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A session post release of Novel” Its Never Too late” By Priyanka Baranwal - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Congratulations for your novel

Thank you very much! For your wishes and your time to take the interview.


1) Priyanka the day finally arrived when your debut novel is out in market. How you are feeling?

It feels wonderful. When I saw my book in bookstores, the feeling was quite settling. It was an unparalleled experience to see my book resting on the shelves. I am very happy and so is my family. The feeling still lingers in my heart.

2) Go to flashback and recall the day when you was only a woman of India and then think of today when you are an author. What the difference you observed in your life?

Well…I am still the same person, same woman in my life trying to fulfil all duties and responsibilities at my best capabilities. But yes…few things have changed now. Some are good and some are not-so-good.

Now when people meet me, they go awestruck after knowing they are meeting with an author. They ask for my author signature and tell me how much they loved my novel and the story. Though these changes were expected yet I enjoy them.

Also, now my schedule has taken a big U-turn. Earlier when I could avail the expanse of time, now I cannot afford the same. Now I run short of time as I am highly much busy in the promotion of my book It’s Never Too Late, dealing with and learning many fronts, working on my next project and simultaneously trying my best to give as much time as I can to my family and friends. Life has become busy but I guess with the love and support of my family, I rather easily get through it.

Not-so-good front is, I can’t sleep at nights. No matter how much I try, it has become really hard for me to get a good night sleep. That really is a tough issue to deal with. Hope I will get through it soon.

3) When you touched the first copy of your novel, how you felt?

The feeling was unmatched. I remember the evening when I had received my author copies. I was busy in making my kid’s school New Year project. Things were sprawled here and there and I was so tired working for a long time. When the door bell rang, I had even decided to ignore it. Clearly I had forgotten that I could be in receipt of my copies any time. When my kid told me it was a courier guy then suddenly I got over my short termed memory loss and ran to the door to answer it. I took the parcel and hurriedly but carefully opened the package. And when I saw my books in my hands, the moment was defining. I was not just holding my book, I was holding almost one year and four months of my hard work and several moments of uncertainties. Basically it was a mixed feeling on the spot but the kind of joy I had topped the list. I immediately informed my publisher and thanked him. I called Sumit in office. He was ecstatic. I even sent the pictures of all the copies to him and my parents on Whatsapp. They all were on Cloud 9 and congratulated me.

4) Whom you will give the credit for accompanying you in the journey of  becoming an author?
A lot of people of course. As I have said in my book, no step can be taken alone, especially the first one. The very first name that tops the answer of your question is my husband, Sumit. He was the one sprouting the idea of becoming an author in my head and the way he supported me to live my dream one day has been phenomenal.

In later months when things got in shape and I told my parents, it sounded incredible to them at first. The delight I could hear in their voices still rings my ears. My parents have always been with me not only on this venture but also to all the other phases of my life. Their love and support matters to me the most.

My respected Tau ji and late Grandmother’s blessings, my in-laws, dear siblings, teachers, and friends also played a big role in my journey. Their belief in me had motivated me great time and because of them also I had accomplished my dream today.

My publisher Arup Bose and the entire Srishti team have played a huge role in turning my dream into a collection of pages. Also my cover designer Wasim. His work has given new heights to the identity of my novel.

All in all, people who loved me and cared enough about me to see me at this stage are very well acknowledged to me and the same I have shared in Acknowledgement section in my book.

5) Who made the designing of the cover page of your Novel” Its never to late”

Wasim Helal. His brilliant piece of work has been able to put my book into my readers’ mind in one shot. I got lots of compliments because of the cover and I never delayed to share it with him.

6) Whats next after this Novel?
Currently I am working on my second project. I feel it will be little early to talk about it. Let the right time hit and I will share the details here.

7) What are your expectations from your readers?

As an author, I expect primarily from my work. I simply do not look at the readers directly. If I am doing my work with my best competencies and they come out as interesting reads then only I expect the readers to read them and suggest and share the same with their friends and families

Basically I expect from my readers to connect with me as I am only happy to listen to what they have to say about my work and what more do they expect from me. Their feedback’s value a great deal to me.

8) Biggest appreciation so far received for your Novel?

I guess best one is yet to come but recently I have received a very nice and humbling compliment about my work in It’s Never Too Late. The person happens to my neighbour’s mother. She read my book and said,

“I see you in Maya and Sumit in Rajat” and needless to say I was flattered though I agree the qualities I have portrayed in my character Rajat are mostly inspired from my husband. Sumit’s understanding and supportive nature is adorable and that is why probably I have obliviously portrayed his qualities as Rajat. As for Maya, I can also relate myself to her up to an extent.

9)  How you are going for the marketing of the Novel?

I am using Social media as the major aspect of marketing. I have also planned a book launch. The details I will share soon on my pages.

10) Describe Priyanka the author in one line.

One who believes in perseverance and doing what she feels is right.

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Meeting author Siddharth Tripathi - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Meeting a fresh talent in the world of Books. This time I am here to introduce a  simple , sober and no doubt handsome young author of India Siddharth Tripathi.


1)Siddharth , say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as an individual in personal front?

I grew up in Banaras. I’m a B.E from NIT Trichy and an MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. I currently live in Gurgaon with my wife and eighteen month old son and I work as a consultant for a business advisory firm.

2) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?

I always wanted to become a writer. And, I always wanted to write this particular story – about teenagers and their struggles, about Banaras and its people. The story kept pestering me till I finally dug up my old diaries and bought a notepad and a pencil to jot down character sketches, chapter outlines etc.

3)  When you first decided to give you words a shape of a Novel?


Sometime in November 2011, I finally opened a new word file and started typing.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

I have two big inspirations. One is my grandfather – he lived life on his own terms and inspired me to write and to do things that I like doing. The second are The Beatles – their music and their story has never ceased to inspire me.

5) How is your journey so far as an author?

