors?

When I had finished writing my manuscript, I took it a professional editor for an opinion. I think she was first one to make believe that it was good stuff.

My husband was very encouraging throughout. Then my parents were tremendous support. My brother and his wife were also very elated. Followed by close friends, colleagues.

4) Who is the one who for the first time noticed the spark in you to become an author?

Me 🙂

5) Can You recall that day when you first penned down to start your journey in this world and what was that?

I actually just finished reading a bad novel which is one of bestsellers. And it just occurred to me that I can do much better job than this. I sat to write first page and then just kept on for 3 months whenever I got time. Don’t mean to sound pompous, but I sincerely think my work is finer quality and is high in content.

6) You are by qualification and profession an engineer then what provoked you to enter this world of books?

Alas! I had an answer. But good thing is I’m not the only one of my kind. There are many established fiction authors who are Science or Management students. So I guess if you have a story to tell and passion to write, background doesn’t really matter much.

7) Whats the difference between the life of an author and an engineer? How you are balancing both these roles?

Well they are entirely different roles for sure. Engineer has to be logical and ruled by mind, author on other hand needs to imaginative and follower of heart. So yes, living both roles is like having a split personality. But then again back to one of your previous questions; it’s all about passion.

8) How is your journey so far as an author?

It’s been beautiful. Because I knew my book will touch the hearts of people and it is keeping up to my expectations. Another good thing is that I have something new to talk about apart from my IT life. My friends and family are always very excited about my promotion plans and book reviews. And I also now have a new good-night story to tell my child.

9) You debut Novel “He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him” Is already in the market. What sort of response you are getting for it from your readers?

he-fixed-the-match-she-fixed-him-400x400-imaefa46tvd4e5erbuy_btn_2-f780625camazonlogologo 1

Response is very encouraging. Even when I just released sample chapter, the reviews were very satisfying. Having said that it’s little too early to make a concrete comment, but yes readers are sending me congratulatory mails which feels thrilling.

10) Will request to give a brief on the story

As blurb suggests it story of two highly qualified charismatic individuals tethered together. Story traverses through many facets of their relationships starting from all-hope-lost.

11) How the plot came into your mind?

It just kept brewing with time. All I knew I want to write a mature story yet entertaining and mass appealing. And I thought that topic I chose is not written much, so it’s unique in a way.

12) What sort of problem you faced while searching for the publisher?

It wasn’t easy and that too without any links in publishing industry; it was a hard task at hand. But then maybe story and I had it in our fate; it did interest four publishers. But yes it took about 6-8 months.

13) What next after this Novel?

Another novel next year maybe.

14) What are your other passions in Life?

I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I love spending time with my family & friends. I’m confessed shopaholic too.

15) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

As an author who’s known for good reasons. My book being talked about in positive spirits among all age groups. To be satisfied of having done my bit in creating a better world.

Read more about Shikha Kumar Here


Post release interview with Sudeep Nagarkar for “Sorry you are not my type”

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Sudeep Nagarkar, is one such young name in the world of Novels in 21st century, whose every novel offers some new variation of romance. When we talk about Best seller Authors Sudeep’s name is always there on the list. Very recently he launched his new Novel “Sorry you are not my type”, which attracted readers of all ages and creating sensation. Check out the session with Sudeep


1) Sudeep Nagarkar- A name of success in the world of Indian literature of 21st century. So, how it feels when you and your work are getting so some attention and appreciation from the readers?

A: Who doesn’t want appreciation? We all love it and I am no different. It feels great when I receive so many fan mails and facebook messages saying they loved the book. But somewhere I keep in mind that I have to deliver better next time. ‘Sorry you’re not my type’ has been in Neilsen top 10 list for more than 4 weeks now and is doing excellent. I hope it continues to be there.

2) One after another novel and every piece of your work is touching the heart of readers, so what as per you is the secret behind it?

A: Honesty towards my work. I don’t try to replicate anyone or try to write or market the books as other authors are doing. I see so many authors copying promotional activities or replicate someone, but that’s temporary success. It won’t last long. However, I compete with myself and I want to prove myself wrong everytime that I had given my best last time. Moreover, I work round the clock and hardly stay at home. You need to sacrifice a lot to achieve what you desire.



3) “Sorry you are not type” is your new novel which already created sensation among book lovers- So give a brief of the story?

A: Yes, it’s a true story of love and friendship. The strong message that is conveyed is value relationship and never give up on your dream. Happiness is a whore who breathes in your ear and before you know it, you’re spreading your legs for her. She lures you into the feeling and then rapes you!! But when your passion and purpose is greater than your fears, you find a way to overcome them. SYNMT will imbalance all your emotions be it romance or friendship or simply love!! It’s not a romantic saga but a story happening around you in your college campus!! Vikrant, Anamika and Yuvi will redefine friendship, affection and infatuation!! I promise that readers/fans will have a smile when they close the book after enjoying the ride of life.


