You ll live again…Let me Die by Simson Biswal – A review

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BOOK: You ll live again…Let me Die

Year: 2014

Publisher: Dream House Publications

Summary of the Novel

It’s the story of a young aspiring boy having a world full of imagination. We will experience the college life of young students, their desires, destinations, imaginations, mistakes, sacrifices and the special world of love and romance in this novel by Simson Biswal. The experience of college life gets a new dimension when students need to move to a new place far away from their home town and stay in hostels. I personally experienced hostel life in my college days and so can say beyond any doubt that this life teaches us lots of lesson which makes us and our way of thinking more matured.

The story starts off with the conversation between few friends who meet after a long gap of time making them free from the professional world for time being. While talking, the discussion turns on love topics.  A girl named Sangeeta committed suicide for Love. This topic of sangeeta moved the discussion on how foolish are people who commit suicide and are weak hearted. One of the friend in the group denied that point and said that there is no hard and fast rule that a person need to be of sick mentality and weak hearted for committing suicide.

Right from here the actual story begins of the central character named Robin. He was the son of a middle class family and in order to fulfill his dream to become an engineer he moved from Orissa to Kolkata. His father took the risk of making investment of his hard-earned money on his son in order to secure the future of elder son Robin besides the complete family.

The first introduction with the Roommates Chetan and IAS is really heart touching as this happens actually on the very first day of hostel life.  How IAS introduced Robin to the college campus, the canteen and to the view and information about Girls hostel is quite interesting. But I feel if there is little bit addition of introduction with seniors and the intros taken by them is there in this story it would have look better.

In next part of the story you will learn about the bonding of friendship, the essence of first love, result tensions, unexpected episodes in life of Robin and betrayal of first love leading to addiction of alcohol and cigar.

Can second love ever happen to anyone and can be that successful, can true love and silly mistakes in life can bring an end to it……………………..Read it to know what will happen next in the life of Robin

My review:

The story goes in a smooth flow till the time 2nd episode of love arrived in life of Robin. I was expecting some new twist after that, but that finally ended up in a very expected way as the name of the novel already gave the view that someone is going to die in this love story.

The language is simple and understandable to every reader in India. But in my personal view too much use of Hindi language is there, which will keep this novel confined to Indian readers only as the Hindi words and sentences are not narrated in English. In one section I got to learn Kolkata is an expensive city, but I deny on that part as expenses in Kolkata are cheaper even today in comparison to other metro cities. Overall a cool story, but areas of improvement are there and I am sure Simson will come with more new stories which are entertaining and fresh. For readers who believe in love a definite novel to read.

Rating: 3.5/5


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