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Being F- A Journey by Mukesh Biswas and Shouvik Lahiri

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Small Dreams shape the stepping stone for bigger dreams. You need to be a great Dreamer if you want to do something different in this world of complexity with great opportunity. Both Mukesh and Shouvik dare to dream something unique which is hard to do for many. They Introduced Being F. In this session join me in knowing their startup journey.

ImageMukesh Biswas

ImageShouvik Lahiri

1) Welcome to ” Samata Welcomes You” . Before we take this session forward will request  you Mukesh  to introduce yourself and Shouvik to my readers.

Mukesh is an under graduate student of IIT Roorkee, is involved with Wayne State University, MI, USA and IIM Bangalore, India for different social and entrepreneurial projects.

Shouvik is an entrepreneur and corporate coach, graduated from JU university and former head of MNC. Currently he consults several SME and companies.

2) Why the decision to enter the world of business?

For me it’s not only about making money. It’s about creation, it’s about innovation. Creating something big is my main motive behind this venture.

3) What is Being F all about?

Beingf is a social platform for fashion professional rather fashion enthusiasts e.g. (photographer, model, designer, makeup artist etc.). They can interact with others like fashion professionals, corporates, share & showcase their work. So that talented people get an extensive visibility among corporate fashion world.

4) Share you start up journey with Being F?

Since my first year in college I got attracted towards entrepreneurship. Then I get involved and start attending the talk / entrepreneurship event hosted at our college. And I started thinking about creating something interesting which can serve/help people significantly.
During my third year I came up with the beingf idea. Then I met Mr. Shouvik Lahiri on linkedin as we both were having almost same idea. And then we start executing our idea.

ImageBeing F

5) What Actually acted as a motivation to go forward with Being F?

I have several friends in fashion industry and I got know about the complexity and struggling story of newbies e.g. new models face lots of difficulties to get an assignment and after working hard they don’t get reasonable payment. Designers really need a platform to show their talent among corporates/ brands / photographers etc. Same difficulties are there for other fashion professional.
I found this issue should be resolved and planned to create this platform. Absence of such a platform and presence of other platforms (e.g. twitter for celeb, linkedin for professional etc) pushed me to create one for fashion enthusiasts.

6) When you started Being F?

I started creating the prototype along with the business model since my 3rd year. After meeting Shouvik Lahiri, he supported the idea and we executed together during Jan 2014.

7) Any WOW moments so far in this short journey?

Yes it’s simply WOW when users get our idea correctly, trust us and appreciate it.

8) Clients are considered as God for business , so how to attract God to be the clients for Being F?

Simply being honest

9) Why you named is as Being F? Any special reason behind this?

As it’s all about fashion so, joining the platform is like Being fashion. Hence the name came up Being F

10) What sort of response you are getting from the clients?

Internet contains lots of Junk.Keeping this thing in mind most of the clients don’t take it seriously.

11) What are the specific services Being F is offering?

Providing a platform to all fashion enthusiasts to showcase their work which will increase visibility and give an exposure of their venture.

12) What is the team size of Being F?

I believe in good team than big team. So our team is small- we six only.

13) Where you see Being F, 5 years down the line?

A social giant which will be top choice for all fashion professional and fashion lover to share their story and experience.

14) Besides being an entrepreneur what are the other passions in your life?

I’m passionate and serious about the social causes. I’m already involved in a project to improve education in foster care.

15) What as per you are the qualities of an entrepreneur?

I’m passionate and dedicated about doing work what I love to do.

17) What are you expansion plan of Being F?

Tie up with fashion institute, magazine, studio.


Entreprenure at 21- Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh- Startup Journey of EShack - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Its a story of 2 law college students who decided to  introduce the concept of  First Indian Online Bar- EShack. They are 21 years and they are entrepreneurs. Presenting the session with Arman Sood one of the co founder of EShack.

IMG_0032Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh- founder of EShack

1) Hi Arman before going straight into the start up journey, my readers will be keen to know both you and you co partner in Business Ashwajeet. So please share about your educational background and both of yours family background.

Hello Samata, firstly I would like to thank you for taking this interview. Both Ashwajeet Singh and I are partners in EShack and also 4th Year Law Students at Jindal Global Law School. I did my +2 from St. James’ School Kolkata in Science with Biology whereas Ashwajeet pursued Commerce and Business Studies at Sanawar. We met in Law School in 2010 and hit it off immediately. Both the families are into business.