4) What inspired you to chalk out the outline of the story of this novel?



A: In 2013 September, I visited Delhi when my close friend Sakshi took me in Miabella lounge which is located in Hauz Khaz Village, Delhi. If she would not have taken me there, SYNMT would not have come into existence. The voice of the singer who was performing live at the lounge on the guitar mesmerized me. Anuj told me that he was once a part of most reputed college band in Delhi named VAYU and his name is Vikrant. Every person has a story to tell. Some live forever and some die young. Anuj convinced Vikrant to unfold the pages of his life. It’s not a rock band story, but a story which will redefine relationships.


5) So far you have traveled to different destinations in India for promotion of this novel- So say something about the reactions you received from your readers.



A: Wherever I have visited for book promotions and launches, I have received a warm response and readers have showered love on the books. Be it Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh or Ahmedabad, they have selflessly recommended the book and are no less than a family for me. I am happy that SYNMT is loved across the nation.


6) When people become popular the demand of fans also are huge and when you sit in between the heaps of  your books and keep signing it for your readers how is the experience?

A: Whenever my book releases, I wonder if people will buy it or not. I fear if even 1000 copies will be sold or not. It’s natural to experience such emotions but the journey is exciting. I am not the one who believes in blogger reviews or newspaper reviews. I always wait for reader’s views on the book and if they love it, then my work is done!


7) Biggest appreciation received so far for “Sorry you are not type”?

A: It would turn out to be the biggest blockbuster movie if made.

8) Who are your target group of readers for this Novel?

A: Anyone can read it. Though it is youth oriented but the incidents in the book and the story line is not only restricted to them. In Mumbai launch, a lady of 45 years old had came and congratulated me for writing ‘Sorry you’re not my type.’ But the fascinating part was she said ‘I wish I had also said this line once in my life when I was young.’ I laughed loud.



9) Which protocol you are following for the marketing of this Novel?

A: I keep things simple and unique. It works. Moreover, I believe an expert marketing strategy cannot sell a bad product and even a moderate strategy can sell a good product. We live in a country where word of mouth plays a big role in sales. So at the end of the your readers are everything. However, we had recorded a theme poem in my voice for this book which was never done before for commercial fiction. Likewise, for ‘It started with a friend request’ we had encoded a theme song in E-book. After that, I saw many debut authors following it. One message for them, just be different! Don’t replicate if you have to create your own identity.

10) What Next Sudeep in Pipeline`

A: I have not started writing my next script, but am writing for a feature film and I hope fans will love it.

Session with Author Shivam Singh

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In recent time we will get to see that young people from technical backgrounds are entering the world of writing with huge confidence. Most of these authors are creating a unique place in the mind of readers. One more young author stepped in this world- Shivam Singh.  Expectations are huge from Shivam. Here comes the session with Shivam Singh.


1)  Shivam welcome to ” Samata Welcomes You” , say something about you ,  your educational, professional and family life. In short who you are?

Thanks a lot for welcoming me Samata. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to be having this conversation with you.
Born and brought up in different cities of this country, owing to my father’s transferable job, I have always been a guy who has been very fond of traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people and making new friends and I say it with utter pride that I have been to all metros and major cities of this country ranging from Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi to Bangalore.

I have completed my schooling from Lucknow and graduation from Bhopal and have been working with Infosys Technologies Limited as a Senior Systems Engineer for last two and half years and it’s been quite a learning experience so far.

2)  What’s the difference between a life of a System engineer at Infosys and a creative writer?

A Systems Engineer spends his whole day sitting in a small square sized cubicle in front of a desktop fighting his brain with various bugs and making complex designs and programs. He lives on a fixed salary and in a very tight and fixed schedule where there is no space for any creativity and interacting much with people outside the work area.

While a creative writer’s life is more of a nomad kinds with no fixed schedule, salary and without any certain way of doing work. He lives life on his own terms and conditions, spends his day observing people and things and applying it to his writing. His work allows him to be creative and do it only when he is free and not confined to any 9 to 6 schedule.

3) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?

I have always been an avid reader and have done reviews of quite a few books too but my inception into the writing is quite accidental or I would say ‘By Chance’. I never planned or dreamt to become a writer. These are the one of the best and unforgettable moments of my life that led to the conception of “Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever”. This book has been dedicated to my best friend and without her I feel I won’t ever have been a writer and this book would have ever existed.

4)  How you manage to invest time towards writing after hectic professional schedule?

