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Session with Ritu Bahri- Chakra healing expert

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Ritu Behri- A name of trust in Chakra Healing. Here in this session I am trying to know this talented lady and her journey so far in making life of people better with her Chara Healing Technique. It is basically an art to make life better. Lets know this artist from this session



1) Welcome to SamataWelcomesyou. Ritu will request you to introduce yourself to my readers? Tell something about you and your background.

Hey Samata thank you  for your interest in my aspirations and work. Well Samata I am just the same you are.. WE are all one, that is a deep core level feeling that we are ALL ONE.I am Ritu Bahri born and brought up in DELHI. Did my schooling and graduation from JESUS AND MARY COLLEGE. Like any other child , i have had an amazing childhood , thoroughly loved and pampered by my father mother and brother. Now happily married and settled in Bangalore since last 22years. My husband has his own manufacturing unit.  I  have  Two handsome sons.Well the SPIRITUAL QUEST has been a deep down purpose of my life, was initiated into NAAM DIKSHA at an early age of 17 years.To Serve has been the PASSION in the belly that has eventually structured the LIFE I LOVE.

2) What exactly you mean by Chakra healing?


We are Alive because life force energy is flowing through us. The life force energy enters the physical body through pathways called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “Wheel”. These are energy centers in the spiritual body and look like fans with overlapping blades and are constantly spinning. Although there are many chakras in the human body however 7 major chakras are identified to be responsible for our overall well-being in our daily lives. These are located along the length of the spine. These chakras interact with the physical body through each endocrine gland and are responsible for nourishment of our vital organs. Each Chakra pushes vital life force energy through the body to ensure vitality. Chakra healing is a technique to work with these ENERGY CENTRES of our body practical and unique combination of working with our 7 major subtle energy center which play an important role in our life determining our well-being in whole, physical, mental, and emotional. WE learn to play with our energy centers reframing, rescripting, releasing in accordance with NEW ASCENDED ENERGIES FROM THE universe.

3) Why you choose to be a part of this world or other way round what provoked you or inspired you to enter this world?

Well the Truth is that We All Are SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING HUMAN EXPERIENCES..The feeling to reach out and serve the Humanity inspired me to be a part of this world and also because by my own learnings and experiences in the different modalities of energy enabled me to Deal my situations in a much positive and constructive manner which Thrived the Feeling to make the TOOLS OF ALTERNATIVE HEALING AND THERAPY  available to ALL. Today i can proudly say that I AM WHAT I AM BECAUSE THE DIVINE UNIVERSAL ENERGY RESPONDED TO MY SOUL DESIRE!


4) How effective is Chakra Healing in making the life of a native better?



Make your life get better and more full of abundant living

You are sure to experience a richer and more vibrant life
Expect your health to improve
Your relationships to blossom
Your finances to soar.

5) How it feels when you get to meet a person who is satisfied and happy in life after availing your services?

It feels  absolutely amazing , productive and useful that ONE HAS BEEN A PART OF SPARK IN SOMEONES LIFE!

6) Where from you get the training of Chara Healing?


My Journey as a CHAKRA HEALER has been a journey since 1997 from the SEEDS OF REIKI and eventually learning and more learning and experience of SPIRITUAL BLISS AND DIVINE GRACE… and journey continues.My trainning has been with GRAND REIKI  MASTERS and a lot of studying and gathering information through books and Internet media.My OFFICIAL TRAINING AS OF TODAY IS FROM THE CONNECTION FROM THE SOURCE.

7) What you offer in the Chakra Healing Workshops to participants?



A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. . It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

8) What is Reiki? Please give a brief on it for our understanding


It is a two day intense workshop where we traditionally learn about our chakras.

