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A young talent in the world of Photography- Anup Ranta

A young talent in the world of Photography- Anup Ranta

About Anup: Himachal is one of leading picturesque destination in India and the beauty of the state enhances when talented photographers like Anup Ranta take initiative in capturing Himachal beauty in their camera. His in born attraction towards lovely pictures motivated him to develop his knack towards photography. Once you take a look at his clicked picture believe me you will get to feel your own presence in every location of the state. So i dont want to miss the chance for a short chat session with this young photographer to know him better and share it with my readers.

1) Let us know something about you as a person, about your education and your professional life?


Basically I m ordinary person with lot of desire like everybody have. I belong to the nature thus my lifestyle is very simple & down to the earth. I like to explore things, meeting & greeting new people and discover new places. By clicking pictures I keep those memories alive. As per my education after completing my B.Tech in Civil Engg I am still learning lot of things. Currently I am working as Digital Marketing Manager at Delhi.

2) What attracted you to be a part of the photography world?

Since my child hood I was influenced by lovely pictures but I did not know at all photography. I remember that one of my friend’s Dad used to have digital camera. At very first time I realised that I should have a camera like this and I requested to take some clicks. I took some photographs & I was appreciated by all and it fuelled my interest in photography & I fall in love with it. After that I started casual clicking with several kind of digital camera. Finally I got so much in to it and now it’s become very essential part of my life which keeps me motivating to explore more & more into the photography world.

3) Can you recall the day when you first clicked the photograph? What was the subject of that snap?

Honestly, I can’t recall it at the moment but yeah it’s often happen with me like when I see something interesting I cannot stop myself to capture in my lens. I mean to say if you ask me to take picture on particular thing I can do that but I will not satisfy with that Some unusual objects always inspires me to capture them in different frames.

4) We know you remain busy with your hectic schedule, so would like to know how much time you manage to dedicate these days towards photography passion?

As, I already mention above, now days photography has become a part of my life. I always have spare time for it but not in a planed manner. However, I spend more time related to photography like exploring new technology, creativity and getting idea from others photography. You can say my camera is my best buddy and I love to spend my time with it. I spend hours and hours with my clicks and trying cherishing them.
5) Are you professionally trained or who actually acted as an inspiration for you to learn the tips and tricks of photography?

Not actually, I discover my skills of photography gradually. Before I was using Kodak 8mpx Digital Camera then I upgraded my desire with Nikon D5100. There are lot more people who connected to me directly or in directly to develop my photography skills. I always got inspiration from their work.

6) Can you name those personalities who acted as a Guru for you? We would also like to know about the photographers who attracted you with their photography?

Every day I use to get in contact with loads of photographers. Every day is a new beginning, new people, new clicks, new inspirations & new learning.

Some of them are: Jignasa Jadwani, Kingshuk Bhuyan and loads of others.

7) What are you plans down the line with photography?
Photography to me is capturing precious moment in time and creating ways to keep memories alive. My plans are simply creating the memory that is it. J

Photography was my hobby which I gradually developed in my passion. There are no plans down the line at all.
8) Do you have any other passion other than Photography?

Travelling with my camera capturing hidden emotions and discover the new places. I often do travel once in every 2 or 3 month at remote places mostly in my native place in Himachal. I m very attached with it especially high altitude lakes and snow covered peaks.

9) What style of Photography you prefer to click?

There is no particular style of my clicks but I really attract with purity, emotions and innocence weather its people or nature.

10) Can you give a brief about the instruments and its Make you are using for your photography?
I don’t know much about photography. Currently I am using Nikon D 5100. I am still experimenting with it every day.

Nikon D5100 Key Features

  • 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
  • Side-articulated 3.0″ LCD monitor (920,000 dots)
  • 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
  • IS0 100-6400 range (Up to 25,600 equivalent when expanded)
  • HD movies (1080p, 720p or WVGA)
  • 4 fps continuous shooting
  • In-camera effects filters in both stills and video modes

11) Any recent photo shoot you conducted?


I have been to Dodra Kanwar (Rohru) & Kheer Ganga (Parvati Valley, Kullu) and took some lovely Pics of this destination.
12) Will you like to share some suggestions for the upcoming new budding talents in world of Photography?
Click by your heart. Click for your inner satisfaction.