It has been quite an experience. I started writing The Virgins sometime in November 2011. I soon realised that it can’t be done along with a regular job. I quit my day job and finished the book in about 7 months. Writing the book was a lot of fun, editing it was painful. After it hit the market, it was encouraging to know that a lot of readers, bloggers and book reviewers liked it a lot. Marketing and distributing the book has been tough — I’m sure most debut writers have a similar story to tell about book marketing.


6) The Virgins is your debut Novel- why you decided this Title?

The title refers to the characters in the book – there is an undefiled, innocent side to these characters which is tested by their experiences and the events they witness.

7) Why did you select Banaras as the backdrop to this story?

I grew up in Banaras. I think there are many more stories about the city that are waiting to be a told. The city is an eclectic mix of myth, legend, history and religion; and to add to that is the sheer diversity of its inhabitants. The city accepts, without any prejudice, anyone who wishes to call it home. Just spend a month aimlessly roaming through its narrow alleyways; I’m sure you will come back with enough stories to write a book.


8) How tough is it to find a publisher for a debutant author?  how was the situation in your case?

I finished the first part of the book (around 80 pages) and sent it to a literary agent along with a brief synopsis. He found me a publisher who believed in this book. However, I don’t think getting an agent is necessary. Indian publishers are more than happy to consider manuscripts sent by e-mail and/or hard copy.


9) Which is the biggest  appreciation so far received for your novel?

Praise for the book in Deccan Herald and Dainik Jagran was very heartening. I felt really honoured and humbled when someone, a complete stranger, wished me on my birthday and said that my book is the best he’s read in a really long time.

10) Siddhartha, what are your other passions in life?

I’m a film and music buff, I review some of the stuff that I like on my blog – I’m a foodie too — Delhi has a lot to explore especially when it comes to street food.

11) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

I haven’t thought about it. I like to plan for the day.

12) What as per you are the qualities of a good author?

  • They are disciplined — there has to be a schedule even though it’s not necessary that you need to write something great every day. I have been trying to do this for a long time now but with limited success
  • They seek feedback – good writers are open to feedback and know what’s relevant
  • They are passionate about the book – the book they’re writing means a lot not because they think it’ll make them rich, but because they believe it’s a story that needs to be told

13) Any suggestion for budding authors?

I had written an article earlier on this. Here’s the link –

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An Amazing session with Author Ishita Bhown - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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A talented young author of India is Ishita Bhown. You will love to interact with this young girl of just 24 years who became an author by chance. Take a look at the recent session with Ishita.


1) Ishita our readers will like to know about you as a human being and also about your background. So share something which you feel is unique in you?

I am born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. After completing from Jaipur, I am presently working as a software engineer in Pune. Right from childhood, I am very talkative and try to interact with any person that I meet. Friendship is my weakness and this weakness makes me stronger. While growing I realized that friends are a life support system. Friendship is the purest relationship, as friends are the people we choose and enjoy to stay with. They are the pillars of strength who understand us well and accept both the good and bad about us. For me, once a friend is always a friend. I think friendship remains unaffected by time and distance, but is a feeling of care and an inexplicably strong tie of fondness. The value which I hold for friendship is my uniqueness.

2)You are a qualified engineer so how the concept of authoring a book came into your mind?

From Engineer to a fiction author, the journey has been an unexpected one. I had never thought that I could write a book someday, and off course getting it published was way beyond imagination. This all happened just by chance. I have always had a knack of reading and writing, and so during college days, when I got bored in lectures, I started scribbling down a story on the back of my notebook. When I read that story to my college group, they all liked it a lot, and encouraged me to look for a publisher. I had a lot of free time in those vacations, and so I took their advise a bit seriously and started my publisher hunt.

3)Very recently you Novel: “ToGetHer – best friends are forever”. got published. So how was your experience ?

The experience has been wonderful so far. I have met many readers who turned into friends, many critics who have helped me improve and also met many talented people to learn and get encouraged. This is a lifetime opportunity to assess my own strengths and weaknesses, to interact with people from all spheres of life and to share knowledge.

4) Share us the moment when you saw your first copy of  “ToGetHer – best friends are forever”.


That was an ecstatic moments not just for me, but also my family. The book which started as a random scribble was turned into hard copy. It was like a child to me, and getting to hold it for the first time was one of the happiest moment of my life not just because it was the output of many months of hard work, but also because of the proud expressions I brought on my family’s face.

5) Can you brief us the story of “ToGetHer – best friends are forever”?


I can never forget the first day of my college. I presume similar incidences are common among professionals throughout the country. Sharing the experiences of my friends and imagining the situation of other colleges, I could visualize the concept of this novel, which tells about a simple girl Ayesha and her interesting life, full of strange coincidences. The story takes you to the college campus, the carefree days and the excitement each day brought-from the first crush to romantic fantasies, strange co-incidences, to great misunderstandings, from detective instincts to protective feelings. This is a story which any one can easily relate with.

6) How the concept of the story of this novel came to your mind?

My hobby of reading and the way I lived the characters in the books that I read. It motivated me to write something, which others could relate with. I wanted to touch the lives of people with literary interests. I had a dream to attach other people to my fiction and thus started blogging. The positive response of my blog boosted my confidence and inspired me to write this novel, which derived inspiration from the general surroundings around me.

 7) Who is the publisher of this Novel?  Is there any obstacles you faced while searching for publisher of your novel?


Well, I come from a non literary background. I did not even know the names of 5 publication houses when I started my journey. Yet, google helped me. Within a few months, I had good offers from 3-4 publication houses. Finally I opted for General Press, a publication house based out of Delhi.  I believe it is not that difficult, provided your manuscript is up to the mark. But yes, it is difficult to choose a right publisher. Today there are so many houses, some of them are greedy ones, who will leave no stone unturned to make undue profits at the cost of your ambition. So, one needs to be very cautious while making a selection and before signing an agreement.

8)  What was the response or review about this novel from readers?