On the first day we will put down an intention for our purpose of attending this chakra training course which will enable us to clear , re-activate and energize our personal chakra energies.
The Main Purpose of this workshop is your own personal transformation using the new chakra powers and to help others to identify their own revolutionary chakra strength. In this course we will learn;
The correlation between the body’s anatomy and each of the chakra energies including what health problems you will avoid, by opening and expanding these energy centers.
How the chakras are opening and changing to a new and higher function in our lives.
Your personal animal totems for each chakra.
How to reclaim your powers and prevent people from stealing your chakra energy- so u can maintain a healthy and vibrant personal power chakra.
The changing colours of the chakras and your personal chakra colours.
Easy to use techniques to clear and activate your chakras to the highest levels.
How to access your full creative powers.
How to connect your money energy to your Heart Chakra, so that you do what you love and be paid abundantly for it.
How to open your Throat Chakra so you can easily hear and see your own personal guidance system.
How to empower your Intuitive chakra so you can easily hear and see your own personal guidance system.
How to open and strengthen your Crown Chakra to connect with your spirit guides and universal divine love.
Some of the Unique Techniques are –
Energy Circles
Chakra Threading Exercise
Inner Child Healing Meditations
Energy Tapping Exercises

9)  What are the common issues with which people visit you for solution.


Well we all have different set of problems to deal  with in our daily lives, the common ones are RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS, HEALTH ISSUES, FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, other issues like DEPRESSION, FEAR, CLARITY ,UNWORTHY FEELINGS.

10) In brief please say about the various benefits which an individual can get after going through Chakra Healing process.



A Changed and totally transformed lives with more clarity , love , compassion., wisdom,peaceful, thriving START,. A BEGINNING OF NEW YOU WITH VIBRANT TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES TO TAKE ON LIFE PATH.

11)  What are your plans 5 years down the line?

Well of course i would love to see myself on a global platform transforming mine and as well many lives as possible.. A smile on as many faces, a Helping hand to many many lives as possible.A BOOK  TO EXPRESS .

12)  What is the best recognition you received so far?

No public recognition, but lots and lots love and blessings from the people whose lives have been touched by grace… pure and unconditional love from the Divine Source is my RECOGNITION.

13) Will you prefer to encourage people to take this Chakra Healing as a career ahead?




14) In one line tell us who is Ritu Bahri- The Chakra Healer?





Meeting an excellent artist and painter of India- Sarbani Bhattacharya - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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This time for me its a new experience when I had a session with a very talented, promising and down to earth
artist of Fine arts Sarbani Bhattacharya. She belongs from Durgapur, The steel city of Bengal and presently she crossed the boundary and now a resident in Singapore. She is all set to make the world experience the power of a painter’s brush with her amazing and awesome presentation on the canvas.


1)Well Sarbani at the very first chance I will insist you to share something about you and how you thought of joining this art industry?

Actually the ‘how’ and ‘why’ part both are interesting. Art was my passion from my conscious childhood, though never thought of making it my profession, that was because of my family’s conservative belief I guess. Everyday I used to draw n paint at every possible free time, I knew ‘painting’ a forever friend was there for me, but I didn’t have any other demand from painting till I entered into my college life to pursue a degree, B.Sc in Maths. I found myself in an awfully awkward situation then. Mathematics, the subject I used to score high, became painful day by day and an irresistible urge to express myself only in pictorial forms started to develop honestly from that time onwards.


Persuading my family was a challenge, though I started looking for courses in Art college along with my studies. I had been rejected twice to take admission in the Art-College under Rabindrabharati University, as I was pursuing a in another well-respected college.


It was Partha Pratim Deb, the then principal of the Rabindra Bharati University, who finally succeeded in convincing my parents about the serious significance of a formal art education and ultimately I got admission to a 5 years course of Bachelor of Visual arts and since then my footsteps are into the Art world.

2) Who discovered your creativity first?

Honestly creativity was all around in my family, my talent in art was well-known in my family and neighborhood…it was my surrounding’s encouragement and my childhood art teacher Sukhomoy Banerjee’s guidance ignited my passion more, but I should tell it is the discovery of ‘time’ to choose this creativity as a profession in my case.

saag expatliving_advt 1 554489_10151007816656753_1294676164_nInterview in Singapore art Gallery guide and Expat Living, Singapore’s popular magazine.