Manaska Mukhopadhyay- A photographer who believe in self

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Love and affection towards any creative art can bring success and Manaska Mukhopadhyay is a true example for it. There is hardly any person in this world who dont know how to click a camera, but doing it with perfection and bring life to the photograph is the real work of an expert photographer. If you check out the clicks of Manaska you will get to feel the life in every pic of him. Join me in welcoming Manaska in the stage of SamatawelcomesYou.


1) Who is Manaska Mukhopadhyay? Our readers will like to know about your professional and educational background?


It is a tough question… Well, I am a normal person who is currently pursuing post graduation in Geological Sciences from Jadavpur University, and previously completed my graduation from Durgapur Government College. Apart from educational side, I am strongly passionate about Photography and intend to take my art to a professional level in the future, if possible.


2) Learning photography is not a one day job, so when you first realized that there is a photographer within you?


 I clicked my first photograph when I was roughly 11 years old, and won a consolation prize in photography that year, but it was just a random click made in a holiday tour. So, to be honest, I fell in love with this art when my father bought me a Nikon camera, in 2008. There is no particular date when I realized that this is the thing I want to do, but it is from then onward that I started to think about photography. Unfortunately that camera got damaged very soon, and my thrust to photograph remained pending until the year 2011, when I bought my second camera.


3) Who is the one who provoked you to get attracted towards the world of Photography?


As a child when I used to see cameras, I felt very excited and longed for having one of my own. But, basically there was no one who in particular provoked me to get attracted to photography. But there was many who inspired me, and helped me stick to this beautiful world of Photography.


4) Who trained you to bring perfection in your photography?


As I said earlier there were many who trained and inspired me in Photography. I got my first knowledge about this art from one of my uncles, and my teacher Mr. Mani Sankar Mandal. Dr. Aniket Chakraborty, who is a very well trained photographer and my teacher, gave me some serious knowledge about photography. Mr. Abhishek Roy, a prolific photographer and my guardian in this art, helped me a lot, and is still guiding me. But most importantly two of my fellow photographers, Mr. Debarghya Sengupta and Mr. Pratik Adhikary, helped me more than I could ever expect. It is because of their harsh critiques for bad photos, and high praises for good ones, that I can develop my art to my present level. Apart from them my father, my mother, my elder brother and all other family members always supported me; without their help I can never continue photography.


5) What are the other areas of interest in your life?


Apart from photography, I love to watch movies. I love to play football. And I also love Geology, my study course.


6) What the major instruments you use while clicking?


I previously used a Canon Powershot SX130IS point and shoot camera. Recently I switched to Canon EOS 1100 D DSLR, with 18-55mm and 55-250mm kit lenses.


7) Which genre of Photographs attracts you most? Do you make regular experiment with photography?


I love street photography, and macro photography among all other genres. I practice streets and macros the most. Yes, I try to make experiments with photography, try to find different viewpoints, different angles and different techniques.


8) What as per you are the qualities mandatory to be a photographer?


It is the power of observation that separates a photographer from a normal guy with a camera in a tour. According to me, one should try to develop the observation, compose the shot in mind, and then take out the camera. It is you who shoots the picture, and not the camera. Apart from this, hard work, patience, and good communication skills help one to be a good photographer.


9)  What is the biggest appreciation so far you received for your photography?


Not many. Recently won a local contest organized by I magic Institution, Kolkata. Another small achievement of last year was being selected in the top 100 of the Nat Geo Moments Award, 2012. And, obviously, this interview is itself a great honor for me.


10) Anything special you want to share with me and my readers about something which is unique in you.


No no, I have nothing unique in me. I am just a regular person who has accidentally fallen in love with camera, and can never live without it.

One thing I would like to share with everyone who is new in this world, that, regularly view the works of the greats of this art like, Ansel Adams, Robert Kapa, Raghu Rai, Steve McCurry etc, and many others, it will definitely help the new comers like us to develop the sense of viewing, and composing a shot. And Love Photography, it will definitely love you back.