2) Share about the profile of your business EShack? When was EShack born?


EShack was born in November 2012 while Ashwajeet and I were in our 2nd Year of Law School. We had a 2-month summer break before which we had conceptualized the idea while partying in Bangkok. We spent the summer laying down the business. From legal compliance’s to importing the products, from warehousing and logistics to website creation and marketing we spent the next few months setting up shop. Once it was set up we launched with a bang in November and had launch parties and promotional parties in Delhi and Kolkata.

3) Tell us about the story when you and your partner decided to step in, in this business which is quite odd?

EShack was in short a consequence of a drunken night in Bangkok. Before going there for my fathers 50th birthday Ashwajeet and I would spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas and researching on start-ups. That in it self was a lot of inspiration to start thinking with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, when in Bangkok one thing led to another and while partying with beer bongs and beer towers it struck us how the drinking culture in America and India was so different. While a lot of Indians who study abroad experience the culture there they miss it when they are in India and Indian’s love to drink. Putting two and two together we decided to have a start-up retailing only funky alcohol and bar related accessories that could make drinking interactive and even more fun.

4) The life of an entrepreneur is not at all easy, so how was the journey for both of you?

photo (4)

True. It tends to get very hectic especially since we still run it out of our hostel rooms on campus and law is a degree, which requires you to put in the hours to do well. We have faced lots of difficulties because of being in University and not having access to events in Delhi and other cities as easily as we wished to but on the flip side starting up in college has its own perks, which are delightful.

5) Every business needs start up funding, where from you guys managed to arrange funds for your business?

We were 2nd Year Law Students at the time and felt the most sensible plan then would be to pitch to our parents who have always been very supportive and helpful. We prepared B-Plans as if it were a competition and pitched our idea to them. Both are parents agreed to help out and gave us our start up capital.

6) What made your online store different from the rest of the online stores in India in related field?

Our online store targeted a very niche market. There were the big players in the online market who sold anything and everything but we wanted a space where we would cater to party goers and alcohol lovers where they could come and find a range of quirky and funky bar accessories that were new to the Indian market.

We were pioneers of beer pong table and beer bongs with valves and products like single and three in one dispensers.
I think being 21 ourselves we understood what people our age group would be interested in.

7) What acted as an inspiration for both of you to take up the challenge and become an entrepreneur at such a young age? What was the reaction of your parents?

We were very inspired by the likes of Gurbaksh Chahal, Sonny Kharwal and Varun Agarwal. The Indian Start up scene was exploding and we were keen to jump in knowing age was no bar if you had a good idea and the will to execute it.

Our parents were excited and supportive. They were glad we were trying out something we were interested and investing out time wisely into something we were passionate about.

8)  What sort of hurdles you faced while setting up this online store and how you guys managed to cope up with it?

We faced many hurdles because it was very new to both of us. We did not know the nuances of the online e-commerce business. We outsourced setting up of the website to a small company in Noida and had help from a relative with the import export procedures and logistics but most of the research and groundwork was done by us. We had to bunk a lot of classes and college days to handle the compliance’s, which was a major hurdle because we had to maintain a 75% attendance in college as well.

9) Please share the WOW moments in your journey as an entrepreneur?

It has been a joy ride since day 1. Once we launched we received immense traction on the website and even though we had a small marketing capital the word spread quickly since we were young entrepreneurs and being in University with lots of students had its own advantage.

We received orders for alcohol and bar accessories from all over India and even people in small towns had taken a fancy to our diverse and niche product range.

We received bulk orders from various companies and got published in many magazines and start up blogs, which gave us more mileage. Another highlight was getting the Best Entrepreneur Award in University for our effort with the start up.           

10)  What are you plans for EShack 5 years down the line? Any expansion plan in any other category of products?

We are a little over one year old right now and have added beer and alcohol related T-Shirts and tied up with Creative Disorder for party games.

We plan to expand on our range of products by mid 2014 and have plans to add a wholly unrelated but new category of products that will be lots of fun but it is a surprise so I can’t say too much about it now.

11) What is the team size of EShack and what process you followed for selecting team members?

EShack still has both of us as partners handling all the operations. We have a team of two members who handle warehousing and logistics and free-lance agents who work on web development and marketing.

12) Besides being an entrepreneur what are the other passions in your life?

Both of us are extremely passionate sportsmen and are very keen on the legal field as well as a career. We love watching movies and TV Shows in our free time.

