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A session with author and Tarot card reader Shruti Pareikh

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We all heard about one concept that beauty of a women lies in the brain and not on her face. A true example of this is Shruti Pareikh. She holds a divine smile which will make you feel comfortable in this universe of complexity. She is a Tarot Reader besides being an author. It was a golden chance for me when I interacted with her to know her closely. Take a look


1)Hi Shruti welcome to my blog. Before we go ahead in discovering you, we will insist you to start with an introduction of you. Please share something about you, your education, profession and family?

Hi I am Shruti Pareikh, born and brought up in Mumbai I have completed my studying in commerce stream. By Profession I am writer and Tarot card Reader. About My Family I have Elder sis named Shrradha Parekh and my Dad Mr. Sudhir Parekh and My Late Mom Sudha Parekh. My family small but I am blessed to be part of it where I get so much love.

2)You belong to both world of writing and Tarot card reading? How you maintain a balance between this two worlds?

Balancing both is not that tough coz I give time to both, as both are connected to my soul. Writing is my passion and sixth sense is god gift.

3) Out of this two world which one is your favorite and why?

This is a tough question I should say as both are my favorite but then too I would say 1% more goes to my tarot reading.

4) Tell us the story of stepping in the world of writing and how it happened?

Writing is my passion from many years but I had never thought that I would be a published Author but as they say when destiny no one knows, My life changed with My first short story ‘ It All Started With A Key’ In Anthology Book Name Syahi, I would Thanks to Nehali Lalwani Who had faith in my words. Then happened Tere Hi Liye Anthology, and now A Night in Paradise which is releasing soon. This way I got into writing industry. I should say god has surely tapped his magical wand on me.

5)    What about entering the world of Tarot card reading? Are you doing any other mode of prediction apart from tarot?

I am into Tarot Reading from almost 7 yrs, Sixth Sense is god gift. I was always attracted to Occult Science and I learned Tarot Reading, Yes I Do Face Reading and Healing, Angel Card Reading.

6)    How you chalk down the plot of the story and where from you get inspiration to shape a story?

I am a very imaginative person and I love to scribble that imagination in to my story. I get Inspiration from my sister and few friends who just motivate me to write more and more.

7)    Do your stories get some influence of Tarot prediction? I mean so far is there any character with astrological background in your stories?

Not yet, but it will come soon.

8)    You are also a blogger? So how is the life of a blogger different from an author?

I am not an active blogger, There is huge difference from being a blogger from author, as blogging needs time and activeness to make your blog worth reading.

9)    So far what is your greatest appreciation from any reader?

That I write from heart. That is the best appreciation as I believe writing from heart creates a different magic.

10) Any plan to pen down a novel in coming time?

Yes I am working on it the Name is ‘1+1 Not Always 2’ I hope it comes till next year.

11) What genre of stories you prefer to write the most?

Honestly I love romance; I love to write on real incidence.

12) Any specific incident when your tarot card reading helped and modified the lifestyle of a person in a positive way?

Yes there are many people whose life has changed in positive way and their blessings are the most important thing.

12) How you see yourself 5 years down the line as an author as well as a tarot card reader?

5 years down I see myself as a Good Author and Tarot card Reader and healer too.

13) Why it is tarot card and no other technique of prediction you do?


As I am connected to tarot reading more and honestly I love to get connect to tarot cards as they are like my babies.

14) What qualities are important to be a good tarot reader?

You need to be positive, Clear by mind and the most important thing is you should be connected to your soul and to the divine universe.

15) What as per you is the best quality required to be a good author?

For me it is expressing your emotions in to beautiful emotions and you should write from heart.

16) To any work we need some energy in life, so in your case who is the source of energy?

The source of energy is the love I get from my family and my friends and special thing is I think positive and god’s love.

17) In one line who is Shruti the author?

Shruti the author is one who loves to express her words and makes sure they fall in love in my words.

18) In one line who is Shruti the tarot reader?

Shruti the tarot reader is the one who loves to spread smile and help people with positive energies.

19) I am not a Tarot reader, but know that you need some special power to give good and genuine Tarot card reading. Is it true? If yes, how you get that power?