11) What are your future plans?


After completing my post graduation I want to pursue my career in Geology, and side by side continue photography. In the future, I definitely want to shift towards photography professionally. Let’s see what happens. But one thing for sure, I am not going to leave my camera alone, I am with my love always.




Light, camera and Click with Sumit Poddar

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We can call a photographer a magician when we get to see the clicks taken by him or her is impressing the viewers in an amazing way. I was just going through the clicks of Sumit Podder today morning on my Mobile and believe me the very first glance of the click made me feel WOW what a click Man


1) Who is Sumit Poddar? Our readers will like to know about your  professional and educational background?

Ans- I could never explain myself in words. It’s a blend of everything  that i like. I was born with a close connection with nature around the hills.
I was born in Digboi, a small place in Assam but famous for Oil Refinery. Brought up in Guwahati and completed my Graduation in Commerce. I Moved to Kolkata to pursue  MBA Finance and currently working with ICRA online Ltd.


2) Learning photography is not a one day job, so when you first realized that there is a photographer within you?

Ans- Photography for me  is whatever i see through my naked eyes and can capture those moments accurately.


3) Who is the one who provoked you to get attracted towards the world of Photography?

Ans- I was inspired with one of my friend’s photography (Abhishek Roy) and then my view for photography has changed .



4) Who trained you to bring perfection in your photography?
Ans- My friend helped me out in getting familiar with camera functions and the rest i keep on trying.


5) What are the other areas of interest in your life?

Ans- I love to connect with people and know about them and travel to different parts of d country and explore.


6) Which was the first ever click of your and what was the subject of that click?

Ans- Actually I don’t remember which was my first ever click . But i can relate to one , the tagline was “True friends stay with you from the dark side to the brightest part of your life “


7) What the major instruments you use while clicking?

Ans-I don’t use any instruments. I am using Canon Powershot sx150 .


8) Which genre of Photographs attracts you most? Do you make regular experiment with photography?

Ans- Potraits describes a lot about the emotions and to capture those emotions are the best part. Yes  I like to do some experiments.

9) What as per you are the qualities mandatory to be a photographer?

Ans- From my point of view, the qualities a photographer must have is to be focussed in his work, close connection with the nature such that he gets the best picture out of it.

10)  What is the biggest appreciation so far you received for your photography?

Ans- When my close ones and my friends like my photographs and their comments works as a big motivation for me and which in turn is the biggest appreciation for me.

12) Any thing special you want to share with me and my readers about something which is unique in you.

Ans- My parents are my big support wherever i am n will be. I always took my decisions and my parents supported me. I bought the camera with my own savings and those clicks will be memories in my hearts as collage. I love to do the things which I like and which gives peace to my inner self.


13) What are your other passions in life?


Ans- Photography and Travelling to some new places to explore.

Behind the lens with Sushobhon Aich

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The talent of a photographer is represented in the clicks captured behind the lens. Once you take a look at the clicks of Sushobhon then am sure you will be sure about his talents in this world of Photography. Presenting the session with Sushobhon for my readers………………………………….


1)  Susobhan me and my readers are keen to know who is Susobhan Aich. Please share something about you?

I am born in Ukhra, a small place near Durgapur. Brought up in Durgapur. Moved to Bangalore after 12th. Graduated in Biotechnology and then went on to completed MBA. Currently working with an US based Telecom Company. Married on 2011.


2) When photography Knocked the door of your life?

I was having a weak and feeble attraction towards photography since my school days. But in our family nobody was interested to take photography seriously nor did they supported photography (Still now). The first gadget I bought after getting a job was Olympus Fe26. And then the journey started from there.


3) Susobhan who is the one who first discovered that there is a hidden talent in you?

I would say my friends. They liked the photos that I clicked. They encouraged me to take more and more photographs.


4) What is the role of a photographer when it comes to capturing of right moment of nature?

Anticipation is a skill that all great photographers draw on when searching for the right moment to press the shutter. We need to be fast and accurate, because the best moment only comes once.


5) What are your plans with photography in coming time?

No fixed plan as of yet. I wish to photograph tribal life in India and document their life.


6) What sort of clicks attracts you the most and why?

