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A Session with Style and fashion Blogger: Shilpi Srivastava

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Life itself is a fashion and we all need to realize this to survive well in this world. If you are keen to stay updated about the latest happenings in the fashion world with a touch of realistic approach then do visit the Fashion Blog of Shilpi Srivastava: Pink Jasmine Styling. Shilpi is young professional, a successful blogger and a happy mother. Join me to know Shilpi closely in this session.

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1) Shilpi, our readers are keen to know who Shilpi is. So please share something about you which is unique as per you?

I am the founder and author of Pink Jasmine Styling. This is my Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. I am a Canadian based Indian and totally in love with travelling. I dream of travelling at least half of the world, before I die. I got married to my best friend Dipankar. I am a new twins mom and passionate about Fashion & Styling.

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2) Besides being a blogger what else you do professionally?

Professionally, I am a Business Intelligence Consultant and working for BMO, one of the top banks in North America.


3) Why you preferred to be a fashion blogger and why not any other genre?

Blogging is my passion and I do it because I love doing it. It makes me feel safe. I always wanted to be a Fashion Blogger. It’s fun and great way of sharing your likes and tastes to everyone in this world.

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4) Say something about you blog When you started and what is the response you are getting?

I started this blog in early 2012. I received lots of love from people. Currently, I have an average target audience who follow my blog and ask for tips. I do product reviews and style for few online shopping brands. Besides that, blogging gives me inner-strength.

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5) Any other plan for any other genre of blog?

Not now, as I am going too busy with my current blog. Maybe in future, I may start a Parenting blog.


6) Which are the basic areas of fashion world which you try to cover in your blog?

My major area is styling. I feel responsible for making sure that my followers look their best before they step out. I try to improve an individual’s image with proper use of accessories, clothing, hair styling, and/or makeup.  My blog talks about everyday street styling.

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7) Which is your source of information before you pen down your blog topic?

I don’t have a single source of information. Before doing a post about current fashion trend, I do my study. I follow various designers and magazines to remain updated.

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8) How you manage 3 roles together a professional, a blogger and a loving and caring mother?

Hard work, I would say. Due to my busy professional life, I do blog post only on weekend or during evening. As a mother, I am available 24×7. I am blessed with an understanding husband who helps me share my work and responsibilities.

9) What inspired you to become a blogger?

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After moving to Canada, I realized people have so much of freedom to express themselves through their dressing. Everyone dresses as if they have to walk on runaway. I was totally inspired and gave no second thought but to start my own fashion blog.

10) What are your plans 5 years down the line?

I hope to see myself doing better and better with every passing year. Blog more and more. See my babies growing well. Enjoy life and travel across the world.

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11) Anything special you want to share with us or even advice for young bloggers?

Listen to your dreams and you will be amazed where you land up. Be true to yourself, just do your best and have patience.