Light, camera and Click with Sumit Poddar

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We can call a photographer a magician when we get to see the clicks taken by him or her is impressing the viewers in an amazing way. I was just going through the clicks of Sumit Podder today morning on my Mobile and believe me the very first glance of the click made me feel WOW what a click Man


1) Who is Sumit Poddar? Our readers will like to know about your  professional and educational background?

Ans- I could never explain myself in words. It’s a blend of everything  that i like. I was born with a close connection with nature around the hills.
I was born in Digboi, a small place in Assam but famous for Oil Refinery. Brought up in Guwahati and completed my Graduation in Commerce. I Moved to Kolkata to pursue  MBA Finance and currently working with ICRA online Ltd.


2) Learning photography is not a one day job, so when you first realized that there is a photographer within you?

Ans- Photography for me  is whatever i see through my naked eyes and can capture those moments accurately.


3) Who is the one who provoked you to get attracted towards the world of Photography?

Ans- I was inspired with one of my friend’s photography (Abhishek Roy) and then my view for photography has changed .



4) Who trained you to bring perfection in your photography?
Ans- My friend helped me out in getting familiar with camera functions and the rest i keep on trying.


5) What are the other areas of interest in your life?

Ans- I love to connect with people and know about them and travel to different parts of d country and explore.


6) Which was the first ever click of your and what was the subject of that click?

Ans- Actually I don’t remember which was my first ever click . But i can relate to one , the tagline was “True friends stay with you from the dark side to the brightest part of your life “


7) What the major instruments you use while clicking?

Ans-I don’t use any instruments. I am using Canon Powershot sx150 .


8) Which genre of Photographs attracts you most? Do you make regular experiment with photography?

Ans- Potraits describes a lot about the emotions and to capture those emotions are the best part. Yes  I like to do some experiments.

9) What as per you are the qualities mandatory to be a photographer?

Ans- From my point of view, the qualities a photographer must have is to be focussed in his work, close connection with the nature such that he gets the best picture out of it.

10)  What is the biggest appreciation so far you received for your photography?

Ans- When my close ones and my friends like my photographs and their comments works as a big motivation for me and which in turn is the biggest appreciation for me.

12) Any thing special you want to share with me and my readers about something which is unique in you.

Ans- My parents are my big support wherever i am n will be. I always took my decisions and my parents supported me. I bought the camera with my own savings and those clicks will be memories in my hearts as collage. I love to do the things which I like and which gives peace to my inner self.


13) What are your other passions in life?


Ans- Photography and Travelling to some new places to explore.


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