Portraits. Because I love to capture the emotions.


7) How challenging is the role of photographer while capturing nature?

I find it very much challenging to capture nature. Beside gears once need to physically and mentally fit and agile.

Always have to be patient to get the correct moment and angle.


8)  What are your other passions in life?

My passions are Poetry and photography. I write poetries (Bengali) which a few of my friends know and obviously photography


9) Share the list of instruments you are using for your photography?

I use Canon 1000D along with Kit lens 18-55 without IS, Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 28-135mm f/3.8-5.6 Aspherical IF Macro Lens


10)  What are prime qualities as per you to become a photographer?

A photographer should be patient and Focused. We photographer always get “Finished product”. By “Finished product” I meant we have to click photos as per the situation, environment and subject which are already there and we cannot create. We need to blend with situation; environment and subject in order get a good photo.


11) Anything you want to say about my blog or even me for some improvement?

You are doing a great job by taking interviews of the budding as well as established photographer. A photographer always wants to get focused so that his/her photographs are known to people.


12) What is your suggestion to young talents like you?


Don’t stop clicking until and unless you get a satisfied result. Always try to learn from your mistakes.

Session with rising photographer- Subhodeep Sen

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A hidden talent or you can say a rising star in the world of photography is Subhodeep Sen. Just take a look at the clicks of him, every click speaks something. He is growing in this world and I am quite sure that in coming time he will do really good and prove that nothing is impossible if you have the will to do it.

1) Subhodeep we will request you to introduce yourself to my readers. Tell us about your family, your education and what you are doing at present?

I belong to a Bengali orthodox family. My parents give me motivational support in everything I do, but they give more priority to my studies.


I am a final year student doing BBA from Dr. B. C. Roy ENGINNERING College, Durgapur. I love traveling, photography and drawing.

Expanding photography as a career requires buying lenses, filters, and obviously good camera body which are costlier and difficult to bear for a student. So I am preparing myself for MBA and looking for a platform to build my photographic career.

2) It looks really nice when people appreciate others work and refer them as rising star. Sandip Sinha gave positive feedback about your photography skill, so what as per you attracted him the most about your skill?


Sandip Sinha is a student of our senior batch of our college and he is also experienced in this field so I used to show him my captured photos. He likes my landscape and open photography and he had also helped me to improve my photographic skills by pointing out some mistakes.

3) You are a student of BBA, so how you are managing your passion of photography and study together?


Study and photography they don’t intercept each other. I make time for both of them side by side. There are always some events or occasions organized in the college, where I experiment with my photographic skills. Other than this, I travel with my friends to gain photographic experiences.

4) What provoked you to pick up the camera?


I had interest in painting and drawing from childhood. I wanted to be in the nostalgia of my childhood and at the same time capture real life moments which gave me an edge over painting and drawing.

5) What are your plans with photography in coming time?


I would like to join a photography institute to enhance my skill and possibilities. Then I will setup my own photography business.

6) Who inspired you to step in this world of Photography?


My cousin has a huge collection of our family photographs. She likes collecting moments. She was the one with whom I used to see our childhood and our parents childhood photographs and some other photos taken by her which were really nice.

7) What section of photography attracted you the most?

Nature and wildlife photography attracted me the most.

8) What instruments you are using while clicking?


I use Sony hx 200v, a bridge camera.

9) Who are your favorite photographers?

Sudhir Shivaram, Sandesh Kadur.

10) What are your other passions in life?

Other than photography I like travelling, playing pc games, designing magazine covers.


11) Will you continue with photography or quit it for a prosperous career in management field?

I see more prosperous career in photography because it is the only thing in which I think I am the best. To continue a different career depending on no one requires a financial back-up. So I will carry both of them initially.

12) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?


At least I will be skilled enough and i will be able to buy my photography equipment’s by my own to set up my own business.

Session with a young and Bright Photographer from Bengal- Sandip Sinha - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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A simple sober boy from Bengal is Sandip Sinha. He loves to click not only nature but also some amazing moments which are precious  in our life. When you take a look at his clicks we are sure you will love it. Join me in knowing this young photographer from steel city Durgapur

1) Tell something about you Sandip. Share your educational background with our readers we all want to know you better.
Ans:-  Myself born and brought up in Durgapur. Am the only child of my family.  I completed my graduation in 2013 as BBA(Hons.) from Dr. B.C. Roy Engg. College in Durgapur.

