Session with author Suhail Mathur

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Young talented author from city of Noida is now creating sensation in world of books with his debut novel  which launched very recently. It’s already a best seller. I was keen to know about him and share it with my readers. Just check out the session here.


1) Suhail, say something about yourself, your education and family as we all want to know as a human being first?

I would like to describe myself as a fun-loving and creative person with a sense of humor. As far as my education is concerned, I did my schooling from Delhi Public School, Noida and was the House Captain and later I pursued my BA.LLB (Hons) course from the prestigious National law University, Delhi.

My father, Mr. Sanjeev Mathur, has his own business of corporate gifts and branding items and is a very keen and active member of THE BOOK BAKERS, a literary agency that we own, which provides editing, proofreading and cover design facilities for publishing houses while helping authors to find publishers for their book. In fact, the past week, THE BOOK BAKERS completed a hat-trick of BESTSELLERS since three books which we were part of – LIFE & PROMISES – 2nd edition (Proofreading), THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS (Editing, Proofreading, Cover Design & Trailer Design) and MUTTON SOUP (Editing & Proofreading) hit the bull’s eye at the Literary Box Office and have been declared BESTSELLERS.

My mother, Mrs. Kitty Mathur, is a homemaker and was the first person I read out my book’s first chapter to the moment I wrote it.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have such understanding and supportive parents, who have always encouraged me to follow my passion while ensuring that I could strike the perfect balance between my curricular and co-curricular activities.

2) What insisted you to enter this writing world?

Well, writing was something that was destined to happen, sooner or later. Since the time I was a school student, I was writing continuously on a plethora of topics and was a member of my school’s Editorial and Debating team too.

On a lighter note, being the proud law student that I am, I often felt that the literary world was being ruled by several IIM & IIT guys. It was time we showed India what the National Law University guys are all about! Little did I know that I would become the youngest law student in India to debut with a Historical Fiction!

3)  When you first decided to pen down your Novel?

Technically, the term ‘PENNING’ down a novel is redundant since it is more like ‘TYPING’ down a novel nowadays. To be honest, there was no plan. I had this intrinsic urge to bring this story to the masses and just sat down one morning and began typing out my manuscript, without even knowing how the literary world worked. From that, to now being an active editor and literary agent, I think I have learnt the ropes very fast. If you were to ask me when I began writing THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS, I would say that it was in June 2011.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

You know every single person you meet and stay in touch with leaves some kind of an effect on you, so answering who acted as an inspiration in my life would be a really tricky question and a really lengthy answer. My parents and my friend, Sumedha have really supported me and I genuinely feel that the book has become a BESTSELLER purely because of their faith and hard work, be it editing or the marketing.

As far as the book is concerned, I have got to say that the Indian revolutionary movement has always inspired me and the brave tales of our revolutionaries continue to inspire me till this day. I knew that I had to write something centered around them but in a very different manner than what has been depicted till date in films and books alike and I am glad that the readers have been able to acknowledge that fact.

5) How has your journey as an author been so far?

It’s been very interesting. From writing my book without any understanding how one was to even approach a publisher to getting 18 contracts from them and then getting to know the kind of shocking contracts some of them offer, to finally getting my book in my hand, seeing the readers heap praises on the book and witnessing THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS being declared a BESTSELLER at so many online portals, the journey has been eventful, eye-opening, at times irritating but finally richly rewarding and highly enjoyable.

6) The Bhairav Putras is your debut Novel- why you decided this Title?

When I started out writing this book, I had an English centric title in mind, which meant the same as the present title though. However, the more I wrote the book, the more I felt that an Indian title would suit the context much more. Lot of people have asked me if it has got to do something with The Oath of the Vayuputras, but the truth is that this title of my book was locked in even before Amish’s second book came out.

I am a devotee of Lord Bhairav’s child avatar and chose this title as a small offering by a bhakt to his Bhagwanji!

7) Request you to give a small summary of The Bhairav Putras



Sure. The BHAIRAV PUTRAS’s blurb is mentioned below.

Circa – 1936! While most of India grapples under the rule of the foreign yoke, the small but hustling bustling town of Bhairavgarh, famous for its sprawling Indravan gardens,the swift flowing Mahananda, and the gigantic golden statue of Lord Bhairav, which has stood for centuries and had been the centre of attraction for invaders like Ghori, Ghazni, Timur & Abdali, suddenly goes through a transitional phase as the mighty Britishers set up their cantonment in the town.