I share everything with my mother. So I almost begged her to read the book, before sending the final MS for submission.  I wanted to make sure that the MS was okay, and that people would not make fun of me, once it is published . She was the first reader of my book whose appreciation brought it to its present form.
Dad read the book after it was published. He is a slow reader, yet, he finished it in 2 days. Those two days, I kept looking at his face to gather his feedback from the expressions. It was the same  scary feeling like we get during the declaration of exam results. Those reviews are the most precious reviews for me.
I believe all my readers have been very generous in giving positive feedback and encouragement. Their overwhelming support and belief in me is a gift that I shall treasure forever!

9) Which is the next novel which is in pipeline?


After TGH, I have penned down 2 other books. One is a reference book on Basic computer sciences and the other one is a self-help book on presentation skills. Besides that, three of my short stories have been published in various anthologies. Presently I am working on my next novel, it’s still in the initial stage.

10) Who acted as an inspiration for you pen down this novel?

The free time in college days, my hobby of reading and the urge to share those interesting incidences that me or my friends experienced during college days acted as an inspiration for me to pen down this novel.

11) Do you have any other passion apart from authoring book?

I like to keep myself busy. Besides writing, I am fond of blogging, philately and love to work towards social welfare and look forward to volunteer at various NGOs.

12) How you rate yourself as writer?

Umm, I think the job of a writer is to write , and the readers should rate. Rating my self would be like limiting my own potential, thus I won’t like to rate myself. However, I constantly challenge myself to improve- both in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

13) Will you like to share your plans 5 years down the line as an author with our readers.

Being a debutant writer, I was a bit hesitant about the acceptance of my writing, but the positive response of the readers and their affection as well as feedback is definitely motivating me for a second attempt at fiction.  I have some plots in mind, and hope to get them in the form of a good writing. I wish to write as long as I have something to share with my readers.

14) How you want to continue  your career as an author or an engineer or Both?

Writing is my hobby, and being an engineer is my profession. I equally love both of them, and thus try my best to manage  time between both these careers.

A session withe Gaurav Narayan -Post relase of his Novel” The incomplete story” - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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This is my second session with Gaurav. This time he is here to share with my readers his feelings post launch of his debut Novel and for providing some insight about his Novel.


1) Gaurav the day finally arrived when your debut novel is out in market. How you are feeling?

> It’s like a dream came true. Well I never thought that I will be an author of a book one day. It’s a big thing for me. Now I am confident enough to make my others dreams real.

2) Go to flashback and recall the day when you were only a singer and song writer and then think of today when you are an author. What the difference you observed in your life?


> Frankly speaking, nothing has changed much. But yes, I feel a spark inside me When a got appreciation for my work as an author. But Music is the only thing which helps me to live so I would like to be perceived as a musician rather than author.

3) When you touched the first copy of your novel, how you felt?

> I was at home when I got to see the first copy. My family was so happy to see that and that was enough for me to see their happy faces.


4) Whom you will give the credit for accompanying you in the journey of becoming an author?

> My family and friends and some extremely important people who just showed up miraculously to support me. I am thankful from the depth of my heart to every person who supported me to make this thing happen.

5) Who made the designing of the cover page of your Novel” The incomplete Story”

> Designing is done by my publisher Notion Press. I am very happy and thankful to them. I remember the day when they showed me the cover page and I was like amazed by their work. I was able to feel more about the story after seeing the cover page. I would like to thank Akshay Kumar Upadhyay too for making a tremendous track for the trailer of the book.

6) Why you named it as “The incomplete Story“?


> When I started writing the book this title clicked in my mind and I discussed it with my friends and they all liked it. While writing it was in my mind that the reader should feel the title, the importance of “incomplete” in our life and stop blaming for the incomplete things and incidents because some things are better left incomplete.

7) What are your expectations from your readers?

> I just want them to enjoy the journey of Kumar and thankfully I am getting great responses and appreciation from the readers.

8) Any suggestion for budding authors?

> Most important is to listen to your heart. Make yourself free from norms and write what you want to express. Reading other’s work will help you to create your book a masterpiece. Learn and Implement!

A session with author and Entrepreneur – Simson Biswal - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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A young and energetic mind with a passion to lead and change is the author and the founder of Dream House Publications, India. Simson started his career as a government employee, but he always has a dream to become a writer. To carry his dream forward he started Dream House Publications, India. He believes every person has a writer instinct inside him just needs a correct opportunity.


1) Welcome to Samatawelcomes you. So Simson, will request you share with us your educational and family background and also about you as an individual.

Namaste Samata, I hope you are doing well. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me such an opportunity. I will never shy to admit that it’s first time I am getting such a chance to share my feelings and facts about me in something like an interview. My educational qualification is 10+2 science and I belong to a middle class Indian family. My father is a Government High school teacher. And I don’t think there is anything like extra ordinary qualities which I will share. I am a so simple guy and believe in common way of living.


2) You already penned down 2 novels and as per records 4 more are in pipeline. So when you first stepped in this world of writing?

I am acquainted with writing and literature since my childhood. My mother is a play and scripts writer. So from a very young age I have been finding myself with the world of literature. And ‘Krunowanto Bishwom Aryam,’ a Sanskrit chant signifies make the whole world Aryan was the first taught I learned from my family. Perhaps that’s the key factor which leaded me to raise voice against the day to day society and circumstances for the existence of our pure and unblemished soul. When I started understanding the world by my own consciousness and ability, I understood if there is a requirement of change to save our ever-green Aryan culture and ethnicity and to check the ultra-modern young stars’ changing attitude and way of living under the delusion of Western culture, there must be a revolution needed and it should be from every Indian heart and soul.

So if there is a need of revolution then let’s begin it from our home first and through my pen as words touches hearts deeply before any sword could.

I wrote my first novel in Odiya in the age of twenty-one to fulfill my mother’s dream as she always wants to see me as an Author. And in 2013 I published my second novel, ‘1Mistake2Lives’ through self-publishing.

3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be a part of this world?

All the credit goes to my mother Shrimati Monorama Biswal and mata Sharaswati (Goddess Sharaswati). I learned the first letter of writing from her.

