Review of Novel” Beyond School “By Chitra Anand

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Title: Beyond School

Author: Chitra Anand

Publisher: Leadstart Corp




Book blurb:

Beyond School centers upon the weeks leading up to 17-year-old Shail’s final board exams, as his world becomes a pressure-cooker and the weight of preparing for the exams sends him fleeing rebelliously in the other direction.
Along with Shail’s journey from boyhood to manhood, Beyond School vividly weaves between the narratives of four main characters, seamlessly uniting the past and present of Shail, his parents-  Urmila and Sushil and his mentor Gladys, in a story that is honest, funny, heart-breaking and ultimately, incredibly human.

About The Author:

Chitra Anand was born in Mumbai. She is a postgraduate in Physics and holds an Education degree. Beyond School is her first novel inspired by her journey as an educator.


Brief on the story:

A grade 12 student named Shail studying in Muscat at “Indian School in Muscat” is the central character of this Novel. His parents Sushil and Urmila, like every parent are highly tensed as the countdown of their son’s board examination already started. Parents are totally unaware about the fact that their son is unwilling to appear this year in board examination and solely and wholly interested to spend his complete time in fulfilling his dream to become a football player, in chatting and in investing time to talk to his girlfriend. Being unaware of Shail’s actual intention his parents were busy in forcing him to prepare well for the exams.

Being scared about Shail’s activities, his father decided to approach his school teacher Glady, known to be a great mentor for students and a great counselor. She managed to convince Shail to appear in the exam and made him understand why it is important to appear for the board exams.

There are other characters of Shail’s friends, their parents, other teachers which are very well depicted in the novel to create the solid plot for the novel. The past life stories of Glady the teacher are very interesting and real too as this actually happens in many of the student’s life if not ours. I loved the Character of Glady. If the education system gets blessed by teachers like Glady, then students will get a new dimension in life.

There are some very important aspects of student life which Author Chitra manages to pen down in this Novel to give some light on its drawbacks.

  • Misuse of mobile phone by teenagers
  • Barrier less use of internet leading to addiction towards pornography
  • Incomplete knowledge about sexual life

Some more are there in the list which you can know on reading this novel.



In my view In short I can say this Novel is a masterpiece work which focuses on the issues and problems in the life of teenagers and its impact on the society. The areas which are highlighted in this novel are areas of concern for the parents of this generation and so it’s a must to read novel for parents, teenagers and young adults. The gaps in relation between child and parent are well presented and will help the parents of this era to work on this area. A great work by a debuting author Chitra Anand.


Rating: 4 on 5

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