3) Are you inspired by any specific painters or artist?

Yes, I am inspired by many painters and sculptors. Apart from Bengal school of art I love the works of Van Gough, Paul Klee, Klimt, Brancusi, Hokusai, Rabindranath, Ganesh Pyne, A.Ramachandran etc.

DownloadedFile_3_2With Indian masters Jogen Chowdhury, Paresh Maity, Jayashree Burman, T.Vaikuntham

4) Which Genre of painting attracts you most?

Impressionism is still my favourite along with I like contemporary semi-abstract.

DSC_0281Art Expo Malaysia at KL with Singapore artists P.Gnana and J.Kalidass

5) When you decided to take your passion for art as a profession being an art instructor?

It was the time when I became a mom, I needed more time at home to look after my child, I was the only caregiver so working outside with painting deadlines became little challenging during that phase, so gradually I embraced the art instructor’s role, and now for my students I am their inspiration 🙂

6) Life is not so easy for artist and that too in painting profession so how you experienced up and down in your career?

Before taking an admission to any art college this is a patent question for the new students, that how one is going to handle that upheaval. Definitely there is up and down, but always I have loved that challenge and never experienced any ‘down’ inside me…poetically it is like- “This frail vessel you empty again and again and fill it ever with fresh life” (“Amare tumi ashesh korechho….phuraye phele aabar bhorechho”-Rabindranath).

7) Any WOW moments which you want to share with my readers?

There are a lot of small n big WOW moments…..all are precious….but till date one WOW from the viewers still satisfies me the most.


My first community art project with ‘My-Strok’ in 2009 was the WOW one.

That was one of the projects of Issu.E.Rasers, a non-profit org. My-Strok’s objective was to create community art as a platform to bring focus on a social/environmental issue and to raise resources for a cause related to it.


The event was on Responsible Tourism Networking at Suntec in Singapore. More than 250 participants drew some strokes or the other on a large canvas of 3/4 ft, which I was supposed to give a final form on top of the doodling in an overnight time, the work was supposed to be auctioned to raise funds for Himanaapan foundation in Thailand for forestation.

When I got the canvas 263 people had evolved a piece of kinetic art with their creative strokes in black and gold. There were stars, spirals, hearts, cartoons, smiley faces, trees, flowers, birds, boats, cycle, tractor, airplane, arrows, words…. My challenge was to find and mould the deep meaning in all these strokes.

IMG_7752 copyFinal display

I selected the monochrome colour palette to show the synergetic bond not only between colours but also among the 263 hands involved in creating this piece. My choice of a translucent paint technique was to enhance these individual and collective strokes. The amalgamation was a piece of art – a heart-shaped woman’s face evolving from a tree. To me, woman the fertility symbol grows and spreads love like a tree.

When I unveiled the painting there was a sheer cheer among the viewers, all were amazed and they came running to congratulate me in near trance…..that particular moment was overwhelmingly satisfying and inspiring….which I can commemorate as my ‘WOW’ moment till date.

To enjoy the detailed story you can go to the following link-

8) In which regions you conducted your exhibitions?

I have exhibited in different galleries and several International Art fairs in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-Kong and India.

IMG_2871My painting “Search for Light” in Malaysia art gallery guide, got an entry

9) What are your plans 5 years down the line?

Next five years will be very crucial time for me, overcoming the challenge of understanding the art world and developing my style more effectively, will be the primary focus. Definitely I will send my paintings to more countries. I have plan to give sculptural form of my paintings too. I have plan of joining some Artist residency program soon. As an Art Educator I want to create more awareness on art-as a representational media.

DownloadedFileschool workshopWorkshops and Demo

10) Please share your recognitions and achievements in your journey of passion?