4) So far which among all your books, is the one which is close to your heart and why?

It’s my first book which I had written in Odiya and that’s because there are lots of things in this book which is related to my life.

5)  When you decided to go with Dream House publications, India (DHPI)?


Samata, do you remember that song, ‘Jindegi hur kadam ek nai jung he….’ If every day we have to face with a new problem then why not we should face it in our own way? And the problem can be anything. Take an example as finding of a good publisher for my books that can available my books all over the country. So the thinking of Dream House Publication, India came in my mind to help myself and the other people too who also have a dream like me.  Here I am the builder of my own Dream.

6) How you managed to arrange the initial funding for your dream project DHPI?

I always believe when there is a will there is a way. As I belong to a middle class family I am not that much of financially strong but it never became an obstacle on my course.  There are lots of good people in this planet who helped me to dig the pillar of Dream House.

8) Give us a brief about the work process of DHPI and its various services?

Book publishing and Marketing is totally a business. But In DHPI we want to do this business with love not by bargaining with the authors who wants to get published. Our basic aim is to help and inspire young writers.  And I have vowed I will never let anyone to face such a situation which I had faced with the publisher of my second book. It hurts too when someone breaks your trust. I remember well that time how much it was difficult to arrange 38k rupees to avail a package to publish my book. However I did it. I trusted on them. But they simply broke my trust.  Even I would like to thank them too. Due to them only today we are talking about Dream House. And Samata when it comes about our work process and various services we are promising to do everything for an Author whatever he / she deserves and needs to become an renowned Author.  But one thing I want to make clear that I personally don’t believe in show business as other self-publishers do. Our first work and duty is to bring books near to the readers and make it available all over in a very low cost.

9) What are you other interests in life?


I love to help people. I want to do something for the people of my place so that even after my death they will remember my name.

10) Share the Wow moments you experienced being the owner of DHPI?

Every day there is a Wow moment wait for me being the owner of Dream House.  Every day I am learning and getting chance to see new things.

11) How you make selection of Novel to be published?


Selection procedure depends upon our editorial team. They will decide which will be published or not through Traditional way.

12) What are your future plans with DHPI?

We are planning to extend our hand for distribution of other publisher’s books in southern sector.

13) Which one is your next upcoming novel to hit the mark?

‘you’ll live again…. Let me Die’ is my upcoming book. It is going to release in coming January. And obviously it’s the first book for DHPI also.



A synopsis of the Novel by Simson

 ‘You’ll live again ….Let me Die…’’ is a heart rending true story about Robin, his dream and destination of love through poverty, trust, overwhelming desires, friendship, religions, misunderstanding, mistake and a sacrifice.

Yes…. My dear readers… it’s a story about ‘Robin Das,’ a twenty years old common Indian.  I said him Common because it has a reason.  He is neither one among the great Icons of this land nor those personalities whom our world should remember for eras. He is just an unknown character, an anonymous, but the thing which gives him an importance that now we are reading his name because once upon a time he had a spark in him. The same spark which doesn’t help million Indian minds to stay in rest in their adolescent. It runs in their brains at every moment and ignites to do something in life. Even in sleep as dream. And you know this is the only thing which keeps people awake and inspire them to make their names immortal. Can you say what this is?

It’s the spark of Desire.  The desire for achieve something, to do different and make people to remember you.

And we will remember him for his Desire for Love, for his Mistake and his Sacrifice.

                                                    Time to make our Love Immortal….

                     ….and it will come through only sacrifice.

14) Any suggestion for budding authors and entrepreneurs?

Have you heard this song, ‘‘Jadee tore dak sune keu naa ase. . .

                       Tabe akla cholo re. . .

 Tabe mukh pute tore monar kotha . . . . akla bolo re . . .

                      Akla chalo akla chalo. … akla chalo re. . . ..’

I think Samata you are Bengali, right? Then it needn’t to say whose song is this. So what does it mean? If no one is there to give a company, to listen you and help you then keep moving alone. Never let go anything. Just concentrate your mind in your destination and keep moving.

Session with Author Rahul Kapoor - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Rahul Kapoor – An author who gives priority to social service and believes it as the sole mission of life. Rahul Kapoor is a silver medalist in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida. After spending 2 years as Electronic media journalist he moved on and joined “Amitasha” a school for underprivileged girls as Programme Coordinator. Very recently he penned down his first Novel ” Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”. Check out the session with Rahul.


1) Welcome to this session Rahul. Rahul my readers are keen to know you more as a person in common life than as an author. So Please share your background in educational front as well as about your family.

A1) Well, in real life I am a very strange person. You can call me a rebel in true sense. I am a silver medalist in Journalism and Mass Communication and although I did practice journalism for a short while, my heart always lied somewhere else and that is social service. I now look after a NGO called Amitasha which is a school for underprivileged girls. Amitasha provides these girls free education, meals and health care facilities till class 12th. I am a brother to more than 1500 sweet little angelic girls in Amitasha. As far as my family goes, I love my parents dearly and they are God for me. However I have studied in a boarding school since class 5th and therefore this fact always pinches me that I have not been able to spend much time with them during my childhood days and even now I stay in Delhi and they stay in Kanpur which is my hometown. I also have two real elder sisters.