2) When you first discovered the fact that you can be a Photographer ?


Ans:- when i was in 2nd year in college after getting the ideas of basic knowledge about photography.

3) Who is the one who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be a photographer ?
Ans:- My father and my younger brother
4) Which style of photographs you always love to click ? which genre of photos attract you the most?

Ans:- Basically I don’t have any fix style. I click randomly which I see in my eyes and try to draw the composition. Nature, models, portrait,people’s, stage performance are my genre which attracts me the most. Another two genre i.e. birds and wildlife are also my fave. But due to lack of sufficient instrument I cant focus on these genres thou I clicked very few birds.

5) Tell something about the day when u first clicked and what was the topic of the click?
Ans.:- My first photography experienced was with my small nikon coolpix digital camera (not DSLR) when I was in H.S. I took random shoot of different flowers, dawn and dusk of nature and some common casual pixes. One day I fantasize about shooting a flower, suddenly the flower focuses and background went blurry. How is it possible!!! and why the background is not so clear. In my family nor frndz no one can explain me about this. Later in college when I saw a senior friend of mine holds a DSLR and I asked him what’s the  special about DSLR and difference between a digital camera, then he explains me almost everything about the basic difference of DSLR and a digital camera and from him I got my ans. After that it draws attraction to photography with his reference I bought my basic DSLR camera n start my journey about photography.
6) If we ask you to select the best photograph of you so far which one you are going to select and why?

Ans:- My best photograph changes with the change of my experience. The more I experience the more I can choose the best of my shot.

Right now my best photograph is related to the boatmen and the fishermen because these people’s work hard in nearby barrage to catch fishes for their income from early morning to dusk.

7) Who Taught you Photography, any guru in your life who gave you lessons?

Ans:-  Anirban Bagchi a senior brother who influenced me to choose photography as an interesting hobby. Then our college professor  Saikat Maity who gave me the lessons of basic photography. And also my small bro. who is also a photographer guides and help me the tricks of photography which he learned from his college. Rest by hit and trial method I learned by myself and from website


8) Rest than Photography what else you love to do?

Ans. :- Roaming and to discover many unknown places, hanging out with friends both in chatting and meeting face to face, reading story books, hearing songs n watching television.

9) What are the major instruments which you use in photography?
Ans:- I have Canon 1100D body and two kit lens of 18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS. I also have prime lens of 50mm AF f/1.8.
10)  Is editing mandatory to give a better look to pics?
Ans:-Yes, editing is must for better look to pics. Suppose when we make an idol,we get the raw idol which is made up of clay. Then we go for painting and designing to make the idol more beautiful which actually attracts the people. So in photography with the help of camera we frame a raw image and then by different editing tools we design the photos to make it more attractive to gain the attraction of general public’s vision. But too much editing ruins the image quality as well as the medium of attraction.

11) How you rate yourself as a photographer and what are the areas of improvement you feel you need to work on?

Ans:- Generally a person cannot rate himself. He will get rating from others. So me a photographer cant rate myself and rating of myself depends on the general people’s and other photographers.
I always try to focus mainly on other experienced photographers photo and study how they click to their particular photos. What are the needs behind clicking and the tricks and rules they applied to their photos so that I can take similar pixes or try to take pixes better than those pro level photographers photos. These are my improvement  areas which I feel and I need to work on to continue my journey my vision my experience in photography.  Happy Clicking

A Trip to Ganga Sagar Camp- Courtesy Photographer Basudeb Goswami - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Ganga sagar mela is one of the leading mela of India strongly dedicated for the Hindu religion people. The popularity of this mela is huge and it crosses the boundary of India. People from different corners of the globe visits this holy place of Ganga Sagar for a holy dip in the Bay of Bengal where River Ganga joins the sea. Here the devotees offers prayer to Kalpil Muni, a renowned sage of Hindu religion. In order to make the holy journey of the devotees and sages successful special Ganga Sagar camps are organized by the organizers of this mela.