13) What next after EShack?

Finish Law School and then work on EShack full-time. The aim is to expand on EShack slowly and steadily to build a team who can look after it while we pursue our further studies.

14) Any suggestion for young people who dreams to be entrepreneur one day?

Dream big and start early. If you have an idea and believe in it do invest time, money and energy in bringing it to life. Failure and Success are immaterial it is the journey and the experiences that make it worth living.

A session with author and Entrepreneur – Simson Biswal - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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A young and energetic mind with a passion to lead and change is the author and the founder of Dream House Publications, India. Simson started his career as a government employee, but he always has a dream to become a writer. To carry his dream forward he started Dream House Publications, India. He believes every person has a writer instinct inside him just needs a correct opportunity.


1) Welcome to Samatawelcomes you. So Simson, will request you share with us your educational and family background and also about you as an individual.

Namaste Samata, I hope you are doing well. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me such an opportunity. I will never shy to admit that it’s first time I am getting such a chance to share my feelings and facts about me in something like an interview. My educational qualification is 10+2 science and I belong to a middle class Indian family. My father is a Government High school teacher. And I don’t think there is anything like extra ordinary qualities which I will share. I am a so simple guy and believe in common way of living.


2) You already penned down 2 novels and as per records 4 more are in pipeline. So when you first stepped in this world of writing?

I am acquainted with writing and literature since my childhood. My mother is a play and scripts writer. So from a very young age I have been finding myself with the world of literature. And ‘Krunowanto Bishwom Aryam,’ a Sanskrit chant signifies make the whole world Aryan was the first taught I learned from my family. Perhaps that’s the key factor which leaded me to raise voice against the day to day society and circumstances for the existence of our pure and unblemished soul. When I started understanding the world by my own consciousness and ability, I understood if there is a requirement of change to save our ever-green Aryan culture and ethnicity and to check the ultra-modern young stars’ changing attitude and way of living under the delusion of Western culture, there must be a revolution needed and it should be from every Indian heart and soul.

So if there is a need of revolution then let’s begin it from our home first and through my pen as words touches hearts deeply before any sword could.

I wrote my first novel in Odiya in the age of twenty-one to fulfill my mother’s dream as she always wants to see me as an Author. And in 2013 I published my second novel, ‘1Mistake2Lives’ through self-publishing.

3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be a part of this world?

All the credit goes to my mother Shrimati Monorama Biswal and mata Sharaswati (Goddess Sharaswati). I learned the first letter of writing from her.

4) So far which among all your books, is the one which is close to your heart and why?

It’s my first book which I had written in Odiya and that’s because there are lots of things in this book which is related to my life.

5)  When you decided to go with Dream House publications, India (DHPI)?


Samata, do you remember that song, ‘Jindegi hur kadam ek nai jung he….’ If every day we have to face with a new problem then why not we should face it in our own way? And the problem can be anything. Take an example as finding of a good publisher for my books that can available my books all over the country. So the thinking of Dream House Publication, India came in my mind to help myself and the other people too who also have a dream like me.  Here I am the builder of my own Dream.

6) How you managed to arrange the initial funding for your dream project DHPI?

I always believe when there is a will there is a way. As I belong to a middle class family I am not that much of financially strong but it never became an obstacle on my course.  There are lots of good people in this planet who helped me to dig the pillar of Dream House.

8) Give us a brief about the work process of DHPI and its various services?

Book publishing and Marketing is totally a business. But In DHPI we want to do this business with love not by bargaining with the authors who wants to get published. Our basic aim is to help and inspire young writers.  And I have vowed I will never let anyone to face such a situation which I had faced with the publisher of my second book. It hurts too when someone breaks your trust. I remember well that time how much it was difficult to arrange 38k rupees to avail a package to publish my book. However I did it. I trusted on them. But they simply broke my trust.  Even I would like to thank them too. Due to them only today we are talking about Dream House. And Samata when it comes about our work process and various services we are promising to do everything for an Author whatever he / she deserves and needs to become an renowned Author.  But one thing I want to make clear that I personally don’t believe in show business as other self-publishers do. Our first work and duty is to bring books near to the readers and make it available all over in a very low cost.

9) What are you other interests in life?


I love to help people. I want to do something for the people of my place so that even after my death they will remember my name.

10) Share the Wow moments you experienced being the owner of DHPI?