Being in the IT industry it’s hard…”Really Hard” to invest time not just towards writing but reading as well. You work on a busy schedule from Monday to Friday which doesn’t give you any spare time to devote to writing or anything else. And the two days you get at the end of week, you prefer to step out of your place and go out on a drive and hang out with friends rather than sitting at home and writing or doing anything else. But as I love writing, I still manage to find some time for it sometimes in between work or on weekends when I am at home and another shock of idea hits me.

5)  When you first decided to give your words a shape of a Novel?

It was some two years back when I decided to pen down this story of my friendship with the best girl I have ever met and the bestest friend I have ever had in my life. I wanted this story of my friendship with her to reach out to the world and make people believe that such kind of friendships do exist.

6)  How is your journey so far as an author?

Nothing changes as such except for the fact that you start getting more attention and importance from the people owing to your author status and you get few people you have never met in this world to recognize you by your name. And this what has been my dream all my life – “To be recognized by people all over the world by my name for my work”.

7) The Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever is your debut Novel- what’s the genre of this Novel?


This book borrows most of its pieces from my life. Though few parts of my personal life have been exaggerated a bit in the book, but this is done just to make it a joy ride for readers. The reason for which I have kept it under “Fiction- Friendship” genre.

8) Request you to give a small summary of Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever

Silly Girl and a Brat- Best Friends forever is based on the real-life story of two best friends. It’s about two friends who share an unbreakable bond and are an indispensable part of each other’s lives. It’s about their friendship, the highs and lows, and how they tackle them together.

I would like to mention that it’s not at all a story about two best friends falling in love, as is the trend these days. It’s just about simple, honest friendship.

9)  When this Novel getting launched in the market?

Feb 2014…i.e end of this month.

10)  Authors empire is publishing this Novel, so how you met Kunal Marathe and how you decided to go with his publishing house. What attracted you to select AE as your Publisher?

I got to know about Kunal through facebook. We had some good number of mutual friends. I knew that Authors Empire is not that old a publisher and has recently been started but the way it has grown in such a less time period was really commendable. With the amazing book printing quality, great distribution network and very-friendly and helping nature of Kunal, the CEO of publishing house, who wouldn’t want to be associated with it? At the time when I contacted Kunal, I had an offer from one of the established publishing houses too, but I chose to go with Author’s empire rather as I felt my book will be in much safer hands and will have better future than it’s with the other one.

11)   What are your expectations  from your readers?

Like every other author, I expect the readers to like my book too. But other than that I also expect them to like the protagonist “Ena” in the book, character around whom the story revolves.

12)   Shivam, what are your other passions in life?

Apart from writing, I love reading, swimming, dancing (I have been trained in salsa), travelling, and the list goes on…

13)   Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Five years down the line, I see myself comfortably settled in life as a successful entrepreneur and an author.

14)  To be an author what qualities are mandatory as per you?

To be an author, first and foremost thing I feel is one should be a good reader and observer or listener. Your writing reflects your taste in reading. And then one should have really good command on the language he is writing book in.

15)   What next after this novel?

Nothing planned and decided as of yet. It’s not that if I have written a book then I will write the second one too. I can and I will but only when something interesting happens in life again that I feel worthwhile to write and share with everyone.

16)   Any suggestion for budding authors?

Don’t come into the writing if your aim is just getting famous and earning big bucks. You will be disappointed. Write only when you are really passionate about it and when you have something really extraordinary to write and share with people. And last and most important one – ‘Have Patience’. Great things in life take time to happen and writing asks for too much patience.

17)   In One line who is Shivam the author?

An over-ambitious and adventurous soul which dreams a lot.

Meeting the Young Author Shuchi Singh Kalra

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Shuchi Singh Kalra: She is all set to step in as an author with her upcoming debut Novel ” Done with men” on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.She is a talented lady who decided to quit her career as Optometrist and switch to the  world of writing. She is a confident lady who knows the art to shape her life in the way she wants. Expectations are huge from this confident author. To know her better  check out the session which  I conducted very recently with her.


Shuchi, say something about you, your education and family so that we can know you closely?

I belong to a family of academicians, mostly doctors and professors. Both my parents are independent medical practitioners, and my husband is an Aviation engineer in the Army. I am the first in my family to go take up writing as a profession. I hold a degree in Optometry from the Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry. Realizing that I wasn’t really cut out for the profession, I went on to pursue a Masters in English Literature just for the sheer love of it. I spent my growing up years between Libya, Lucknow and Hyderabad, and now I roam the length and breadth of the country with my fauji husband. When someone asks me “Where are you from?” I really have no answer because I feel that I belong everywhere and yet nowhere. I love traveling, books and food, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and Bollywood!

What’s the difference between a life of a regular writer and a creative writer?


Well, so far as a freelance writer, I have been used to writing to briefs and deadlines. However, things are different when you write a book – you have no deadlines and no reference points. Sure, you may have to carry out some research but most of it has to come from within you. I found creative writing a lot more challenging, and also a lot more satisfying.