Q2) When you first realized that there is a hidden talent in you  and you can present that withe the power of pen?
A2) Of course, I do not have any hidden talent and I am a very normal person like we all are. However, writing comes to me naturally. All I do is put my imagination into words. I write what I think. It is as simple as that.
Q3) You penned down you Novel” Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”- so how was the experience while writing this Novel?
A3) While I was writing the novel, I was only and only writing the novel and doing nothing else. I very clearly remember that I used to write in the night when everyone at my house was asleep so that I can have absolute silence. The other thing which I did was that I always kept my mind stress free as I strongly believe that only a stress free mind can create a master piece. I did not allow any issue to have the better of my mind during the time I was penning down my novel.
Q4) How you planned the plot of this  Novel or else we can say how this plot came into your mind?
A4) My book is a romantic science fiction which revolves around a very unique and rare neurological disorder called sleeping beauty syndrome. I once read a Headline in a leading daily news paper, ‘Teen with sleeping beauty syndrome wakes up after 78 days”. I then researched about sleeping beauty syndrome and asked everyone around me if they knew about this disorder and nobody knew about it. It was then that I decided that I will write a book on sleeping beauty syndrome and then I did what needed to be done. I wrote a love story and presented ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ with love.
Q5) Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
A5) My parents. They have worked very very hard all their life. They are my role models and will always be. They inspire me every moment.
Q6) Please give the gist of the story of “Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”?
A6) ‘Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother’ is a love story of Radhika and Rahul who are time and again separated and united by just one common factor and that is ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’. I can’t reveal more 🙂
Q7) How was the response from readers?
A7) The response from the readers has been great. In fact I never expected such a warm response for my debut novel. I went to a literary exhibition in Gurgaon where I talked about my book and read an excerpt. As soon as I finished talking, everyone in the audience went to my book stall and started buying my books and requested me for signed copies which I gave happily to them with a personal message for each of them. I have also got a mention of my book and my name in Times of India. You can check out the article below.
Q8) Biggest compliment so far received from readers?
A8) One of my readers said, “Your book is the only book after Hamlet which I have liked”. I know it is a very big and unrealistic compliment but the enthusiasm with which my fan told me this made me believe his words.
Q9)  What are you other passions in Life?
A9) Actually, I am not a passionate person but I like helping people and especially those who need it. It gives me a lot of peace and mental satisfaction.
Q10) What next is there is Pipeline?
A10) I am writing a short love story which will get published in an anthology of Love Stories in April-May 2014.
Q11) What are your plans 5 years down the line?
A11) I don’t think that I will survive the next 5 years of my life. In all probability, I will die but if I don’t then expect something really really big from me. A booker prize and a Hollywood adaption of my novel. 
Q12) Rate Author Rahul  by Rahul Kapoor?
A12) I am sorry but I will have to rate the way I feel about Author – Rahul Kapoor. It is 10/10. Truth is mighty.
13) In one line say about Rahul Kapoor- the author?
A13) Rahul Kapoor the author is not the next Chetan Bhagat. He is the first and last Rahul Kapoor ever.
14) Any suggestion for young upcoming authors?
A14) For all the young writers, “If you have a story to tell then just pen it down. Don’t hold back and just put your imagination into words. Most importantly write to tell and not to sell.

Meeting Debutant Author- Priyanka Baranwal - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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She is simple, she is beautiful, She is nice and she is an author Priyanka Baranwal. She is all set to appear in her new avatar as an author on the day of New Year,2014. We all are curious to discover her as an author with her debut Novel” It’s Never Too Late“. Here is the session with Priyanka


1) Priyanka, say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as an individual in personal front?

To begin with, I come from a small but beautiful town Mirzapur located in Uttar Pradesh. Now settled in Bangalore with my family.

On education part, I am a graduate in Science and have pursued Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher’s Training with Specialization in Teaching English from ATI (American TESOL Institute) and, in Textile designing as well. I am versatile when it comes to achievements. I am also a Freelancer and blogger. I have also organized an Art & Craft sale in which I put several attractive handmade items; have participated in two summer camps as a teacher and I have tutored students as well. I have also worked in a Bangalore NGO as Corporate Relationship Officer.

I am a warm and friendly person. I like to help others. I am also bit straight forward but more or less, I am an easy person to whom you can confide your things easily.

You can find more details about me and my novel on following links –

2) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?


The idea of writing a novel was rather an inspiration and out of the blue. It was sprouted by my husband, Sumit. I clearly remember it was August 26th, 2012 when he had encouraged me to go for a novel. I had no idea whether I would succeed but seeing his determined gesture, I went on and this way, It’s Never Too Late born. So I can easily say that my such dream has come true that I have never dreamed of.

You can find other details of the start up of my journey in the novel itself.

3) When you first decided to give you words a shape of a Novel?

As I already mentioned, it happened on the night of August 26th of last year. When Sumit encouraged me to write a novel, the very next day, on August 27th, a Microsoft doc was opened to witness the journey of It’s Never Too Late.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?


Undoubtedly my parents and my husband Sumit who have always been there for me through every thick and thin. My protagonist, Maya, of the novel It’s Never Too Late (INTL) also inspires me a lot.

My father, Mr. Naresh Chandra, is a voracious reader. He too has a good collection of books with verity of genres. I have always watched him reading books under his bed lamp after finishing the entire day’s task. He also loves to write and has indeed scripted his sporadic thoughts which are wonderful to read. I believe I have inherited reading and writing genes from him only.

My mother, Mrs. Beena Baranwal, is the woman with the kindest heart and a sharp mind. She is the person who knows exactly how to preserve relationships in their best manner despite of harsh seasons. Her ability to do things perfectly and in details; and also her love for the family has influenced me over the time in a great deal that can easily be extracted from my writing.

My husband, Sumit, doesn’t need an introduction though. He is the one person lighting my path all the time. Because of him I am an author today and I feel so content about it. He is the biggest strength pillar in my life. He is happier for the happening of INTL more than I am. That is why my book is the New Year gift to him as it is releasing on January 1st, 2014.

Maya too inspires me a lot although she is my creation. Sometimes, few strong traits automatically come along into your characters without any planning. Maya is the one character that can inspire anyone, including me too.

There are also a number of people who have helped me a lot to emerge into a person I am today. I am heartily thankful to all of them.

5) How is your journey so far as an author?

Journey towards any destination hardly comes easy. Mine too is not an exception.

I have written numerous articles ranging from 500 words to 2000 words but writing a novel in expanse is certainly a mammoth task that demanded my complete attention and dedication.

The idea of INTL was somewhat clinging to me since a while. So choosing a topic was not hard at all. When I started writing a novel, the plot was already clear in my head.