Every day there is a Wow moment wait for me being the owner of Dream House.  Every day I am learning and getting chance to see new things.

11) How you make selection of Novel to be published?


Selection procedure depends upon our editorial team. They will decide which will be published or not through Traditional way.

12) What are your future plans with DHPI?

We are planning to extend our hand for distribution of other publisher’s books in southern sector.

13) Which one is your next upcoming novel to hit the mark?

‘you’ll live again…. Let me Die’ is my upcoming book. It is going to release in coming January. And obviously it’s the first book for DHPI also.



A synopsis of the Novel by Simson

 ‘You’ll live again ….Let me Die…’’ is a heart rending true story about Robin, his dream and destination of love through poverty, trust, overwhelming desires, friendship, religions, misunderstanding, mistake and a sacrifice.

Yes…. My dear readers… it’s a story about ‘Robin Das,’ a twenty years old common Indian.  I said him Common because it has a reason.  He is neither one among the great Icons of this land nor those personalities whom our world should remember for eras. He is just an unknown character, an anonymous, but the thing which gives him an importance that now we are reading his name because once upon a time he had a spark in him. The same spark which doesn’t help million Indian minds to stay in rest in their adolescent. It runs in their brains at every moment and ignites to do something in life. Even in sleep as dream. And you know this is the only thing which keeps people awake and inspire them to make their names immortal. Can you say what this is?

It’s the spark of Desire.  The desire for achieve something, to do different and make people to remember you.

And we will remember him for his Desire for Love, for his Mistake and his Sacrifice.

                                                    Time to make our Love Immortal….

                     ….and it will come through only sacrifice.

14) Any suggestion for budding authors and entrepreneurs?

Have you heard this song, ‘‘Jadee tore dak sune keu naa ase. . .

                       Tabe akla cholo re. . .

 Tabe mukh pute tore monar kotha . . . . akla bolo re . . .

                      Akla chalo akla chalo. … akla chalo re. . . ..’

I think Samata you are Bengali, right? Then it needn’t to say whose song is this. So what does it mean? If no one is there to give a company, to listen you and help you then keep moving alone. Never let go anything. Just concentrate your mind in your destination and keep moving.

Talented Photographer and Entrepreneur who proved his excellence with his clicks- Saurabh Chatterjee - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Saurabh is one such young talented photographer of India who visualize the beauty of nature behind the lens and present it to audience in a magical way which impresses all. He is not at all a simple guy. He is the one who is working hard to give new vision to budding photographers not only in India but also across globe with his photography online photography classes under the banner SIA Photography. Meeting for the first time a photographer and entrepreneur Saurabh Chatterjee


1)  Who is Saurabh Chatterjee as a human being? Please share about your professional and educational life besides your family background.

As a human being, I believe to live every moment in life to the fullest. I strongly believe and strive to practice in Robert Baden-Powell’s words – Leave this world a little better than you found it.

Corridor of Ramnathswamy Temple, Rameshwaram (the largest in the world)

I belong to a middle-class Bengali family, born and brought up in Patna, Bihar. Despite constraints, my younger brother (my only sibling) and me got the best education available. I have been moving all over India for my higher education and on job.

En Route to White Rann

I have a Master’s degree in Computers and worked in the IT industry for about a decade before quitting my job and getting into full-time photography training.

2)  How and when you entered the world of Photography?
Ai Bhimavaram_98

I started traveling alone at a very young age. Photography and traveling go hand in hand. So, whenever I used to travel, I took pictures. My first camera was a Fuji film film point and shoot camera which I bought from the money I earned teaching tuition’s to kids in the year 1996.

3) How is your journey so far as a photographer?

The journey has been awesome! It definitely took me places and made my life worth living.

Initially, it was all about going places and sharing the pictures with my friend and family. As my pictures started getting published, I got a much larger audience now.

Red Hot

To some extent, I was able to capture the beauty of our country, and the quest continues. Though there are always disappointments of missing moments with every shoot, it also gives immense joy to see the pictures that were captured beautifully.


The beginning was difficult though. I had to wait for a long time before I could have enough money to buy my first DSLR. Those days, the internet was not that rich with information and there were hardly any short-term courses. I learnt by trial and error and it took time.

4) Life of a photographer is not simple, so what are the obstacles you faced so far?

There are many.

Technically, one of the biggest challenges is to get the right kind of light. For landscapes, the best times are the early mornings and evenings which you can have only for a couple of hours during the whole day. There are many limitations of the camera and the lenses as well with which we have to live and make the best of what I have.