What provoked you to be a part of writing world?

I have been fond of writing since I was a kid – it was something I was good at and I would often pen down my thoughts in a personal diary. While I enjoyed it, I never thought of it as a viable career choice (I come from a generation where everyone was expected to crack IITs and PMTs). I took up some freelance writing assignments to earn some extra money while I was interning as an Optometrist and only then did I realize the scope of it. Not surprisingly, I quit my job as soon as I could and got into it full-time.

When did you first decide to give your words the shape of a novel?

Writing and publishing a book has been on the top of my bucket list forever and I tried to write my first novel when I was ten years old. I watched a sci-fi movie on television and liked the story so much that I decided to pen it down as a novel (in one of those huge, hardbound registers). That was my first (plagiarized) attempt at novel writing. I have nearly half-a-dozen incomplete manuscripts lying in my computer, and as many story ideas in my head.

Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

It is difficult to name a single person, as there have been so many people who have helped me become the person I am.

How is your experience so far as an author?

The journey has just begun – I am yet to see where it will take me. So far the response to the book has been very good, as the online reviews suggest. I have been getting messages from eager readers (total strangers) asking me about the book and wishing me well, which is really heartwarming.

Done With Men is your debut Novel- what genre does it belong to?


Done With Men is a typical Romantic Comedy ala Sophie Kinsella, but a lot of male readers are enjoying it too – something I wasn’t expecting at all!

Request you to give a small summary of Done With Men

‘Done With Men’ is all about the romantic (mis)adventures of Kairavi Krishna – serial dater and ditzy girl extraordinaire.  She is a travel writer and is urban, young and…single. After an unfortunate rash of loser boyfriends, she is pretty much done with men and ready to focus on her career. But her latest assignment, to cover Sunburn in Goa, packs more surprises than she bargained for. In the middle of partying, falling off her balcony, food allergies and ex-boyfriend encounters, Kairavi develops a hopeless crush on her dreamy doctor, but she isn’t sure if he would possibly be interested in more than her broken clavicle.

The book is meant to be short, lighthearted read.

When is your book getting launched?

The book launch in digital format (mobi, epub and PDF) on the Indireads website as well as on various other distribution channels such as Amazon, Flipkart and Barnes & Nobles from the 14th of Feb. A print-on-demand version will also be made available for readers who wish to order a paperback edition.

Who is the publisher of this novel and how was your experience in finding a publisher for you?

Done With Men is being published by Canada-based Indireads. Indireads is a new South Asia focused publisher that is looking to revolutionize the popular-fiction genre.  They encourage new, first-time authors and their USP is edgy, contemporary and compelling fiction set in South Asia.  They have already launched 30 romance novellas  by some very talented authors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka and have many more in the pipeline. Done With Men is Indireads’ first rom-com offering.

I wouldn’t say that I found Indireads – rather they found me. I was approached to edit by Naheed Hassan, who had contacted me through my blog, and during our conversation she suggested that I write a book for them, a romantic comedy to be precise. Things just took off from there, and the book took shape after a lot of handholding and editorial guidance from Naheed and the team of editors at Indireads.

What are your expectations  from your readers?

That’s a scary question! I am trying hard to keep my expectations at the bare minimum but it isn’t working out well. Of course I want people to enjoy and love my book, and recommend it to others too.

Shuchi, what are your other passions in life?

I’m crazy about travelling and I would be permanently on vacation if I could afford it.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

I am not much of a planner and I usually take each day as it comes. My ultimate goal is to be a successful author so let’s see where that takes me.

According to you, what are the qualities that an author must possess?

I believe more than being talented, an author needs to be disciplined. It is not easy to type out a 50,000-word book while keeping motivation levels high all the time.

What next after this novel?

Another novel, what else!

Any suggestion for budding authors?

I am a budding author myself, so I am not sure if I am the right person to give any advice on the matter. I am still trying to figure out the ways of the publishing industry and am learning new things every day. For anyone is writing a book, or wants to write one, I just want to say one thing – don’t give up!

Good News for Book Lovers: Done With Men is going to be available for free on Amazon on 3rd, 6th and 11th Feb – please spread the word to your friends .

Meeting an author with an Air force Background debut Novel- Gaurav Sharma

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If you are having a special talent in you then some time or the other that will come in limelight. Gaurav Sharma, a teacher of mathematics, decided to pen down his debut novel after his life at Air force. The best part is that this novel centers round the life of Air force people and is a romantic story.  Romantic stories gives freshness in life . Gaurav is very creative and you can experience it when you read his novel-Love @ Air Force


1)Gaurav, say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as a human being then as an author?