With events that unease, shock, and violate the sentiments and emotions of the townsfolk, one man – Keshav, the young & dynamic son of the local Zamindar, cautiously gathers a group of men from different walks of life and with different motives, and carefully and strategically plans the unthinkable…a Revolution ! A revolution to overthrow the Britishers not just by force or might, but also through wit & intellect!

What happens when a group of men take on the might of the powerful British empire and embark on a journey full of action, adventure, planning, plotting, bloodshed, conspiracy & patriotism, to encounter four mysterious strangers, while in search of a long forgotten book written in the times of Emperor Ashoka which holds the answer to several secrets, who turn & alter the course of the future events, even as the English are besieged with numerous problems ranging from the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, to Gandhi’s ways & means of achieving Independence.

Read on THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS to know more about the classic and legendary tale of a band of men who defied the norms to fight guns, bullets, injustice, deception, and intrigue at every corner of their adventurous and thrilling escapades, to uproot the centre hold of dominance & authority, through mountainous terrains, dense & thick jungles, secret hide outs, and rivers in spate; which unfortunately got lost, somewhere in the annals of History !

8) Why not a love story but a mythological story? Do you feel readers will love reading it?

Why not a mythological story? I really feel that the romance market has been booming and probably has or is soon to reach its brim while on the other hand, India has a vast treasure trove of mythological stories and historical incidents that still need to be brought out and conceived in a highly engaging and dramatic manner. THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS is essentially a historical adventure saga with dollops of mythology in between. But more than anything else, it is all about what the writer’s tastes and preferences are. I absolutely love writing on History, Mythology, Horror, Thrillers and Fantasy Adventure sagas, which is what my forthcoming books will also be like.

But with so much of love and appreciation being showered on THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS, what makes you think it is not a ‘LOVE Story’?

9) You did any specific research to pen down this novel?

The answer to it is both, yes and no. Undoubtedly, THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS is a magnum opus and required tonnes of research and historical accuracy to blend fact with fiction. But being an avid history reader, these facts and incidents were already well-known to me and I did not need to search for them. However, one always needs to check since the book does go out in the public domain and even a slight mistake can cost you dear. But I am elated that one thing that everyone has unanimously praised is the research and the subtle blending of fact and fiction with history and myth.


10) Why did you select Red Ink Publishers as your Publisher?

Destiny has a great role to play in certain things and this just happens to be one of them. I had signed up with another publishing house earlier but the rights of my book were taken over by the dynamic, Mr. Vinit Bansal, who paid a huge compliment to my book by saying that he was waiting since 3 years to start his own publishing house and his wait ended with THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS! It has been absolutely fantastic working with him. Our relation is now beyond professional and we often chat with each other too. He is a very accessible person to work with and I am glad everything fell in place.

11) What are your expectations from your readers?

Like every author, I don’t expect but hope that my readers will enjoy the book and be thoroughly entertained while reading a gripping tale. In fact some of the public reviews have been awesome. While one reader Rishabh said that I actually inspired him to write a mythological book, another reader, Asia even went to the extent of saying that my writing style was better than that of Amish’s.

Popular bloggers like Tapobrata Kumar, Chandrapal Khasiya, Nikhil Uprety, Ananya Chatterjee and Ammu Nair have also rated the book very highly. Even cricketers like Ajit Agarkar, authors like Neelima Dalmia Adhar and legal luminaries like Amarendra Sharan have heaped praises on the book.

12) Suhail, what are your other passions in life?

Prior to writing THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS, I used to have a film making group called ROCKERS Productions for which I used to write scripts, dialogues, screenplay as well as do the casting, direction and acting too. Those films went on to film many Best film prizes at different student fests in India. Apart from this, I like to sing and compose tunes on the spot. I also did English cricket commentary for Star Sports & Airtel’s mobile application until very recently.

13) Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

I hope to see myself as a successful corporate lawyer while still balancing my professional interests with my love for writing books. I hope to release at least 3-5 more books in the next five years and be an author to reckon with.

14) What as per you are the qualities of a good author?

A good author needs to be a good storyteller. And for that, an author must have a good storyline with them. A strong command of the language one writes in along with the ability to keep the reader gripped with the plot line are the qualities of a good author.

15) Any suggestion for budding authors?

Write what you feel like and not what the market forces dictate. Writing is a creative activity and the author must feel the creative satisfaction while writing the book. If it becomes like a chore, the fun goes out of the writing and it translates into boredom for the reader too while reading the book. So, believe in what you write and feel free to contact THE BOOK BAKERS for any help requiring the editing, proofreading, cover designing or the publishing of your book.