Yes it is true that you need power but for me that power is connecting to universe and your soul. Meditation which helps you to get connect with your inner soul and helps you to grow, Need to be positive.

20) What are the other passions in life?

I love Dancing, Reading, Photography, Music, and Cooking.

21) What is best quality in you as a human being which helps you to be successful in life?

I would not say best quality but I have a good patience in me which helps me to understand myself and my life too.


Predictions By Shrradha and Shruti- Angel Card and Tarot Card Reading for Year 2014 - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Shruti Parekh


Aum Namaha Shivaya

Jai Mata Di

Shree Ganeshaya Namaha

Yearly Prediction for 2014 for Sun Signs


Sun Sign Aries- Mars- March 21 to April 20

The year 2014 for Aries people would be good but have to be very careful about making

Any decision, this year contains good luck for work and studies. If in relation then you

Must take care of arguments and balance out your relation.  Any past fight or argument

Solve it this year. Health will be fine but have to take care of temper.

Angel Message: –

Your financial situation is going to get better soon, your

Home is protected by us; just give your all worries to us.


Sun Sign Taurus- Venus- April 21 to May 21

The year 2014 for Taurus people would be very good; it’s time to celebrate your victory,

Just don’t stress yourself with over working. Your symbol is bull which is known for stamina

And strength, your strength is moving ahead and achieving the target you have set for yourself.

Just take care not to be hyper and stressful. Enjoy this moment. Studies wise it would be good year.

Relation wise it will be year for marriage, meeting new people.

Angel Message: –

Time to slow down your fast making decision habit,

Don’t trust blindly, you are giver but now it’s time to accept.


Sun Sign Gemini- Mercury- May 22 to June 21

The year 2014 for Gemini people would be Fine; your symbol is a twin, like twin you have

Dual mind which gets you into deep thinking.  Stop hesitating to ask for help.

There are many things you want to do at one go but balance out. See where you

Walk and what you do. This year for studies is good but you have to be stable. Relation will

Go through lot of up and down for few months so stop taking harsh decision.

Angel Message: –

Angels are watching over you, don’t doubt your strength and ability

Be calm and if you are planning for baby its good time. Your born and unborn child is watched by

Angels in heaven.


Sun Sign Cancer- Moon- June 22 to July 22

The year 2014 for Cancer people would be good; your symbol is a Crab, like crab you are moody and reserved too. This is a time to bestow blessings on others, don’t compare yourself and your skills. You are good in what you do. Listen to your heart and express your feelings. This is year of having patience in whatever you do. Don’t pick a fight and just relax yourself. Go on vacation and get in nature.

Angel Message: –

You are a healer and start learning what you wanted to learn. Angels are

Supporting you to be what you want to be.


Sun Sign Leo- Sun-July 23 to august 22

The year 2014 for Leo people would be good; your symbol is a Lion, It’s time to explore your creativity,

Don’t hide your skills but let it come out. Your mind works very sharply but at times your temper

Makes situation bad, so don’t let your temper harm you. Studies wise it is good year you will be

Enjoying the new change in life. Relation wise it is year of commitment, don’t be unstable.

Angel Message: –

Don’t fear, Allow yourself to accept abundance and love. You

Are loveable and god’s child too.


Sun Sign Virgo- Mercury-August 23 to Sept 23

The year 2014 for Virgo people would be good; your symbol is a Virgin, The sign of purity.

Time to free yourself from old memories, you are good as you are don’t push yourself to hard to

Be perfect, it’s time to enjoy the fruitfulness of your hard work. You know what you want to do just

Focus your mind in it. Don’t rely on others but make your own decision. Studies wise its little unstable

 Year. Relation wise it is good year.

Angel Message: –

Be positive, share your thoughts and desire with angels.

Don’t worry about how your desire will get fulfilled. Time to affirm your desire.


Sun Sign Libra- Venus- Sept 24 to Oct 23

The year 2014 for Libra people would be good; your symbol is a Balance, The sign of Balancing out in every situation.  You are good at balancing but don’t run in too many situations in one go. It’s time to release your fears of not being true, you are born creator explore your skills and work on it.  Don’t be confused in taking a step ahead. Studies wise it is fair year and relation wise its good year but only desire what you really want.