A) I am a Science graduate and postgraduate in English. I teach Mathematics for living. My wife’s critique of me is the latent force that coaxes me to find ways to prove myself. My two kids are my other significant achievement.

2) What’s the difference between a life of an Air Force person and an author?

A) An Airman is more disciplined. I think nobody can match a soldier’s patriotism and devotion for the motherland. These are the two traits that set apart an Airman. An author has just the ability to translate his emotions and thoughts into words. Otherwise the brain of every mortal narrates stories to itself.

3) What provoked you to be a part of the writing world?

A) I have been writing since childhood. It’s just that life permitted to take it to this level so late. When I realized that I had a firm foothold, I pursued it more devotedly.

4)  When did you first decide to give your words a shape of a Novel?

A) In 2010, my school friends had organized a reunion. During mutual sharing, the idea of the story invaded my mind. I started writing.


5) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

A) My father is the biggest inspiration in my life.

6) How is your journey so far as an author?

A) It’s amazing. Appreciation from readers is the biggest reward I have got within one month of the release. Also, I have been privileged to know a lot of writers.

7) The Love @ Air Force is your debut Novel- why did you decide this title?

A) My father served in the Indian Air Force. I lost him in 2007. Like every father, he used to be very happy whenever I achieved something. Whenever I had an accomplishment or won a prize, he would talk about it and show the trophies and certificates to all his friends and acquaintances. So I set this story in the world he was associated with. It’s a tribute to my revered father. I know, wherever he is, he is doing the same, happy and telling everybody that his son wrote this.

8) We request you to give a small summary of Love @ Air Force.

A) Love @ Air Force is a story of two friends whose fathers were non-commissioned officers in Air Force. They too get enlisted in the force – one as an officer and other as a non-officer and meet after twenty years at the Air Force station Agra. The officer is living in his illusions and the Sergeant is living with remorse. Basically it is a love story of the officer with the ranks in Air Force playing the villain.


9) When did this Novel get launched in the market?

A) It was launched in the January of 2014.

10) Who is the publisher of this novel and how was your experience in finding a publisher for you?

A) Blackbuck Publications, Delhi has published this novel. It took me one year to find a guardian for this novel. It went through eight or nine rejections before getting a nod. I am really grateful to the Blackbuck guys for helping my dreams attain a shape.

11) What are your expectations from your readers?

A) I am a very emotional person and it comes in my writing too. I want my readers to read everything I write with their heart – then they would connect to it in a better way. And also, I would request them to point out the flaws. Knowing the shortcomings will help me improve.

12) Gaurav, what are your other passions in life?

A) Teaching mathematics, cooking and traveling give me pleasure.

13) Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

A) Five years down the line I would like to have at least five published books on my shelf with a name as a writer pan-India.

14) To be an author what qualities are mandatory?

A) I think one must be a keen observer, a voracious reader and soft at heart to be an author. Only an emotional person can find suitable words to bring his characters to life.

15) What next after this novel?

A) Another novel is already in the making.

16) Any suggestion for budding authors?

A) I think I am still a learner to pass suggestions. Just one thing, write from your heart and not from your mind.

A session with author and Tarot card reader Shruti Pareikh

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We all heard about one concept that beauty of a women lies in the brain and not on her face. A true example of this is Shruti Pareikh. She holds a divine smile which will make you feel comfortable in this universe of complexity. She is a Tarot Reader besides being an author. It was a golden chance for me when I interacted with her to know her closely. Take a look


1)Hi Shruti welcome to my blog. Before we go ahead in discovering you, we will insist you to start with an introduction of you. Please share something about you, your education, profession and family?

Hi I am Shruti Pareikh, born and brought up in Mumbai I have completed my studying in commerce stream. By Profession I am writer and Tarot card Reader. About My Family I have Elder sis named Shrradha Parekh and my Dad Mr. Sudhir Parekh and My Late Mom Sudha Parekh. My family small but I am blessed to be part of it where I get so much love.

2)You belong to both world of writing and Tarot card reading? How you maintain a balance between this two worlds?

Balancing both is not that tough coz I give time to both, as both are connected to my soul. Writing is my passion and sixth sense is god gift.

3) Out of this two world which one is your favorite and why?

This is a tough question I should say as both are my favorite but then too I would say 1% more goes to my tarot reading.

4) Tell us the story of stepping in the world of writing and how it happened?

Writing is my passion from many years but I had never thought that I would be a published Author but as they say when destiny no one knows, My life changed with My first short story ‘ It All Started With A Key’ In Anthology Book Name Syahi, I would Thanks to Nehali Lalwani Who had faith in my words. Then happened Tere Hi Liye Anthology, and now A Night in Paradise which is releasing soon. This way I got into writing industry. I should say god has surely tapped his magical wand on me.

5)    What about entering the world of Tarot card reading? Are you doing any other mode of prediction apart from tarot?

