Review of “The Temple of Avinasi” By Ayush Pathak

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Title: The Temple of Avinasi- The Legend of The Kalki- Part 1

Author: Ayush Pathak

Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd


The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

You will get to see two recent trends in the literature world which will impress book lovers. The first is that the young talented authors are showing interest in penning down mythological stories and the second one is that people from non-literature background and especially from technical field are entering the world of Novels. A combination of both these trends is Ayush Pathak who recently penned down the 1st part of his 6 series novel “The Temple of Avinasi”.

The language chosen by Ayush for writing this novel is very simple yet expressive and entertaining. If you are yet tired of reading any mythological stories then I will suggest you to go with “The Temple of Avinasi”. If you consider this novel from vocabulary point of view, then sorry you are not going to get any great vocabulary.

It’s a gallant story plotted in the era of modern man – a skirmish of presence between shrewd and the great, reproduced on the base of a four thousand-year old incredible Epic Wars.

The present age protectors of the Temple are thinking that it’s hard to uphold control over another escalating wicked entity, with far more massive powers than the past war.

The story is well crafted centering on the main characters Shri, Yeti, Ana, Nishachars, Dev and Angel. The scene when Angel comes on a special riding horse with sudarshan chakra and the war comes to an end between the 2 armies touched my heart.

No harm in accepting the fact that Ayush did a wonderful job in Indian English literature by creating a new history by penning down a modern mythological story.

Being a true book lover I want to give equal opportunity to other readers to enjoy this novel and so prefer not to disclose the story here in this review.

Great work by Ayush in his very first novel and so expectations are pretty high from him for the upcoming sequels of this Novel.


Keep up the good work.

Rating: 4.5 on 5


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