Behind the lens with Sushobhon Aich

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The talent of a photographer is represented in the clicks captured behind the lens. Once you take a look at the clicks of Sushobhon then am sure you will be sure about his talents in this world of Photography. Presenting the session with Sushobhon for my readers………………………………….


1)  Susobhan me and my readers are keen to know who is Susobhan Aich. Please share something about you?

I am born in Ukhra, a small place near Durgapur. Brought up in Durgapur. Moved to Bangalore after 12th. Graduated in Biotechnology and then went on to completed MBA. Currently working with an US based Telecom Company. Married on 2011.


2) When photography Knocked the door of your life?

I was having a weak and feeble attraction towards photography since my school days. But in our family nobody was interested to take photography seriously nor did they supported photography (Still now). The first gadget I bought after getting a job was Olympus Fe26. And then the journey started from there.


3) Susobhan who is the one who first discovered that there is a hidden talent in you?

I would say my friends. They liked the photos that I clicked. They encouraged me to take more and more photographs.


4) What is the role of a photographer when it comes to capturing of right moment of nature?

Anticipation is a skill that all great photographers draw on when searching for the right moment to press the shutter. We need to be fast and accurate, because the best moment only comes once.


5) What are your plans with photography in coming time?

No fixed plan as of yet. I wish to photograph tribal life in India and document their life.


6) What sort of clicks attracts you the most and why?

Portraits. Because I love to capture the emotions.


7) How challenging is the role of photographer while capturing nature?

I find it very much challenging to capture nature. Beside gears once need to physically and mentally fit and agile.

Always have to be patient to get the correct moment and angle.


8)  What are your other passions in life?

My passions are Poetry and photography. I write poetries (Bengali) which a few of my friends know and obviously photography


9) Share the list of instruments you are using for your photography?

I use Canon 1000D along with Kit lens 18-55 without IS, Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 28-135mm f/3.8-5.6 Aspherical IF Macro Lens


10)  What are prime qualities as per you to become a photographer?

A photographer should be patient and Focused. We photographer always get “Finished product”. By “Finished product” I meant we have to click photos as per the situation, environment and subject which are already there and we cannot create. We need to blend with situation; environment and subject in order get a good photo.


11) Anything you want to say about my blog or even me for some improvement?

You are doing a great job by taking interviews of the budding as well as established photographer. A photographer always wants to get focused so that his/her photographs are known to people.


12) What is your suggestion to young talents like you?


Don’t stop clicking until and unless you get a satisfied result. Always try to learn from your mistakes.


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