When I travel to far-away places it’s always a challenge taking pictures of people. It takes time to make people comfortable to get a good expression. I was always a shy person and made things difficult for me. Things became much easier after I got married as now I ask my wife to do this part of requesting people especially ladies.

5) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

My father was always my greatest inspiration. He was also very passionate about photography. Once, when Patna was being flooded, they announced in radio that people can go back home from offices. My father went back home and came back with a camera and took some great pictures.


6) Can you recall the day when you first clicked and what was the subject of that click?

Yes, I do. When I got my new camera I remember clicking pictures of my father and my family.


7) When you decide to launch Sia Photography and why?

I had a lot of difficulties to start photography as a beginner. There were hardly any short-term courses for amateurs like me. Hence I always realized the need to educate. I started sharing knowledge with friends in small sessions and then more people joined me. The results I got from the participants was very encouraging. Many started getting appreciations in their circles and many others got prizes in competitions. After I got a steady inflow of people, I thought of doing this seriously.

Cormorant at Yamuna

8) Please explain the profile of Sia Photography and its mission?

SIA comes from three words – Shutter, ISO and Aperture, the critical components that makes a picture. In Persian, ‘sia’ means, something that gives you happiness. What could have been a better name?


We cater to the needs of people of all age groups who are passionate about photography and want to take this to the next level.

Malpe Beach

Our mission is to make ‘every camera-owner a great photographer’. Now, that almost everyone has at-least a mobile phone camera, it is for anyone and everyone to make the best use of what they have to make better pictures.

9) Which is your favorite genre of photography and why it attracts you most?

My favorite genre of photography is travel. Since my first love is traveling, I want to see places and capture the flavor in the best possible way. A place can be about the people and their attire, landscape, local food, etc.



I am always excited about travel photography because there is always something new and exciting that you come across. No two places are same, especially in India. You move a few hundred kilometers the whole environment changes – the terrain, the language, the culture, the food, and festivals, etc.



India is so unique. For example, the festivals of Dussehra or Sankranti is celebrated is totally different ways in different parts of India.

10) What are you other passions in life?

My second passion is teaching – sharing the little knowledge that I have gained over the years. Apart from that, I love trekking in the Himalayas. I have been fortunate to go back to the hills almost every year since a decade

Mandvi, Bhuj


Sunset at a Village

11) Any WOW moments in your journey as photographer?

There have been many. The most memorable one was when one of my picture was published on the cover page of a poetry book. I was in the book release function and many people asked for my autograph.

Hyderabad Heritage

12) Is editing important for the perfect look of a photograph?

Yes, absolutely. Editing is a crucial step to get the final output and this is how I explain it for people who are against it – No matter how beautiful a bride is, she always wears a makeup and gets her hair done and wears a beautiful dress. Similarly, editing brings out the best of a picture.



Of course, while taking pictures we need to assume there is nothing called post processing and strive do our best to get a good shot.

13) What are your plans 5 years down the line?


From next year, I will be starting to take people out for experiential tours to different locations where enthusiasts will learn while on the move. I also want to reach out to the northern part of India for classes.


I want to write more. Over the past years, I have just been taking pictures. I have started blogging recently about my travels. By five years, I will have a very well organized framework where travelers can seek information about almost any place in India.

I plan to publish some books on learning photography especially one for kids.

I am also working on two books –  one on festivals and the other on the cultural heritage of India which will probably take another ten years to complete to have rich and diverse content.

14) You received any special training in this field?

Yes, I have received training from Osmania university and City of Glasgow college, UK

15) Being a photographer what you feel is absent in present day young photographers?

One thing is the attitude while clicking. With the advent of digital cameras, we have started taking photography very casually. We don’t think before we click.


During the film days, we used to very thoughtful and used to give our best to every press of the button. Now, since there is no cost involved after buying the camera, we just take too many pictures and most of them are of mediocre quality.

16) Any advise for budding photographers?

The first photograph was taken in 1790 and since then according to a calculation we have shot more than 3.5 trillion photos. There are hardly any subjects that have not been shot.

Moharram in Hyderabad

Our objective should be to create something new, a different approach to the same subject to make it interesting. Otherwise, we will just be creating similar stuff again and again. And it’s not too difficult if we think about it.

17) How you rate yourself as a photographer?