Basudeb Goswami a photographer from Bengal whom you met very recently with his amazing clicks of butterfly visited Ganga Sagar Camp region and shared with us some awesome clicks which you will love to see.


Young Sadhu in the getup of Lord Shiva

unnamed 11

Female Sanyasini in her original Avatar

unnamed 1

A divine smile

unnamed 4444

Relaxing the mind with the flavor of Hooka


Modernization touched spiritual life


A spiritual face in disguise


In a refreshing mood


The Moon landed on the Sadhu to bless the devotees


Simplicity speaks in silence


Moving towards sea for a holy deep


In the lap of Nature refreshing mind


Guess me who am I


Worshiping God in holy land


Blessings to devotees

Talented Photographer and Entrepreneur who proved his excellence with his clicks- Saurabh Chatterjee - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Saurabh is one such young talented photographer of India who visualize the beauty of nature behind the lens and present it to audience in a magical way which impresses all. He is not at all a simple guy. He is the one who is working hard to give new vision to budding photographers not only in India but also across globe with his photography online photography classes under the banner SIA Photography. Meeting for the first time a photographer and entrepreneur Saurabh Chatterjee


1)  Who is Saurabh Chatterjee as a human being? Please share about your professional and educational life besides your family background.

As a human being, I believe to live every moment in life to the fullest. I strongly believe and strive to practice in Robert Baden-Powell’s words – Leave this world a little better than you found it.

Corridor of Ramnathswamy Temple, Rameshwaram (the largest in the world)

I belong to a middle-class Bengali family, born and brought up in Patna, Bihar. Despite constraints, my younger brother (my only sibling) and me got the best education available. I have been moving all over India for my higher education and on job.

En Route to White Rann

I have a Master’s degree in Computers and worked in the IT industry for about a decade before quitting my job and getting into full-time photography training.

2)  How and when you entered the world of Photography?
Ai Bhimavaram_98

I started traveling alone at a very young age. Photography and traveling go hand in hand. So, whenever I used to travel, I took pictures. My first camera was a Fuji film film point and shoot camera which I bought from the money I earned teaching tuition’s to kids in the year 1996.

3) How is your journey so far as a photographer?

The journey has been awesome! It definitely took me places and made my life worth living.

Initially, it was all about going places and sharing the pictures with my friend and family. As my pictures started getting published, I got a much larger audience now.

Red Hot

To some extent, I was able to capture the beauty of our country, and the quest continues. Though there are always disappointments of missing moments with every shoot, it also gives immense joy to see the pictures that were captured beautifully.


The beginning was difficult though. I had to wait for a long time before I could have enough money to buy my first DSLR. Those days, the internet was not that rich with information and there were hardly any short-term courses. I learnt by trial and error and it took time.

4) Life of a photographer is not simple, so what are the obstacles you faced so far?

There are many.

Technically, one of the biggest challenges is to get the right kind of light. For landscapes, the best times are the early mornings and evenings which you can have only for a couple of hours during the whole day. There are many limitations of the camera and the lenses as well with which we have to live and make the best of what I have.


When I travel to far-away places it’s always a challenge taking pictures of people. It takes time to make people comfortable to get a good expression. I was always a shy person and made things difficult for me. Things became much easier after I got married as now I ask my wife to do this part of requesting people especially ladies.

5) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

My father was always my greatest inspiration. He was also very passionate about photography. Once, when Patna was being flooded, they announced in radio that people can go back home from offices. My father went back home and came back with a camera and took some great pictures.


6) Can you recall the day when you first clicked and what was the subject of that click?

Yes, I do. When I got my new camera I remember clicking pictures of my father and my family.


7) When you decide to launch Sia Photography and why?

I had a lot of difficulties to start photography as a beginner. There were hardly any short-term courses for amateurs like me. Hence I always realized the need to educate. I started sharing knowledge with friends in small sessions and then more people joined me. The results I got from the participants was very encouraging. Many started getting appreciations in their circles and many others got prizes in competitions. After I got a steady inflow of people, I thought of doing this seriously.

