Post release interview with Sudeep Nagarkar for “Sorry you are not my type”

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Sudeep Nagarkar, is one such young name in the world of Novels in 21st century, whose every novel offers some new variation of romance. When we talk about Best seller Authors Sudeep’s name is always there on the list. Very recently he launched his new Novel “Sorry you are not my type”, which attracted readers of all ages and creating sensation. Check out the session with Sudeep


1) Sudeep Nagarkar- A name of success in the world of Indian literature of 21st century. So, how it feels when you and your work are getting so some attention and appreciation from the readers?

A: Who doesn’t want appreciation? We all love it and I am no different. It feels great when I receive so many fan mails and facebook messages saying they loved the book. But somewhere I keep in mind that I have to deliver better next time. ‘Sorry you’re not my type’ has been in Neilsen top 10 list for more than 4 weeks now and is doing excellent. I hope it continues to be there.

2) One after another novel and every piece of your work is touching the heart of readers, so what as per you is the secret behind it?

A: Honesty towards my work. I don’t try to replicate anyone or try to write or market the books as other authors are doing. I see so many authors copying promotional activities or replicate someone, but that’s temporary success. It won’t last long. However, I compete with myself and I want to prove myself wrong everytime that I had given my best last time. Moreover, I work round the clock and hardly stay at home. You need to sacrifice a lot to achieve what you desire.



3) “Sorry you are not type” is your new novel which already created sensation among book lovers- So give a brief of the story?

A: Yes, it’s a true story of love and friendship. The strong message that is conveyed is value relationship and never give up on your dream. Happiness is a whore who breathes in your ear and before you know it, you’re spreading your legs for her. She lures you into the feeling and then rapes you!! But when your passion and purpose is greater than your fears, you find a way to overcome them. SYNMT will imbalance all your emotions be it romance or friendship or simply love!! It’s not a romantic saga but a story happening around you in your college campus!! Vikrant, Anamika and Yuvi will redefine friendship, affection and infatuation!! I promise that readers/fans will have a smile when they close the book after enjoying the ride of life.


4) What inspired you to chalk out the outline of the story of this novel?



A: In 2013 September, I visited Delhi when my close friend Sakshi took me in Miabella lounge which is located in Hauz Khaz Village, Delhi. If she would not have taken me there, SYNMT would not have come into existence. The voice of the singer who was performing live at the lounge on the guitar mesmerized me. Anuj told me that he was once a part of most reputed college band in Delhi named VAYU and his name is Vikrant. Every person has a story to tell. Some live forever and some die young. Anuj convinced Vikrant to unfold the pages of his life. It’s not a rock band story, but a story which will redefine relationships.


5) So far you have traveled to different destinations in India for promotion of this novel- So say something about the reactions you received from your readers.



A: Wherever I have visited for book promotions and launches, I have received a warm response and readers have showered love on the books. Be it Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh or Ahmedabad, they have selflessly recommended the book and are no less than a family for me. I am happy that SYNMT is loved across the nation.


6) When people become popular the demand of fans also are huge and when you sit in between the heaps of  your books and keep signing it for your readers how is the experience?

A: Whenever my book releases, I wonder if people will buy it or not. I fear if even 1000 copies will be sold or not. It’s natural to experience such emotions but the journey is exciting. I am not the one who believes in blogger reviews or newspaper reviews. I always wait for reader’s views on the book and if they love it, then my work is done!


7) Biggest appreciation received so far for “Sorry you are not type”?

A: It would turn out to be the biggest blockbuster movie if made.

8) Who are your target group of readers for this Novel?

A: Anyone can read it. Though it is youth oriented but the incidents in the book and the story line is not only restricted to them. In Mumbai launch, a lady of 45 years old had came and congratulated me for writing ‘Sorry you’re not my type.’ But the fascinating part was she said ‘I wish I had also said this line once in my life when I was young.’ I laughed loud.



9) Which protocol you are following for the marketing of this Novel?

A: I keep things simple and unique. It works. Moreover, I believe an expert marketing strategy cannot sell a bad product and even a moderate strategy can sell a good product. We live in a country where word of mouth plays a big role in sales. So at the end of the your readers are everything. However, we had recorded a theme poem in my voice for this book which was never done before for commercial fiction. Likewise, for ‘It started with a friend request’ we had encoded a theme song in E-book. After that, I saw many debut authors following it. One message for them, just be different! Don’t replicate if you have to create your own identity.

10) What Next Sudeep in Pipeline`

A: I have not started writing my next script, but am writing for a feature film and I hope fans will love it.


One thought on “Post release interview with Sudeep Nagarkar for “Sorry you are not my type””

  1. Now I have never written a review for any book so am not aware of how to write. I just know that this book is mindblowing. The title and cover are so attractive that it fascinated me to order the book from Flipkart. As usual flipkart was bang on in service. I received the book and started reading in the morning itself. I had an important meeting scheduled at 2pm but I skipped it as I couldnt resist my temptation to know what happens with these 3 friends Anamika Yuvi and Vikrant. Trust me, the meeting wouldnt have been that productive as much as book. I am in love with the book and will surely recommend everyone to buy it.

    I have not read any books of Mr Sudeep Nagarkar yet. But now am surely going to give it a try.

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