Angel Message: –

Time to change job or get into new project, Focus on what your heart desires. Ask angels to help you and get to next step.


Sun Sign Scorpio- Pluto-Oct 24 to Nov 22

 The year 2014 for Scorpio people would be good; your symbol is a Scorpio, The sign of heading ahead.

It’s time to look at yourself, gather information and learn what you want to do. Don’t be judgmental,

But be free mind. Its time meditate and hear your heart. Studies wise its very good year and Relation

Wise the year is good but don’t rush yourself into marriage. Know about each other more.

Angel Message: –

It’s time to commit with your dreams and your desire, Get on to new project

But be ensured what you want to do.


Sun Sign Sagittarius- Jupiter- November 23 to Dec 21

The year 2014 for Sagittarius people would be good; your symbol is a centaur. The symbol that represents the dual nature. Time to work hard little more. Don’t worry about the result they will be in your favor. Don’t fear about your needs. Be calm and walk ahead, it’s time to be positive and let your worries out. Studies wise it’s an ok year and relation wise its nice year.

Angel Message: –

Time to be positive, don’t jump yourself into negative energy. Meditate and affirming will help you to grow and reach your goal.


Sun Sign Capricorn- Saturn- Dec 22 to Jan 20

The year 2014 for Capricorn people would be good; your symbol is a Sea Goat. The symbol that represents the Calmness but at the same time Practicality. Time to be honest, get into new projects and see what you want and where you go. Be Practical but don’t lose relation in order to gain work and fame. You are good at business just explore new ideas and work on it. Studies wise it is good year and relation wise it’s time to be stable.

Angel Message: –  

 Ask for help and don’t worry your prayers are been heard

And angels are working on it.


Sun Sign Aquarius- Uranus- Jan 21 to Feb 19

The year 2014 for Aquarius people would be good; your symbol is a Water Bearer. The symbol that represents helping hand. It’s time to work on challenge, speak what you feel but with politeness. Hard work will pay off but don’t stop working. Studies it is very good year, Relation wise its good year, meet new people and explore nature.

Angel Message: –   

Creativity is very good path learn new languages and meet new people.

Concentrate on your thoughts.


Sun Sign Pisces- Neptune- Feb 20 to March 20

The year 2014 for Pisces people would be good; your symbol is a Fish. The symbol that represents getting into opposite directions. It’s time to pay attention on your goals. Don’t be in day dreaming but action out your plans. Its good year for health but just be aware of not getting influenced with negative thought. Studies wise it is safe year and relation wise it is time to grow your relation on new level.

Angel Message: –    

Keep open mind and hear the solution given by others. Don’t be victim of your past but be the truth of your present.

Heaaling Power

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The Lady with multi talents in the world of Prediction- Nirjarra C Doshhi - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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This time I  am introducing to my reader Nirjarra C Dosshi- An expert in the world of prediction. Describing Nirjarra and her skills in one sentence is just next to impossible. So I decided to present this talented lady via my recent session with her.


1) Welcome to platform of Samatawelcomesyou. Nirjara, before we go ahead I will request you to introduce yourself to my  readers.

Many thanks Samata for your warm welcome. Professionally I am a tarot card reader, Numerologist , Signature analyst, Angel Therapist, Rune Caster, Chakra Therapy, Color Therapy, Aura Reading, Spiritual Scientist, Aroma therapist, Mudra Healer,Pendulum Dowser, DNA recoding, Symbologist, Dream Analyzer, Mystical Charms Designer , Western Astrologer crystal therapy, candle therapist too.

2) When you started your journey in the world of Prediction?


Ever since I was young, I believed in higher forces working with me and would take decisions by heads and tails. So was a believer of Divination. from very early childhood I was in world of prediction but was mostly on receiving side, I started making predictions about 12 – 13 yrs ago confidently and with using various tools. Can u believe when my husband proposed me I actually called for the decision by doing head/Tail? Heads as always been yes for me and when I got Heads I said yes to his proposal.