I wrote every single day. I couldn’t sleep well during days and nights until I finished writing the final draft. In fact, almost every house hold work was literally put on hold because I was deeply engrossed in writing. My family understood it very well and Sumit was always there to boast me. Whenever I had lost faith in myself, his guidance and support had done the magic and I’d again start writing until I came up with the final draft. An unexpected issue arose when I had to cast brutality on my protagonist. I couldn’t write for several days. It was not easy for me to torture her in inhumane ways as being myself a woman, I could also feel the effect somewhere. My fingers trembled on the key board but after few days, I decided to overcome my weakness and finally scripted the night scene where Maya has to suffer a lot. I learnt a great deal while writing INTL like characterization, plotting and detailing in particular. Then I had another few rounds of mind-boggling editing before contacting publishers.

Then came the point where I had to find a publisher. I had heard finding one is never so easy but it couldn’t deter me into keep going and after a bit of a struggle, I finally came across Mr. Jayant Bose and then Mr. Arup Bose from Srishti Publications. I received a reply from them within two weeks of submitting the manuscript which was a great boost and when finally they accepted it, I was surely on exultant. I am very much grateful to them and the entire Srishti team for making my dream come true.

Choosing a perfect cover designer was another big challenge in itself. Finally with the help of my publisher, I got in touch with Mr. Wasim Helal. When the cover was finalized, we all were spellbound. I am also very much grateful to Wasim for putting his precious time and out of the box thinking to come up with eye-catching INTL’s cover.

There are also a lot of other things to mention under this question but I will keep it simple by saying thank you to all those people for being wonderful true comrades in my life.

6) “It’s Never Too Late” is your debut Novel- why you decided this Title?

INTL book cover

Titles are not necessarily to be decided before the first word you put on the screen or paper. Many a times, it comes along with the story.

When I was writing It’s Never Too Late, I started it without the title but sooner somewhere along the journey I came up with it. I chose it because it sums up the message that I want to give out to the readers through my protagonist Maya’s struggle and journey. As one can easily understand, the title itself is a very positive phrase. It fills you with hope and determination of never giving up and that are exactly the concepts my novel is based on.

7) Request you to give a small summary of
“It’s Never Too Late”.

My book It’s Never Too Late is about a woman named Maya. She is from IIT Kanpur and there she meets a guy named, Rajat. Later thing goes on smoothly. They both get married and are living happily ever after with their five-year old daughter in Bangalore. Their life easily strikes as a fairy tale but when two petty criminals decide to make her fairytale life a tale of horror and fear with their intention of molesting her, life topples upside down. What happens that horrible night and afterwards makes up for the major attraction of the book. But she has to fight with her biggest enemy in the process and that is her fear.

Basically It’s Never Too Late is a story that is written not especially for women but for everyone. It strongly sends out a positive message of it’s never too late to find an escape or a solution. To the point and vivid descriptions justify the demand of the plot. It is gripping, thrilling and perfectly able to catch your attention. I call it a Thrillance; a perfect combination of Thriller plus Romance.

All in all, It’s Never Too Late is a story that is deeply bold, unheard and carries a surprise reading. Where people can think of obvious chain of events of the night, there they will find something unthinkable. Readers of all ages will certainly find something meaningful reading it.

8) When this Novel is going to hit the floor for the readers?

It is releasing on January 1st, 2014. I have also planned for its launch after few weeks.

It is available on pre-orders now –





9) Maya is the lead character of this Novel, so how far her character matches the Indian women of 21st century?

Women be it in any era are usually considered as an object; a means for pleasure and satisfaction. 21st century is no exception to such morbid thinking. But on the brighter side, women are gradually but surely realizing their power and rights. They know they are neither slaves nor a toy to key in. They are also human beings like male figures around and they are also entitled to claim happiness and other emotions in the same way as men do.

Maya too is a woman of substance. When she is in college, she studies hard to get a good job. She thinks of being independent like a 21st century women choose. She does a job and lives a good life in a sprawled city like Bangalore. She is confident and never afraid of living alone. She travels, spends time with her friends and does things like a clear-headed woman. She knows her priorities at all stages in her life. The night when she gets attacked, she is scared and dumb founded like many of us can feel in any big trouble.

After the night, her emotions are overwhelming. She is being treated as a victim but not as a fighter which is true in our society. Women, being victim of any crime, are always treated to low levels while they must get treated as fighters or survivors of a battle. In the later parts of the story, Maya does everything that a 21st century women, a woman of courage and bravery, will do to save her family from every negativity.

Maya is just a name and a face but she speaks on behalf of every strong and weak person in the society.

10) Who is the Publisher for the Book?

Srishti Publications.

11) What are your expectations from your readers?

I expect a lot of positive response from everyone and I am already getting it. Not because it is my novel but because it will tell you whatever happens in your life, keep looking for the opportunity to get out of the trouble, no matter how big it is. Never let your mind shut down. Maya and her family’s struggle will show how much life changes after a gruesome incident and how people have to deal with the society.

When someone emerges out from any trauma, we should not treat the person as a victim but as a fighter. Also, fear is the thing that keeps us away from achieving peace of mind. How Maya deals herself on this front is an interesting read.

I firmly believe in family and it can be the biggest support for anyone. So be with your loved ones when they face any trouble. Be ready to share their trauma and uncertainties of times along with bundles of joy and potions of love. INTL mirrors this belief in a sensitive way. There are such kinds of strong and sensitive messages sprawled all over the story.

12) Priyanka, what are your other passions in life?

I am also versatile when it comes to amuse myself. I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, travelling, watching movies and TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Friends. I am also keen to learn Guitar but let the right time come by. I also prefer catching up with friends and I do have lot of friends who are very nice to talk to.

I am a fast learner. I am trying to learn Kannada as well and have learnt some. I do read inspirational books on the daily basis. Talking to my husband Sumit helps me as he is a clear thinker and carries strong set of beliefs. So one can say talking to him is also my passion. 🙂

13) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

INTL marked the start-up of my journey as an author and I hope myself to become an eminent writer in future though I don’t prefer to think much about it. For me, focusing on the quality and the ideas of my upcoming creations (novels) is priority.