I am into Tarot Reading from almost 7 yrs, Sixth Sense is god gift. I was always attracted to Occult Science and I learned Tarot Reading, Yes I Do Face Reading and Healing, Angel Card Reading.

6)    How you chalk down the plot of the story and where from you get inspiration to shape a story?

I am a very imaginative person and I love to scribble that imagination in to my story. I get Inspiration from my sister and few friends who just motivate me to write more and more.

7)    Do your stories get some influence of Tarot prediction? I mean so far is there any character with astrological background in your stories?

Not yet, but it will come soon.

8)    You are also a blogger? So how is the life of a blogger different from an author?

I am not an active blogger, There is huge difference from being a blogger from author, as blogging needs time and activeness to make your blog worth reading.

9)    So far what is your greatest appreciation from any reader?

That I write from heart. That is the best appreciation as I believe writing from heart creates a different magic.

10) Any plan to pen down a novel in coming time?

Yes I am working on it the Name is ‘1+1 Not Always 2’ I hope it comes till next year.

11) What genre of stories you prefer to write the most?

Honestly I love romance; I love to write on real incidence.

12) Any specific incident when your tarot card reading helped and modified the lifestyle of a person in a positive way?

Yes there are many people whose life has changed in positive way and their blessings are the most important thing.

12) How you see yourself 5 years down the line as an author as well as a tarot card reader?

5 years down I see myself as a Good Author and Tarot card Reader and healer too.

13) Why it is tarot card and no other technique of prediction you do?


As I am connected to tarot reading more and honestly I love to get connect to tarot cards as they are like my babies.

14) What qualities are important to be a good tarot reader?

You need to be positive, Clear by mind and the most important thing is you should be connected to your soul and to the divine universe.

15) What as per you is the best quality required to be a good author?

For me it is expressing your emotions in to beautiful emotions and you should write from heart.

16) To any work we need some energy in life, so in your case who is the source of energy?

The source of energy is the love I get from my family and my friends and special thing is I think positive and god’s love.

17) In one line who is Shruti the author?

Shruti the author is one who loves to express her words and makes sure they fall in love in my words.

18) In one line who is Shruti the tarot reader?

Shruti the tarot reader is the one who loves to spread smile and help people with positive energies.

19) I am not a Tarot reader, but know that you need some special power to give good and genuine Tarot card reading. Is it true? If yes, how you get that power?

Yes it is true that you need power but for me that power is connecting to universe and your soul. Meditation which helps you to get connect with your inner soul and helps you to grow, Need to be positive.

20) What are the other passions in life?

I love Dancing, Reading, Photography, Music, and Cooking.

21) What is best quality in you as a human being which helps you to be successful in life?

I would not say best quality but I have a good patience in me which helps me to understand myself and my life too.

A session post release of Novel” Its Never Too late” By Priyanka Baranwal

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Congratulations for your novel

Thank you very much! For your wishes and your time to take the interview.


1) Priyanka the day finally arrived when your debut novel is out in market. How you are feeling?

It feels wonderful. When I saw my book in bookstores, the feeling was quite settling. It was an unparalleled experience to see my book resting on the shelves. I am very happy and so is my family. The feeling still lingers in my heart.

2) Go to flashback and recall the day when you was only a woman of India and then think of today when you are an author. What the difference you observed in your life?

Well…I am still the same person, same woman in my life trying to fulfil all duties and responsibilities at my best capabilities. But yes…few things have changed now. Some are good and some are not-so-good.

Now when people meet me, they go awestruck after knowing they are meeting with an author. They ask for my author signature and tell me how much they loved my novel and the story. Though these changes were expected yet I enjoy them.

Also, now my schedule has taken a big U-turn. Earlier when I could avail the expanse of time, now I cannot afford the same. Now I run short of time as I am highly much busy in the promotion of my book It’s Never Too Late, dealing with and learning many fronts, working on my next project and simultaneously trying my best to give as much time as I can to my family and friends. Life has become busy but I guess with the love and support of my family, I rather easily get through it.

Not-so-good front is, I can’t sleep at nights. No matter how much I try, it has become really hard for me to get a good night sleep. That really is a tough issue to deal with. Hope I will get through it soon.

3) When you touched the first copy of your novel, how you felt?

The feeling was unmatched. I remember the evening when I had received my author copies. I was busy in making my kid’s school New Year project. Things were sprawled here and there and I was so tired working for a long time. When the door bell rang, I had even decided to ignore it. Clearly I had forgotten that I could be in receipt of my copies any time. When my kid told me it was a courier guy then suddenly I got over my short termed memory loss and ran to the door to answer it. I took the parcel and hurriedly but carefully opened the package. And when I saw my books in my hands, the moment was defining. I was not just holding my book, I was holding almost one year and four months of my hard work and several moments of uncertainties. Basically it was a mixed feeling on the spot but the kind of joy I had topped the list. I immediately informed my publisher and thanked him. I called Sumit in office. He was ecstatic. I even sent the pictures of all the copies to him and my parents on Whatsapp. They all were on Cloud 9 and congratulated me.