Well, I leave it up to you to rate me J

Personally, the more I learn from my mistakes, the more I realize my zero-ness. There is not end to learning.

I am yet to take my best shot…

Check out more about Saurabh:

Knowing A Young Entrepreneur- Aman Sharma - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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One of the youngest Entrepreneur of India in the world of publishing is Aman Sharma. Besides being a prolific writer he is running Triumph Publishing as Chief Operating Officer. Presently he is working with a MNC in Jaipur.


1) Aman Sharma a popular name in the publication industry. So Aman say something about you?

Well I would say that I don’t agree with the first line in the question. I am not popular; yes I am in a transition phase and if I keep on working with complete focus, someday I will be popular. Personally, there nothing much about me other than what people already know. Shy when I first meet people and loud after that but only in the best possible way, random, different and have a 12 year old kid still in me. For me, each day of my life is a new experience. I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time. I am a very honest person who will bust his butt to achieve his goals in life. But above all, I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life whenever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste!

2) How you decided to launch Triumph publishing ? Share us the story about your startup journey.

As many people know  that I started my journey with setting up another publishing house that I founded in the month of April 2012. Getting into publishing and starting my own venture was an instant decision that I made earlier that year. So, after a thorough research for a couple of months and completing all the formalities, I became a publisher. The journey was no less than a dream run for me till April 2013 when due to some issues I left that organization and started Triumph Publishing.

3) Give us a brief about the work process of Triumph publishing and its various  services?

We, at Triumph Publishing believes in having casual relationships with our clients. Having said that, this does not mean that we are not professional, it’s just that the work we do, interacting with the writers and understanding what they feel & want, we need to have a casual relationship with them. This helps us to put ourselves in their shoes and smoothens the whole process of publishing.

As of today, we provide publishing services for fiction, non-fiction & short story books, in house editing & designing for our clients.

4) Share the entrepreneurial challenges you faced while setting up Triumph publishing?


Like every new entrepreneur, I too faced some challenges in the beginning; making our name amongst the prospective authors was the major one. It was tough for us to contact authors and attract them to get their work published through us. Also, establishing an effective distribution network & looking for good staff was one of the most important challenge that took almost 4 months to get it right.

5) How much funding you needed for starting your dream project, and where did you get the startup funding?

The startup funding was approximately 3.5Lacs and thanks to my parents who believed in me and provided me the funds.

6) What are your other interests in life?

Apart from reading & writing, my interest areas are playing cricket and travelling. I had been playing professional cricket from the age of 15 till I completed my graduation. Apart from this, I keep on travelling and exploring new places.

7) Share the Wow moments you experienced being the owner of  Triumph publishing?

Hahaha… This is a tough one to answer. Let me take an example of a newborn baby to show why it’s difficult and I can’t share a specific wow moment I had at Triumph Publishing.

When a baby is born; the parents hold him or her in their hands and their happiness has no limitations & measures. They don’t care what the skin color of the baby is or how beautiful they look. All that matters to them is that moment which they waited for so long and now when it’s there, they just want to live it, enjoy it and cherish it for a life time. Similarly, for me, there are no specific wow moments in Triumph Publishing. I cherish each and everything I do here, day in day out.

8) How you make a selection of Novel to be published?

I would not get into the details of this as we have a complete SOP for selecting a manuscript however, the  basic selection is made by mixed ranking by two editors who score a proposal out of 5 based on a story line, writing skills of the author, and uniqueness. Any story that scores an average of 3.5 comes to me for approval.

9) Any new expansion plan for Triumph publishing?

As of now, we are not planning for any expansion other than a bigger office for the company. If I talk about coming two years or so, yes we have a hell lot of things planned like moving to Delhi for better working, diversifying our work into poetry and self help, inspirational books etc. but all these are still plans we are working on.

10) Which process of recruitment you follow while hiring employees? What is the current employee strength?

The recruitment process is same as other organization follows. We hire people depending on the spot open and their qualification and experience in the given field. Currently we have an employee strength of 5 people which includes 2 in house editors,  2 outsourced editors who work from their place in Jaipur itself and one designer.

11) What are the qualities to become an entrepreneur?

“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” I don’t know how many times I have seen the video of Steve Jobs saying these lines.