I got scholarship from Rabindrabharati University for the final two years of my Visual Arts’ graduation course. I won Gnani arts award for a Mother and Child painting in Singapore.

mother n child,oilGnani Arts Award wining painting; “Mother n Child”, oil on canvas

Malaysia Art Guide published my painting among several entries.

Singapore Art Guide published my interview. Bengali Association of Singapore published my painting as a cover page for their annual magazine…..I have conducted numerous workshops with adults and kids including ‘Painting Music’ for Singapore National Library Board, which gained huge popularity….still I think the best I am yet to achieve 🙂

1010544_10201915838000652_2145561157_nReceiving token of appreciation from Sir Inderjit Singh, Members of Parliament, Singapore.

11) What else you love to do besides painting?

Dance, Music, Theatre , Photography, Gardening these are kind of parallel passion…along with time Community service as a passion is growing graciously in me.

saree artContemporary art and her passion of saree art

12) Are you planning to do something unique with your creative art for India and the kids of India?

Yes, off course. Already I have signed up for an art exhibition on March, 2014, with Protsahan team to help underprivileged girl children and women in India. We truly hope for the success of this exhibition and strongly believe to help more in future too.


Flutters n Rhythms exhibition at Sutra, KL, 2013.With her painting lovers, her  artists friends from Singapore, Ramli Ibrahim, founder of Sutra Foundation and a cultural icon of Malaysia and H.E. Mr Ong Keng Yong, High Commissioner of The Republic of Singapore to Malaysia.

13) What makes you different from other painters(artists)?

To answer that, is an art critique’s job I guess….in this case I will declare I am not only an Artist, but an Art awakener.

14) Define Sarbani the artist in one line.

Ha ha this is like commercial branding…..hmmm if I have to define my artistic instinct then I will say my favourite quote of Emile Zola“I am an artist… I am here to live out loud.” 🙂

DownloadedFile_3 Singapore artistsThe second photo with Ketna Patel, a British Indian Pop artist and Senior Singaporean artist Mr.Nama.

15) Who are your mentors for daily inspiration?


With few of my mentors of daily inspiration.

From left-Anurardha Koirala: Anuradha Koirala is a social activist and the founder and director of Maiti Nepal – a non-profit organization in Nepal, dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. (Personally I participated in a show called Redress to raise money for the victims)

Middle; Birju Maharaj-Pandit Birju Maharaj , the leading exponent of the Lucknow Kalka-Bindadin gharana of Kathak dance in India. ( I have learned Kathak for 9 years and obsessed with rhythm)

Right: Partha Pratim Deb : The ex-dean of Rabindra bharati University’s visual art dpt and senior Indian contemporary artist.

Cosmic cycle’-a painting, which changed her view to see the world

Sarbani’s statement :


“The mystic and cosmological function of Myth always inspire me-it is experiencing the awe of the Universe then converting natural elements into cosmic elements and vice-versa.

This painting shows the quest of the essence of our existence in a cosmic womb regardless religion and race. The journey of the Lotus depicted here stands as a metaphor of Human birth cycle.

The energy of life blooming into a lotus through the union-offering itself back to the Cosmos to contemplate Eternal…..”

She Further added:

I have worked on the cosmological function of Myth…the birth of Universe and our existence in the world, where do we come from and where we are going to….

Different religious concepts on that very topic I tried to read, like in Rigveda about Hiranyagarva or Golden Womb, the Monism concept in Sufism ; Advaita Vedanta ; and Zen(all is one and all is different), the Ex-nihilo concept of Christianity…..after reading all the concepts my conclusion was very simple-

We come to this World to learn( through suffering also we learn) and to offer ourselves to God…then pictorially I worked in a secular spiritual manner, keeping Lotus as a symbol of our journey. Lotus :- coming from mud,releasing itself to air-is a symbol of purity,wisdom and an individual’s progress from the lowest to the highest state of consciousness.

Read more about her paintings: Singapore Art Gallery