14) What as per you are the qualities of a good author?

For me, being a good author means to bring forward such stories that can not only be bespoken as a binding read but also must have the ability to bring change in people’s lives. A good author is supposed to think more about others rather him or herself.

15) Any suggestion for budding authors?

I guess every author is a budding author as learning never stops.

Write your script in such way that it not only appeals to you but others also. Have a complete faith in your work. Maintain a discipline for writing and always be in touch of your family and good friends who can motivate you to achieve goals. After all, they are the real comrades of your journey called life.

Chit Chat Session with Suraj Jangid

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Suraj Jangid, is one such talented author of India who got attracted towards the world of literature at a very young age. He started penning down some lovely short stories and poems when he was very young and many of them are available online for the readers.  He is still a student but also an assistant-editor with one publishing house. Check out the recent Chit Chat session with him.


1) Hi Suraj, my readers are keen to know about you as a human being, so please tell something about you?

I am working as an assistant-editor, pursing my under-graduation from Delhi University. I am an avid-reader; my work makes me an avid-reader. I feel I am workaholic as well.

2) When you decided to pen down your feelings in the form of book?

I was in eleventh, as I could remember. While reading the chick-lits available in the market, I realized that I could have written a better book than the books, which were on fire. I wanted to read something fresh and different so I decided to write a book.


3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be the part of the book world?

It’s true that my grandfather is my inspiration but as a writer, I always look for several inspirations. My boss and friend, Mr. Kaushal Goyal has always provoked me. And, I confess that I want to be like him in the future.

4) You novel “My Life With a Soul” is a love story. So what as per you love stands for or else what you mean by Love?

Love, it’s a difficult question to answer.  Love is different for everyone. For me, love is an invisible web between two entities, which could take any form. A web is like a trap and we all know that somewhere in our life, we get trapped, sometimes for good. This trap is a relationship. It could be between your mother and you, you and your father or between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.

5) Please give a brief of “My Life With A Soul?

My Life with a Soul is a story of Sam and Selda. It’s a story of a teenage boy and his world with his dreams and wisdoms. This story deals with the problems: teenagers face, religion: they follow and love: they fall easily.



6) When you touched the first copy of “My Life With A Soul” how was the experience?

I felt like if I was holding my own baby. I became a father that day, literally. I was overwhelmed with emotions that I could not stop smiling the whole day. Quite funny, isn’t it?

7) So far how is your journey as an author?

Journey is good. I am enjoying every moment of it. I am glad to tell you that my second book is going to release in February, 2014. And, my journey has not finished yet. It could not be finished.


8) What are the other passions in your life?

Racing, reading, repairing old things, and watching movies.

9) Which is the best compliment you have received so far from your readers?

The compliment is, “I finished reading your book today and I am still thinking about Sam. I think you are Sam. And, I am also amazed after knowing that you are just going to be nineteen in April. Just one question to you, “How did you come up with this kind of concept at this early age? You are so young yet so mature. If you have some qualities of Sam then, your girlfriend will be so lucky. You are such a handsome and darling guy.”

This was sent in my email on 22nd January, 2013.

10) What next after “My Life With A Soul”?

The Devil’s Conspiracy, my second is set to release in February, 2014.

11) How you rate yourself as an author?

I am an author that’s it. If I begin to think about rating myself then I will never be able to do great things.

12) What are the qualities of becoming an author as per you?

Read a lot, write a lot and never miss an opportunity. And, you should be hard-working as well.

13) In one line describe Suraj Jangid in the eye of Suraj Jangid?

I am an author and if not an author then a book-lover, whatever, my soul is connected to words and knowledge.

Read more about Suraj: Suraj Jangid

Session with Vicky Palrecha- Author of Backlogs

He is young, he is promising and he is a debuting author of Novel”Backlogs”- Vicky Palrecha. To know him better check out the recent session with Vicky.
1) Hi Vicky, its nice to have a session with you as my readers will get the chance to know you better. Will request you to give a brief about you?

Thank you Samata for this opportunity.

I am an extrovert, avid reader, blogger & photographer. I take life a moment at a time.

2) When and how you decided to pen down a book?

I started writing after school,most of the things remained very personal until I started blogging and writing short stories & poems. My story of Backlogs was one such story, which I turned into a book.


3) Who is the one who inspired you to be an author?

Technically no one. I enjoyed reading & writing and that itself created my path to become an author.

4) After completion of your management degree (Diploma) you joined your family business, so how is the life of a business man different from that of an author?
Its not that different because I am living both at the same time. I have a business life professionally but my author life is personal. I manage to keep them apart,thus enjoying both at once.

5) What are other passions in Life?

Photography, dance & reading.

6) How you manage to get time to think for the plot of the story for your Novel” Backlogs”?

Backlogs started off as a blog, which I had started writing while I was in college. The plot of backlogs was an outcome of turning my hobby into serious writing. The plot of backlogs has simple elements of friendship and college, which made the plot more entertaining and as well the experiences of my friends helped me shape the plot into beautiful story.

7) Please brief the plot of the story?

Backlogs is the story of failed students and their constant efforts to put life back on track.
The way their life’s get tangled with problems that never end, accidents,heart breaks, exam failures, everything rides against them, but they soon learn to take things in their stride, enjoying their screwed up college life. Teachers ire and classmates they never wished to have, it all sums up their Backlogs in life altogether. Backlogs is about Family,Friendship,love,college and the very ability to come over one’s failures

8) Any character of this Novel matches you as a person?

Nothing in specific, but the character of Shrey is a little inspired from me as a person.

9)  What next in Pipeline  after Backlogs?

I haven’t started working on anything yet, have a couple of stories. It will take time to put them down in words.

10) How it feels when you are appreciated by your readers?

I feel awesome, it makes me realize the fact that I managed to turn a long time dream into reality.