3) While going through your website Karmic Tarot Specialist, I found that you are master of many prediction techniques. So the question is curious to ask when any clients visit you for consultation and ask for prediction without stating any methodology, which technique you generally adopt and why? Do you make mix and match of 2-3 techniques?


See we each have our call towards one art of divination basically and I always feel my call has been Tarot, so by virtue I always use Tarot for the same. It’s like my first love, irresistible types. Also you will be surprised that I have mastered my art so well that I can actually give answers to anything through Tarot. I read tarot in a different way, I read tarot on karmic level of the querents. It has very razor-sharp effect on people and probably they can see satirical viewpoint of their life which helps them to resolve the situation. But during session when we feel that maybe querents needs further assistance after realizing the cause of the situation than as solution may suggest natural therapies like color or chakra if any heath issue or for success and financial gains may suggest name change or feng-shui , so depends basically at that point of time how my intuitions are running. Each session is very unique and distinct from other so it’s better to walk with open mind is what I feel. Also Idea is to help my querents in any way he can be so anything which is advantageous to the client is primary importance. But always mention the same to the client which all techniques I am using for his improvement. Also it depends again on querents what s/he wants. Sometimes they only make the request for other art of divination.

4) What exactly is Angel therapy and what way it can help an individual in life?

Aah, Actually I sometimes wonder why it is called a therapy but yes basically it does heal and help so adding therapy is also mandatory. Angels is my favorite topic of discussion as I feel they are there to help you irrespective of your belief towards them or not. They are messengers of God. They carry out Gods work and all religion or belief systems have mentioned their existence in their sacred books. We all are assigned Guardian Angels by birth, sometimes more than one also, so when we are in trouble, they help us communicate to our higher forces and bring relief in our situations. So at the end of each session, I always ask my querents to draw and Angel card and direct him to take its photograph on their mobile and when any situations occurs ask them to pray to that Guiding Angel to bail them out of the situation. So Angels help us anywhere and anytime without even we aware of it. I love Angels as they help in any situation. I have seen magic’s happening by Angels even in weirdest situations also. Tarot is like a Father or Patriarch and I feel Angels are like doting and ever-loving Mom types. So none of my sessions are complete without the two.

5) How effective is Color therapy? And how this is applied on a native’s life?


Color therapy is non invasive and safe technique. It basically works on seven chakras of human body. Each color has its vibration and as a human we also have our aura which vibrates with these colors at a particular frequency. So same color may have different effects on two different people depending on his vibration. Colors work on our psycho and emotional level and then on physical level at last. People who have knee problems should use yellow color on their knees along with dash of red to help them ease their pain. People who are suffering from depression try giving them orange juice and see how quickly they rebound from it. Colors can be given in various forms like food, patches, solarised bottles, paintings, mandalas etc.

6) Moving to numerology Is it a medium to analyze the character of a person – or it can also say about past and future too?

Yes very much, it immediately tells u about your traits and certain aspects of your character. IT gives great insights about you as an individual. Also explain why you are drawn to certain people and Situations and life and why you make certain choices. It gives you good prospects on how you look at each relationship and can help you correct some of your short coming for effective and harmonious relationships. A lot of you pattern can be predicted through art of numerology. Yes deep charts also can tell you about your past and future too. From dates we can say what significant event altered your life at that particular age. Why certain pattern is repeated in your life and how you can change the same. E.g. No 5 people maybe highly intelligent and brainy but they lack focus. So accordingly you can alter your personality traits and short comings to help you move ahead in life.

7) Which group of clients ask for Aroma Therapy and how effective is this therapy?


Aromatherapy is a deep rooted safe yet dependable science. It basically uses your senses and memory to help us heal and cure. Aromas vibrate at the same frequency as colors; oils can be mixed to give a blend that is suited to your need for a variety of color energies. Aromatherapy is the practice of using naturally distilled essences of plants to promote the health and well-being of your body, mind, and emotion spirit. These essences, called essential oils, can restore balance and harmony to your body and to your life. Aromatherapy can be experienced through several mediums, essential oils are the purest form and most medicinal in their action. Nothing is fixed about who uses aroma therapy. Mostly people who are part of chakra therapy will go for aroma oil or for people who have deep-rooted emotional problem and are not very vocal about it, we use aroma therapy with them where in they are healed and cured by their own experiences and energies. People who are beauty Conscious  also use lots of Aroma oil for various problems.