4) Whom you will give the credit for accompanying you in the journey of  becoming an author?
A lot of people of course. As I have said in my book, no step can be taken alone, especially the first one. The very first name that tops the answer of your question is my husband, Sumit. He was the one sprouting the idea of becoming an author in my head and the way he supported me to live my dream one day has been phenomenal.

In later months when things got in shape and I told my parents, it sounded incredible to them at first. The delight I could hear in their voices still rings my ears. My parents have always been with me not only on this venture but also to all the other phases of my life. Their love and support matters to me the most.

My respected Tau ji and late Grandmother’s blessings, my in-laws, dear siblings, teachers, and friends also played a big role in my journey. Their belief in me had motivated me great time and because of them also I had accomplished my dream today.

My publisher Arup Bose and the entire Srishti team have played a huge role in turning my dream into a collection of pages. Also my cover designer Wasim. His work has given new heights to the identity of my novel.

All in all, people who loved me and cared enough about me to see me at this stage are very well acknowledged to me and the same I have shared in Acknowledgement section in my book.

5) Who made the designing of the cover page of your Novel” Its never to late”

Wasim Helal. His brilliant piece of work has been able to put my book into my readers’ mind in one shot. I got lots of compliments because of the cover and I never delayed to share it with him.

6) Whats next after this Novel?
Currently I am working on my second project. I feel it will be little early to talk about it. Let the right time hit and I will share the details here.

7) What are your expectations from your readers?

As an author, I expect primarily from my work. I simply do not look at the readers directly. If I am doing my work with my best competencies and they come out as interesting reads then only I expect the readers to read them and suggest and share the same with their friends and families

Basically I expect from my readers to connect with me as I am only happy to listen to what they have to say about my work and what more do they expect from me. Their feedback’s value a great deal to me.

8) Biggest appreciation so far received for your Novel?

I guess best one is yet to come but recently I have received a very nice and humbling compliment about my work in It’s Never Too Late. The person happens to my neighbour’s mother. She read my book and said,

“I see you in Maya and Sumit in Rajat” and needless to say I was flattered though I agree the qualities I have portrayed in my character Rajat are mostly inspired from my husband. Sumit’s understanding and supportive nature is adorable and that is why probably I have obliviously portrayed his qualities as Rajat. As for Maya, I can also relate myself to her up to an extent.



9)  How you are going for the marketing of the Novel?

I am using Social media as the major aspect of marketing. I have also planned a book launch. The details I will share soon on my pages.

10) Describe Priyanka the author in one line.

One who believes in perseverance and doing what she feels is right.

Check out Pre launch session with Priyanka

Check out the review of ” Its never too late”

Meeting author Siddharth Tripathi

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Meeting a fresh talent in the world of Books. This time I am here to introduce a  simple , sober and no doubt handsome young author of India Siddharth Tripathi.


1)Siddharth , say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as an individual in personal front?

I grew up in Banaras. I’m a B.E from NIT Trichy and an MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. I currently live in Gurgaon with my wife and eighteen month old son and I work as a consultant for a business advisory firm.

2) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?

I always wanted to become a writer. And, I always wanted to write this particular story – about teenagers and their struggles, about Banaras and its people. The story kept pestering me till I finally dug up my old diaries and bought a notepad and a pencil to jot down character sketches, chapter outlines etc.

3)  When you first decided to give you words a shape of a Novel?


Sometime in November 2011, I finally opened a new word file and started typing.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

I have two big inspirations. One is my grandfather – he lived life on his own terms and inspired me to write and to do things that I like doing. The second are The Beatles – their music and their story has never ceased to inspire me.

5) How is your journey so far as an author?

It has been quite an experience. I started writing The Virgins sometime in November 2011. I soon realised that it can’t be done along with a regular job. I quit my day job and finished the book in about 7 months. Writing the book was a lot of fun, editing it was painful. After it hit the market, it was encouraging to know that a lot of readers, bloggers and book reviewers liked it a lot. Marketing and distributing the book has been tough — I’m sure most debut writers have a similar story to tell about book marketing.


6) The Virgins is your debut Novel- why you decided this Title?

The title refers to the characters in the book – there is an undefiled, innocent side to these characters which is tested by their experiences and the events they witness.

7) Why did you select Banaras as the backdrop to this story?

