A young talent in the world of Photography- Anup Ranta

A young talent in the world of Photography- Anup Ranta

About Anup: Himachal is one of leading picturesque destination in India and the beauty of the state enhances when talented photographers like Anup Ranta take initiative in capturing Himachal beauty in their camera. His in born attraction towards lovely pictures motivated him to develop his knack towards photography. Once you take a look at his clicked picture believe me you will get to feel your own presence in every location of the state. So i dont want to miss the chance for a short chat session with this young photographer to know him better and share it with my readers.

1) Let us know something about you as a person, about your education and your professional life?


Basically I m ordinary person with lot of desire like everybody have. I belong to the nature thus my lifestyle is very simple & down to the earth. I like to explore things, meeting & greeting new people and discover new places. By clicking pictures I keep those memories alive. As per my education after completing my B.Tech in Civil Engg I am still learning lot of things. Currently I am working as Digital Marketing Manager at Delhi.

2) What attracted you to be a part of the photography world?

Since my child hood I was influenced by lovely pictures but I did not know at all photography. I remember that one of my friend’s Dad used to have digital camera. At very first time I realised that I should have a camera like this and I requested to take some clicks. I took some photographs & I was appreciated by all and it fuelled my interest in photography & I fall in love with it. After that I started casual clicking with several kind of digital camera. Finally I got so much in to it and now it’s become very essential part of my life which keeps me motivating to explore more & more into the photography world.

3) Can you recall the day when you first clicked the photograph? What was the subject of that snap?

Honestly, I can’t recall it at the moment but yeah it’s often happen with me like when I see something interesting I cannot stop myself to capture in my lens. I mean to say if you ask me to take picture on particular thing I can do that but I will not satisfy with that Some unusual objects always inspires me to capture them in different frames.

4) We know you remain busy with your hectic schedule, so would like to know how much time you manage to dedicate these days towards photography passion?

As, I already mention above, now days photography has become a part of my life. I always have spare time for it but not in a planed manner. However, I spend more time related to photography like exploring new technology, creativity and getting idea from others photography. You can say my camera is my best buddy and I love to spend my time with it. I spend hours and hours with my clicks and trying cherishing them.
5) Are you professionally trained or who actually acted as an inspiration for you to learn the tips and tricks of photography?

Not actually, I discover my skills of photography gradually. Before I was using Kodak 8mpx Digital Camera then I upgraded my desire with Nikon D5100. There are lot more people who connected to me directly or in directly to develop my photography skills. I always got inspiration from their work.

6) Can you name those personalities who acted as a Guru for you? We would also like to know about the photographers who attracted you with their photography?

Every day I use to get in contact with loads of photographers. Every day is a new beginning, new people, new clicks, new inspirations & new learning.

Some of them are: Jignasa Jadwani, Kingshuk Bhuyan and loads of others.

7) What are you plans down the line with photography?
Photography to me is capturing precious moment in time and creating ways to keep memories alive. My plans are simply creating the memory that is it. J

Photography was my hobby which I gradually developed in my passion. There are no plans down the line at all.
8) Do you have any other passion other than Photography?

Travelling with my camera capturing hidden emotions and discover the new places. I often do travel once in every 2 or 3 month at remote places mostly in my native place in Himachal. I m very attached with it especially high altitude lakes and snow covered peaks.

9) What style of Photography you prefer to click?

There is no particular style of my clicks but I really attract with purity, emotions and innocence weather its people or nature.

10) Can you give a brief about the instruments and its Make you are using for your photography?
I don’t know much about photography. Currently I am using Nikon D 5100. I am still experimenting with it every day.

Nikon D5100 Key Features

  • 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
  • Side-articulated 3.0″ LCD monitor (920,000 dots)
  • 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
  • IS0 100-6400 range (Up to 25,600 equivalent when expanded)
  • HD movies (1080p, 720p or WVGA)
  • 4 fps continuous shooting
  • In-camera effects filters in both stills and video modes

11) Any recent photo shoot you conducted?


I have been to Dodra Kanwar (Rohru) & Kheer Ganga (Parvati Valley, Kullu) and took some lovely Pics of this destination.
12) Will you like to share some suggestions for the upcoming new budding talents in world of Photography?
Click by your heart. Click for your inner satisfaction.


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