8) Nirjara, you are a specialist in this field so I would like to know what steps should be taken in this field to increase the level of trust among people?

Trust is something that can’t be just bought or sold. Most of my clients are referrals so I guess when you are true and honest to your clients; they can see through you just as clearly consequently recommend your name to others. So if at all I have to say that steps should be taken, it should be from our side rather than the clients side. Promotions and Advertisements may work one time, but after that it’s what you deliver is important to your client. If I have not been able to help them the first time, I don’t think they would want to ever come again despite big name or laurels or awards. So honestly steps to be taken are from practitioner side and it is recommended to highly clear and honest and transparent with your clients.

9) Why a huge population of people doesn’t trust the life predictors and where actually the problem is arising in developing the trust?


If you deliver a high expensive film with best of star cast and awesome locations but average music and pathetic story, the audience will reject the film. One bad fish is enough to spoil the entire pond and in today world when people who are so stressed that they look for anything and anyone for divine intervention, lots of people have conspired thereby giving bad name to the entire faculty and that happens with all profession, so as said to each his own. There are many People who are in this profession just to earn money and then there is other whose objective is to help others and in exchange charge money. These are basically two different aspects. Querents get confused between the two and always land up with wrong ones. So that is something we can’t control. Also I feel it’s your fate to be with the right one or wrong one. If you are with wrong one and got swindled. You nullified some of your karmas and if with right one, you are guided well.

10) No doubt in the fact that misuses of these mediums of prediction are done by many life analysts or you can say astrologers, so how the same can be stopped?

Honestly Samata, if I tell my client please don’t visit this tantric or fellow astrologer, the client is never going to believe me. So it is best for me to focus on my session with him and if I deliver 100 %, automatically he won’t visit the others. Besides Our Indian government is doing a great job by legalizing many laws against all God men and Tantric and Practitioners who are in profession of making predictions.

11) How it feels when your suggestion and advice brings improvement in the life of a person?


Sense of accomplishment of course. You played your role perfectly and that is a good feeling. When I hear people say that tarot solved their problem, I feel blessed to be follower and practitioner of Tarot.

12) You have advised many people in the world of media – so how it feels interacting with them and helping them out?


It’s the same. Any person who comes to me is querents despite S/he being in media or a courier guy or a builder or any laymen. Both are stuck in some situation and are looking for divine intervention so they are not any different. On a personal level, I get awed by my favourite stars and celebrities like any other crazy fan.

13) Please share your achievements in this field?

Shows on TV regarding Angel readings on Sahara Samay, News 24, NDTV, and MyTV. Shows with celebrities reading tarot, aura being telecasted and webcasted on channels like UTV. UTV Stars, Zoom, B4u, and many regional channels Webcasted on Yahoo, Google, Planet Bollywood, Rediff etc. Rated on 2nd position out of many in an event carried out by Mumbai Mirror and said youngest to come on 2nd position amongst stalwarts from all occult fields. Official reader for Wine Festivals of Mumbai ,Writes for Magazines like Glad rags, New Woman, Perfect, Woman, Zoom etc In-flight columnist for Indigo airlines magazine. Write for many portals on internet.

14) What are your other passions in life?


My passion is basically Music Dance and Writing. I love all the three very much and next three things I like are partying with friend’s family, eating and travelling. I am writing a fiction book related to my field and hopefully I see that it finishes very soon. Wish me luck on that.

15) If anyone needs your consultation where they can catch you up?

I have my site and also available on social networking sites , details of which I am divulging here for others who can come to meet me personally or can book online appt with me thru Skype or thru mobile .

Skype id: Nirjara.doshi


16) Do you offer lessons and courses to people who want to make their career in this field?

Yes I do for all my therapies mentioned in my site

17) Biggest compliment so far received from any client?

