Karnika Gupta- A fresh addition in list of talented Indian authors

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Karnika Gupta is a debutant author and her Novel is about to hit the market within days. I had a quick session with her where she shared with me about her journey as an author.



1)  Welcome to the platform of SamataWelcomesYou. My readers would like to know about Karnika Gupta as a person. So please share with our readers your educational background and family?

Hello all, I am Karnika Gupta. Being a cancerian woman, I am an emotional and sensitive person. I value my relationships above everything in the world and secretly very scared of losing people I love. I have pursued philosophy honors from Delhi University and believes that was one of the best time of my life.

My family and my friends are the most supportive and best people in the world.


2)  So Karnika how did your knack towards writing developed? How did you start writing and what was the first topic on which you wrote?


I have always been fond of writing since my school days. I used to write poems and scripts for plays in school, then I was blessed to be the editor of my college magazine. I feel lucky whenever I had tried to divert myself in other things, writing had always pulled me towards itself. Mahi, my friend was one person who knew about my fetish for writing since college days, so I know she is one person who is happy for I am doing something I enjoyed from heart.


3) Who do you call the inspirational person who motivated you to write? Who was the first person who had discovered the talent in you?

My college professors had sown the seeds of writing on professional level in me.

My best friend Nandita had convinced me day and night to start a log of my own.

But one man who was behind this wonderful phase I am going through is my soul friend Updesh who had supported me from scratch, filling me with so much of confidence and encouragement whenever I had thought of giving up. This entire journey from blog to novel would have not been possible without him and his faith in me. He is my inspiration who motivated me to stand strong, I am living a time he had dreamt for me.

4)     Which is your first book which you authored?


Rab Rakha is my debut novel and hoping the best for it.

5)  When is this Novel getting launched in the market?

Rab Rakha will be releasing on 29th May 2014.

6) What are your expectations from your readers?

All I want from my readers is to read any book with your mind and most importantly with your heart. Rab Rakha is one book, all of us would relate ourselves to. Every soul in the world lives for love and we lie when we refuse to accept it. Please read Rab Rakha with an honest intention and you will make an emotional bond with the two beautiful characters in the book.

7) Who are the targeted audience for this book?

Everyone. The book caters to everyone and anyone. For a younger generation, who are living a mesmerizing phase of love will connect very well to the characters. For people elders to us, will go back to the time they must have first fell in love.

8) To be an author what qualities are mandatory as per you and how many of them matches with you?

 An author has to be expressive, sensitive and honest. An author is a magician and a responsible author resides in the heart of every reader.

I too wish to gather a lot of love and blessings from all of you.


9) What else you do besides writing? What are your other passions?

   I enjoy dancing, I love listening to violin and Arabic music. I aspire to learn Spanish once I am done with writing at least one more novel.

10) How was you journey so far as an author?

     Active and blessed.

11) What score you will give yourself as a writer?

     1/10 ( 1 for writing, 10/10 for the courage)

12) Any suggestion for budding authors?

An author is a reader’s soul friend. You are not successful if you don’t make an emotional bond with them. If you can move the shy spirit in them, making them see things they didn’t notice, and give them a whole new world to dream about, consider yourself on being on the right track. Nothing else must matter.

13) Any thing special you want to share with our readers?

     Do not give up on anyone you love the most. Life is too short to live with regrets and missing  your true love.


Visit her blog here: karnikaagupta.blogspot.com


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