There are some qualities every entrepreneur has possessed and one should always have to be a successful one; Integrity, Dedication & Loyalty. Being an entrepreneur demands commitment and dedication. You will always have people saying “Follow Your Passion” which is harder than saying. If you find something you love enough to share it with others, that love will act as fuel and give you purpose. Also, it’s so wonderful to see how much they can learn from others. They ask for advice. They’re flexible. They soak up the best practices around them like a sponge.

12) Any feedback or advice for budding entrepreneurs?

I don’t think I am experienced enough to give any advice to anyone but I will just say that Do what you love to do. Yes, at times things will look tough, as if there is no way out and you may think that you have made a wrong turn in your life but that’s where you should calm yourself down and believe in yourself.

Prerna Mukharya- An entrepreneur at young age to creat the difference in this world with Outline India

When determinations are strong in life then it’s not at all a tough task to give shape to a dream. Prerna Mukharya decided to take a step forward to conceive the child named Outline India just after completion of her studies from Boston University. I had a quick session with Prerna to now about her dream child Outline India and also about her journey as an entrepreneur at a very young age


1) Prerna share something about the startup journey of

It’s been a great learning experience, a joyride rather. There have been highs and there have been lows. The highs helped you get over the lows. And you got over the lows thinking about the feeling of the high.

I have met people I wouldn’t have ordinarily met and learnt thinks I would not have had a chance to learn. It’s not been easy and I am a more patient person as a result.

2) What acted as an inspiration for you to start

I spent almost 7 months cleaning data in my last job as a researcher. It was frustrating.

It irritated me because everything going further, from data analysis to reports to policy making is based on that data. Data collection is the foundation for research and you cannot and must not compromise on the quality.

However, there is a lack of institutions which can go out there and do a good job. We are looking to change that. We go into the field ourselves, it’s not for everyone, but it’s a lot of fun.

3) Give a brief on the work process of and its various services?

We focus on and engage in field data collection. This means we do surveys, monitoring and evaluation studies, impact evaluation studies, survey tool designing together with providing research assistance.

You could be a researcher, a PhD student, a think tank, an NGO, the government, or a corporate organization. It could be for policy formulation or to study the market you are looking to enter or to evaluate your current service/product offering. Point is: everyone needs data! Secondary data is fraught with issues such as being outdates, unreliable or incomplete. Primary data for all intensive purposes then becomes a must-do and a must have.

Recently, we forayed into data visualization as well. It’s an attempt at out end, to make data relatable to people from non-academic backgrounds in a non-boring, visually pleasing manner.

4) How much funding you needed initially to start your dream project, and where did you get the startup funding?

We have been bootstrapping till now. We are cash flow positive. Upfront investment will help us scale up technologically. But of course, we need a VC who compliments us and understands that we are not like a techie/software company and our value proposition is different.

5) Prerna will insist you to introduce your core members of to my readers?

You will get the details here:

6) What are the critical challenges which you faced while setting up How you handled those challenges?

Well, getting projects is not easy. Reaching out to people, academics is a tough job, especially since most of these projects are capital and labor intensive. These are projects that can last anywhere between 1 week-5 months (if not more). At any point, multiple things can and do go wrong. The weather could turn against you, the respondent may refuse to cooperate, and sensitive questions might make things tough. There is no one-solution-fits-all approach and we have learnt to deal with these problems and work around them.

7) Share the WOW moments you experienced being the owner of

I don’t think there’s a WOW moment. But I go to bed a happy person. It’s a great feeling to know you are building something from scratch/from thin air. My startup is a part of me.

8) What are your dreams for some years down the line?

Well, hopefully we will be the name to reckon with when someone thinks of data collection in India, irrespective of the location, sample size or timeline. If it’s about data in India, we want to be the name that comes to mind.

9) How you hire you team members? What is the current employee strength?
Check out details here:

10) What next after

Well, Outline India still needs to grow and scale up. It’s too early to say what next. Of course, I have a few ideas brewing in mind, as offshoots or support projects to OI but Outline India has my undivided attention.

11) What are your other areas of interest in life?

I like to travel, network with people who are doing interesting things in kickboxing and writing

12) So long we are asking you about, but now we want to know Prerna as a Human being. Say something about you Prerna, your education and your background.

I think I’m a funny person. I’m slightly stubborn which translates to persistence I guess in the workspace.  I think at the end of the day, we should all have these brilliant stories to tell, and you won’t have these stories if you don’t get out and do things, try things, meet people and see the world. I’m trying to do just that. And hopefully, I’ll come out a wiser and nicer person as a result.