All compliments are always heart touching so that way many can compete but lemme tell you about the one which startled me was when I predicted to a lady that she had triplets who at the time of session didn’t know was pregnant and further predicted two of the three won’t survive, so focus on one as he will and against all odds the 3rd one did survive. So yes I was very happy to see that he did survive due to Tarot Predictions. Had the survival of 3rd not predicted the mother was advised by Doctor to terminate the pregnancy.

18) In one line- Who is Nirjarra?


Nirjara means eradication of karmas as per Jainism so I am trying to live up to my name. In love light and peace.

Meeting Numerologist, Hand writing expert and Vastu Shastra specialist- Shrradha Parekh - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Analyzing a person and specially his/her future is one of the toughest task in this world. There are genuinely few people in this world who can get  analysis done about a person, his/ her character, future prospects etc in a correct and well defined manner. This time I am presenting an expert in Numerology, Hand writing and Vastu Shastra-  Shrradha Parekh


1)     Hi Shrradha welcome to this session. It feels nice when I get chance to interact with people like you who can help people in shaping their life in a positive way. Will request you to introduce you to my readers?

  Hi I am Shrradha Parekh, by profession I am Numerologist, Vastu Shastra and Handwriting Analyst and I do angel card reading. I am working into HR Firm as HR Manager. I feel life is given once so should live it with happiness. 

2)     While going through your profile i found that you are expert in Numerology, Handwriting analysis as well as in Vastu. So will request you to explain these three subjects in short for a rough idea?

  •  Numerology is where we deal with birth dates.
  •  Handwriting Analyzing is dealing with handwriting but that does not mean dealing with words which are written but it’s about the style of writing.
  •  Vastu is something which is very common these days, but there are different types for doing it. I believe that changing the things and keeping at some other place should be done if it’s needed not just for a sake.

3)     Which type of clients approach you the most in case of Handwriting analysis a person and in what way they apply your feedback in modifying their life?

  I mostly deal with models and common people at times in corporate world too.

4)     Is Numerology for analyzing the character of a person only or it can give prediction about life of a native too?

 Birth dates can tell you many things about your past. Present and help you grow to make your future. Character of person can be described too.

5)  In vastu Shastra we generally see application or you can say placement of certain vastu figures in bringing prosperity, peace and success in family, business and life as a whole. So how effective is vastu in giving results?

The directions are mostly important in vastu, for e.g. If the main door of your house opens in south direction then it is bad omen, but for that some remedies can be applied. Temple should always be in north east. When you sit in proper direction in your office it gains you prosperity.  Vastu change brings peace also at home.

6) How it feels when you suggestion brings peace and satisfaction with prosperity in life of your clients?

 I feel very happy as my client gets help and peace from my suggestion and that are blessings for me.

7) Where from you learn these 3 specific subjects?

From my Teacher Arun Bansal and the other master is my god who gave me this special talent.

8) Who actually inspired you to enter this world?

My Uncle Prashant Daftary who was very good astrologer.

9) How long you are practicing and what as per you is the prospect in this field?

  I am practicing from 9 yrs and prospect in this field is too much but you should be very honest and positive.

10)  Even today many people don’t trust the world of prediction, so how you deal with such group of people?

True many people don’t believe in predictions but I don’t force them to believe but I tell them their thoughts which are just known to them and they do get surprise.

11) What are your other passions in life?

I love watching movies, listening music and observing people.

12)  What are your plans 5 years down the line?

  To get married and to have my own occult science school.

13) Any memorable achievement in your career which you want to share with my readers?

There are many but I have been through an incurable disease which is called SLE, from that I have come out. Now I am totally fine and I go to give inspiration in hospital to the people who have lost their will for living. God’s grace and support of my family has made me what I am today.

14)  What as per you are the qualities to be successful in this field?

I believe you should be soul believer and not greedy to earn money. Always say the truth to the person whether it is good or bad.

God Bless you all with light and love.

Catch her here: Heaaling Powers

Know your fortune with Jyoti Jhangiani Tarot Master & Numerologist

We all are keen to know what next is going to happen in our life and for that we try to find out the person who can act as a mirror in our life. This time i thought to present one such person to my readers who is one of the well known fortune teller from India –Jyoti Jhangiani-Tarot Master & Numerologist.  Join me in knowing her closely.