Cormorant at Yamuna

8) Please explain the profile of Sia Photography and its mission?

SIA comes from three words – Shutter, ISO and Aperture, the critical components that makes a picture. In Persian, ‘sia’ means, something that gives you happiness. What could have been a better name?


We cater to the needs of people of all age groups who are passionate about photography and want to take this to the next level.

Malpe Beach

Our mission is to make ‘every camera-owner a great photographer’. Now, that almost everyone has at-least a mobile phone camera, it is for anyone and everyone to make the best use of what they have to make better pictures.

9) Which is your favorite genre of photography and why it attracts you most?

My favorite genre of photography is travel. Since my first love is traveling, I want to see places and capture the flavor in the best possible way. A place can be about the people and their attire, landscape, local food, etc.



I am always excited about travel photography because there is always something new and exciting that you come across. No two places are same, especially in India. You move a few hundred kilometers the whole environment changes – the terrain, the language, the culture, the food, and festivals, etc.



India is so unique. For example, the festivals of Dussehra or Sankranti is celebrated is totally different ways in different parts of India.

10) What are you other passions in life?

My second passion is teaching – sharing the little knowledge that I have gained over the years. Apart from that, I love trekking in the Himalayas. I have been fortunate to go back to the hills almost every year since a decade

Mandvi, Bhuj


Sunset at a Village

11) Any WOW moments in your journey as photographer?

There have been many. The most memorable one was when one of my picture was published on the cover page of a poetry book. I was in the book release function and many people asked for my autograph.

Hyderabad Heritage

12) Is editing important for the perfect look of a photograph?

Yes, absolutely. Editing is a crucial step to get the final output and this is how I explain it for people who are against it – No matter how beautiful a bride is, she always wears a makeup and gets her hair done and wears a beautiful dress. Similarly, editing brings out the best of a picture.



Of course, while taking pictures we need to assume there is nothing called post processing and strive do our best to get a good shot.

13) What are your plans 5 years down the line?


From next year, I will be starting to take people out for experiential tours to different locations where enthusiasts will learn while on the move. I also want to reach out to the northern part of India for classes.


I want to write more. Over the past years, I have just been taking pictures. I have started blogging recently about my travels. By five years, I will have a very well organized framework where travelers can seek information about almost any place in India.

I plan to publish some books on learning photography especially one for kids.

I am also working on two books –  one on festivals and the other on the cultural heritage of India which will probably take another ten years to complete to have rich and diverse content.

14) You received any special training in this field?

Yes, I have received training from Osmania university and City of Glasgow college, UK

15) Being a photographer what you feel is absent in present day young photographers?

One thing is the attitude while clicking. With the advent of digital cameras, we have started taking photography very casually. We don’t think before we click.


During the film days, we used to very thoughtful and used to give our best to every press of the button. Now, since there is no cost involved after buying the camera, we just take too many pictures and most of them are of mediocre quality.

16) Any advise for budding photographers?

The first photograph was taken in 1790 and since then according to a calculation we have shot more than 3.5 trillion photos. There are hardly any subjects that have not been shot.

Moharram in Hyderabad

Our objective should be to create something new, a different approach to the same subject to make it interesting. Otherwise, we will just be creating similar stuff again and again. And it’s not too difficult if we think about it.

17) How you rate yourself as a photographer?

Well, I leave it up to you to rate me J

Personally, the more I learn from my mistakes, the more I realize my zero-ness. There is not end to learning.

I am yet to take my best shot…

Check out more about Saurabh:

A photographer with hidden talents- Paresh Pisipati - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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There are few people in this world who don’t know how precious are they and their talent. One such person  is Paresh Pisipati. If you take a look at his clicks you will just say one word WOW. I am glad to present to my readers the very talented Paresh Pisipati some of his awesome clicks


1) Paresh will request you to introduce you to my readers. Tell something about you which is unknown to all of us and also about your family and background.

Well, I originally hail from Hyderabad, I am the youngest in the family. My father works in a bank, mother is a central government employee and brother is working in US.


I am a kind of person who is sensitive and get excited in happy or a sad moment. I have graduated with an engineering degree and presently working with IBM as a technical consultant in South Africa.