I grew up in Banaras. I think there are many more stories about the city that are waiting to be a told. The city is an eclectic mix of myth, legend, history and religion; and to add to that is the sheer diversity of its inhabitants. The city accepts, without any prejudice, anyone who wishes to call it home. Just spend a month aimlessly roaming through its narrow alleyways; I’m sure you will come back with enough stories to write a book.


8) How tough is it to find a publisher for a debutant author?  how was the situation in your case?

I finished the first part of the book (around 80 pages) and sent it to a literary agent along with a brief synopsis. He found me a publisher who believed in this book. However, I don’t think getting an agent is necessary. Indian publishers are more than happy to consider manuscripts sent by e-mail and/or hard copy.


9) Which is the biggest  appreciation so far received for your novel?

Praise for the book in Deccan Herald and Dainik Jagran was very heartening. I felt really honoured and humbled when someone, a complete stranger, wished me on my birthday and said that my book is the best he’s read in a really long time.

10) Siddhartha, what are your other passions in life?

I’m a film and music buff, I review some of the stuff that I like on my blog – http://moojikandfillums.blogspot.com/. I’m a foodie too — Delhi has a lot to explore especially when it comes to street food.

11) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

I haven’t thought about it. I like to plan for the day.

12) What as per you are the qualities of a good author?

  • They are disciplined — there has to be a schedule even though it’s not necessary that you need to write something great every day. I have been trying to do this for a long time now but with limited success
  • They seek feedback – good writers are open to feedback and know what’s relevant
  • They are passionate about the book – the book they’re writing means a lot not because they think it’ll make them rich, but because they believe it’s a story that needs to be told

13) Any suggestion for budding authors?

I had written an article earlier on this. Here’s the link – http://www.youthincmag.com/2013/09/01/writing-your-first-novel/

Check out the review of The Virgins Here

Review of Novel “In Pursuit of the woman” by Rajbir Gill

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Book: In Pursuit of the woman

Author: Rajbir Gill

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication


It’s a love story with a different flavor. One day all of a sudden the central character of the novel, Indian Naval helicopter pilot Lt. Devinder Kapoor receives a letter from one of his close friend stating that his sister Suman along with her friends are reaching Goa on a trip organized by college.

Devinder’s friend requests him to take care of his sister in Goa and help her in exploring the destination under his guidance. After 2 days of getting the letter Suman lands in Goa and after spending time with Devinder, the two realized that something is attracting them towards each other. Its love and both of them realized the feelings well.

The real surprise is still waiting for Devinder which comes as a huge shock in his life. After spending time with him, Suman goes back and then again he receives one more letter. The letter is again from his friend stating that her sister was not well and so she didn’t turn up at Goa.

The girl Suman whom Devinder met was not the one who is his friend’s sister. Oh God, what a mistake and as a result of the identity crisis because of the same name of both the ladies. He tries his level best to clear off the confusion and rushes to Delhi. Failing to patch up with the situation Devinder’s father faces a stroke and reaches the hospital.

Getting depressed to realize that he is about to lose his love he introduces liquor in his life. Devinder and Suman are children of old family friends who are unaware of the love story of these love birds.  When Suman gets to know about this confusion she decides to move out of the relationship to end up the confusion between the families.

What will happen next? To know this you need to read the Novel.

A master piece by Rajbir Gill is “In Pursuit of the woman”. The story goes on in a very smooth and simple language which is easy to reach to the heart of the readers. You will get to feel each and every up and down in the life of Devinder and Suman.

Rating: 4 on 5


Review of Novel” The justified Sin”- Harpreet Makkar

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Book: The Justified Sin
Harpreet Makkar

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication



The title of the Novel itself is so interesting that I was just wondering what the story will be all about in reality. The Justified Sin- It is a true fact which we can’t ignore that whenever a sin gets executed by a person, he or she lefts no stone unturned to fight  back for giving justification for the Sin and to prove that the sin is justified.

The very first question which provoked me to pick up this novel is the secret which is hidden under the cover so attractive about the sin. Earlier I had a session with Harpeet about this Novel and also about his life being an entrepreneur to author, from that time onwards I was keen to read his Novel and Kunal Marathe from Author’s empire gave me this opportunity to review the same.

The central character of this Novel is Jay who is in his sweet teen.  At the age of teen it is dream for all to have friends like Shaurya and Saloni. The base of this story center rounds the girls and their impact on the life of Jay. Things take a different turn altogether every time when Jay starts thinking that love arrived in his life. Here yow will get to feel the emotions of teen when friendship takes the shape of Love.

I prefer not to disclose the rest part of the story as I want others to enjoy the flavor of this novel. The novel is narrative and I liked it. No doubt on the fact that being a debuting author Harpeet did full justice to “The Justified Sin”.

I am expecting some more good work in the coming time from Harpeet and am sure he will fulfill the desire of his readers for sure.

Rating: 4 on 5