Life’s Like That- By Prashant Shrivastava————– A Review

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BOOK: Life’s Like That

Year: 2013
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.




“Life’s Like that” by Prashant Shrivastava is a book which readers of all ages will love to read. This novel has all the interfacing components that are astounding, fun-filled and affectionate and that connect the readers well with the concept of the story

The base of this novel is formed by the stories which are part and parcel of everyone’s life hence everybody will without any doubt feel that this book really relates to the incidents of their life in some way.

Writer “Prashant” has utilized an extremely pleasant dialect with great vocabulary that will seem close to the heart of the readers.

The story has a group of companions as we all have in our montage time, indicates how things change with circumstances and time. Amit and Preeti are the central characters of this story. Apart from this couple there are 2 more couples, Sankalp and Ishita and Rahul and Niharika. The story tells about the way they fall in love and start believing in the fact that their love is truly divine. But will this fairy tale love story be successful or become a victim of money attraction over love? That you will get to learn once you read it.

The whole story talks about the beauty of Udaipur that excites you to explore every part of the destination.

No doubt in the fact that this novel is a good attempt by this debutant author, but areas of improvements are still there and as a reader I will expect  his next venture will be more entertaining with something new and fresh to offer. Grammatical mistakes are well noticed in many pages of this novel, which is more the responsibility of the editor and I guess the editor failed badly to perform the role. Effort made by author ended badly due to the negligence of the editor and publisher.

All the best to Prashant for better work next time.

Rating: 3 on 5


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