1) First of all my readers will love to know Jyoti Jhangiani as a human being. So Jyoti tell something about you and your background?

Hi I am Jyoti Jhangiani, Commerce Post graduate from Mumbai University, Certificate holder in Home science and in Montessorie and am pleased to introduce myself as a WMA-USA certified Tarot Master Instructor, Professional Tarot Master Consultant and Numerologist and I practise in chembur, central part of mumbai.

I have been also tagged as a celebrity tarot card reader and numerologist with the considerable size of my Clientele that ranges from Media personalities to Politicians to Businessmen to Students to Housewives. I do readings in person, on phone and via email.

“God chooses a few spiritual souls and entrusts upon them the responsibility of guiding people on earth, through their lives. I feel I am one of his chosen few, who has been blessed with psychic powers to help people in need, wade through the under-currents of their lives”.

2) There are  various modes and forms of prediction of future life, you selected Tarot reading. Why it is Tarot and not vedic astrology?

Well both studies are equally important and initially I have started with Tarot card reading and Numerology but now am also getting trained in astrology so that in future I can offer assistance to my clients in the way they want or even with the mix and match of Tarot and astrology.

3) What as per you is the major difference between Tarot reading and astrology?

The major difference is that in vedic astrology, complete birth details of a person is required for prediction i.e complete name of a person, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth wherein tarot, name of a person is more than enough.


4) How it feels when you get to know about the future of the person next to you?

I feel blessed coz by knowing someone’s future you can guide or try to help out that person accordingly through your psychic powers.

5) who acted as an inspiration for you to Join Tarot?

My inner voice had inspired me to join tarot.

6) Where from you got trained in tarot reading?

I did basic and advanced course from Mumbai and after that I opted for Masters degree from World Metaphysical Association (wma) – USA certification Board.

7) when you start reading Tarot cards?

I have been reading cards for the past 5 years.


8) Is there any sort of remedies offered to people in Tarot like the way it is offered in Vedic astrology?

In tarot we suggest prayers and meditation.

9)  You are also an expert in Numerology. so you make application of both numerology and Tarot while giving prediction?

Usually I dont mix both but sometimes on a request of a client I do so.


10) You  offer lessons to people on Tarot and Numerology, so how you conduct the classes?

As Tarot & Numerology both are different subjects, I conduct both classes separately.

11) What are the awards and recognition you received so far?

Apart from conducting reading sessions for Corporates, Banks, Events, Malls, Colleges, Hotels, Party fuctions and many more, I have been invited by various Tv channels for my predictions:

2009: Live telecast on  IBN7 Channel (news bulletin) numerology predictions for elections.

2010: Live telecast on Star Majha Channel to discuss tarot predictions on FIFA World Cup

2011: Interviewed by Aaj Tak, Headlines Today & IBN 7 Channel for numerology predictions on unique dates 1/11/11 & 11/11/11

2012: Did Live Show ‘ASTROTALK’ as a tarot card reader & numerologist. The show was of 3 hours for 3 months on MyTv channel, anchored by actress Sudha Chandran ji.

2012: Did individual Live Show “Bhavishya Phal Sitaron Se Hal’ as a tarot card reader & numerologist. The show was of 2 hours for 3 months on Mytv channel.


2013: Awarded with a trophy of ‘Tarot Reading & Teaching Par Excellence’ by International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awareness (Ishma) Awards 2013 on 18th May, Mumbai .


Interviewed by India Bureau  for Ishma awards which was aired on Care world Tv.

2013: Honoured with a prestigious trophy of Shivraj Mudra Chatrapati Awards 2013 for contribution in the field of astrology on 18th June, Mumbai.


The Videos and links are available on You tube and on my website:


12) what are you plans 5 years down the line?

Well I don’t plan anything in advance but yes I would love to continue with my profession in future.

13)  Will you encourage young generation to pursue career as a Tarot reader?


14) What as per you are the qualities to be a Tarot reader?

First of all there should be Desire in a person to become a tarot card reader and then there has to be trust, believe, love and respect for tarot cards..

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