2) When you first realized that there is one hidden talent in you?


When I was working in Pune, I thought that the life must not be constrained to Office, Home and weekend parties. So, first I took cycling as a hobby and used to drive 16 km everyday but after a while, I lost interest as the rainy season started and I couldn’t do anything.


My love for photography happened by chance when I wanted to buy something for myself and bought an SLR camera. Its been an year and I am still in love.

3) Which was the first ever click of yours which impressed you?


The first pic that’s always close to my heart was the flowers at Golconda fort. This was the time when I was still clicking in Auto mode.

4) While going though your pics i found you are quite inclined to wildlife photography?Is it your favorite genre of photography?


My favorite genres are Action, Abstract, portrait, landscape, nature and wild-life photography. Out of these, I like Wildlife and action photography the most. I am inclined to wildlife photography as it allows me to capture the wonders of the nature and takes me more closer to the nature. Other than that, it helps to improve our level of concentration and patience.

5) What are the different categories of Photography attract you?


Bird photography, Light and star trail photography.

6) What are the qualities required to be a good photographer?


The three things needed to be a good photographer are – Stable mind, Stable hands and a good eye for capturing a frame.

7) Any professional training in field of Photography?


None. I have been learning by traveling with photography groups and looking at the work posted on online photo communities.

8) What are plans with Photography in coming time?


Presently, there are no plans of what I am going to do in coming time. You can follow my Facebook page for any updates on my work.

9) Please share the list of instruments you are using while doing Photography?


The list never ends. I always learn about a new accessory whenever I am facing trouble with my pictures. The equipment that I use are: Tripod, Monopod, Remote Switch, camera cleaner (It is a must while changing the lenses), light and dull colored covers for the lenses and body.

10) How important is editing in Photography and why?


Photos takes in JPEG format doesn’t need any software’s to edit. Adding effects and colors will have a bad effect on the sharpness of the picture but while taking in RAW format, a software is a must as it won’t come as sharp as JPEG images and a software helps to manipulate the pixels and make a better composition.

11) How you rate yourself as a photographer? Say being a third person.


Well, I think I rate myself at intermediate level.

The only way to become a good photographer is to do lot of traveling. This helps to get good pictures and some wonderful memories of the places that are visited

Saga of the beauty of Chanshal Valley- Courtesy Anup Ranta ( Photographer)

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About Chanshal pass:

One of the beautiful destinations of Himachal is Chanshal pass. This pass is acting as a connector between Dodra Kwar and Chirgaon. It is almost 180 Kms away from Shimla. This Place is also known as Chanshal Valley and offers stunning scenic beauty. From this valley tourists will get the chance to get the glimpse of snow-covered hills. One natural lake is present right on top of hill in shape of THALLI which means Indian plate for serving meal. For trekkers this is one of the best locations. The valley remains completely covered with snow during the period starting from October to February.

The Chanshal Pass is located at a height of 13548 ft above  the sea level .Tourists can get a lovely view of  Rohru valley and ranges of the Uttaranchal Himalaya from this Pass.

Anup Ranta:

The beauty of Chanshal gets a new look when photographers Like Anup Ranta captures the glimpse of nature behind the lens. Anup is a young talented photographer from Himachal, who very recently visited Chanshal Valley and he shared with me some of his marvelous clicks which will definitely impress you. He loves to explore new things, meeting & greeting new people and to discover new places with his camera.


Tour to Chanshal Valley behind the lens with Anup Ranta

Rohru Old Bridge

Rohru Old Bridge 

Hanging on Old BridgeHanging on Old Bridge

Way to Chanshal  Way to Chanshal

offroad tracks

Offroad tracks in Chanshal

In the middest In the middest

Beautiful Chanshal Valley

Beautiful Chanshal Valley

moving towards heaven

Moving towards heaven

Chanshal View from Chirgaon

Chanshal View from Chirgaon

Lush Green Valley

Lush Green Valley

Divinity 11

Nature’s Beauty

Spiritual Touch

Spiritual Touch

Snowy Touch

Snowy Touch



Chanshal Pass

Chanshal Pass


The divine look