11)  How will you rate yourself as an author?

I would like my work to be rated than rating myself as an author. I still have a long way to go, I have just begun my journey as an author.

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Session with Terin Miller- Author of Novel” Kashi”

Terin Miller– The name is good enough to tell who he is. He is a personality in the world of writing, who plays his roles well, both as a writer and an editor. He spent many years in India being the child of an anthropologist couple. He has worked in different countries including India. His recent Novel “Kashi” is creating waves among the readers.



1) How you entered the world of writing and when you started this journey?

I wrote my first short story when I was 7 years old. It was supposed to be an episode of a favorite television show, with my friends in roles of the other characters in the show.

2) Do you have anyone in your family who is part of this writing world?

My father was a writer. Mostly he wrote academic works, being a professor of anthropology and Indian and Tibetan studies. But he won a contest at his college for an essay when he was a young World War II veteran. The contest was called the Hopwood Award. And he liked to write fun Christmas cards and letters. He had ideas for mystery and other books that he never wrote, but both he and my mother–also a professor of anthropology and a Tibetan and Indian studies scholar–read voraciously, everything from Science Fiction to mysteries.

3) Which was your first write up and what was the topic?

My first published short story I wrote in high school about two close high school friends realizing when they parted they might never see each other again. It was called ‘Raindrops and Sunshine,” and was published by my high school as well as by the Wisconsin Academy of Arts and Science. The short story, in fact, was read and praised by the man who became my first literary agent when I was 17.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

Both of my parents–Drs. Robert J. and Beatrice D. Miller–inspired me in my life, as did particularly my high school English (Creative Writing) teacher, Elizabeth Dowling. And in my apprenticeship as a budding creative writer, the writers Loren D. Estleman and Barry Holstun Lopez inspired and encouraged me. And people overcoming adversity with dignity and grace have always inspired me, which is why I was inspired greatly by many in India as both a child and young man.

5) Life of an author is not simple, so what attracted you to be a part of this world?

The idea of transmitting images and experiences as well as ideas to others attracted me to become a writer, as did finding a means of expressing myself particularly in my junior and senior years in high school. I had not found such a means of expression I enjoyed as much as ceramics (sculpture) class or playing drums in a rock band, until Elizabeth Dowling introduced me to trying to write. Also, to be honest, at roughly the same time–11th and 12th grades in the U.S.–I became a reader myself, and thought it might be fun to try and match wits with some of the writers I admired.

6) How was “Kashi” conceived in your mind?



As with all my fiction, a good bit of it is based on people and experiences I’ve actually known or had. I began conceiving of “Kashi” actually while processing experiences and thinking of people and situations I encountered as a language student with the University of Wisconsin Year in India in Varanasi, studying at Benares Hindu University. I was particularly struck by the difference in attitudes between the sexes, and toward sex, among foreign students such as myself and many Varanasi youth of roughly the same age from more traditional conservative Hindu families. When you are a young adult, trying to decide for yourself what you believe in, and how you wish to behave or be perceived, you can be influenced as much by your friends, it seemed, as by the tradition in which you were raised.

7) Say something about “Kashi”,  and your experience while penning down this novel?

I have been both pleased and surprised by how vivid are my recollections of not only Varanasi but also people and other places and events in penning Kashi. At a relatively young age, some suggested I appeared to have at least a near photographic memory, an ability to recall vivid details of certain things in my life. It has helped me as well as hindered me at times. It makes it very difficult, for instance, to reread something or watch even a movie or television show I’ve seen again, as i get somewhat impatient knowing what comes next.

8) What are your other passions in life?

I have many other passions besides writing. I love fishing. And I like camping, swimming, Taekwondo, horseback riding, reading, music, movies, travel, working on my motorcycle, and food.

9) What is next in your bag for the readers?

Well, there is a sequel to “Kashi.” In fact, Kashi has essentially become the first in a trilogy of books narrated by John Colson and set largely, if not entirely, in India. But I don’t want to give too much away until Author’s Empire India, my publisher, wants me to.

10) If we ask you to define in one line “how to become an author?”, what will you say?

HAhahahaha. Sorry. I just like the question. How to become an author? There’s really only one way I know of: write.

11) Lastly i will insist you to say something about yourself as an individual, your education, your family and what are your values for life?

As an individual: as noted, I admire people with the courage to endure hardship with dignity and grace. I admire survivors. I particularly admire survivors who could be forgiven for bitterness but are not, or could be expected to blame others, but do not. And because of that, I admire the heck out of women generally, but particularly in societies where they have been prevented from experiencing the same freedoms and individual responsibilities or choices of men. My mother grew up during The Great Depression in the United States. She was born the year women were granted, in the U.S., the right to vote. She wanted to be a doctor. Her mother told her “women don’t grow up to be a doctor.” So she went to work in a factory–and became a union organizer, was a riveter of Corsair airplanes during World War II, and probably was the one person most responsible for my father’s going to college after the war. I won’t ever tell my son what he can or can’t be–he’s 11 years old now, and has all sorts of interests. I can’t imagine a parent ever telling their child, as my grandmother tried, what he or she can or cannot be.
I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and South Asian Studies. Nobody ever told me I could or should or would go to college. It was entirely my decision. I became what I wanted to be–a writer. Because I wanted to. So I worked at it. I guess my belief is that you should not let other people define who you are, or who you may be. But if you don’t, then you have to come up with some definition yourself. And then, do your best to meet the definition you’ve set.
My family, and my experiences, made me who and what I am. I am a defender of the downtrodden, a supporter of the courageous, and I really don’t care what someone’s declared religion or personality is. All I care about is that other humans, like myself, try their best not to hurt others. And, in fact, when possible, to help them.
Oh. And, also, education-wise: a college degree is an indication of your level of education. But it is not the only indication. And individuals should never stop learning, or growing. In fact, reading is the gift that keeps on giving. If you can read, you can learn. And you can learn far beyond any degree awarded at any college.

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