The Green- A Poem by Meetu N

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The solace of winds, the heights of sky

The flow of the river and the cuckoo’s cry

The open sea, the endless shore

The colors of rainbow and a moonlit sky

I loved the drops of rain on my hands

I loved to feel my feet in the wet sands

I loved the waves and I loved the snow

I loved to see the sun go low


But as I look from my widow now

I only see buildings big and low

There are no trees with chirping birds,

Only the loud honking can be heard

I long to see the moon, as the nights fall,

But I can only see a tall and dark altar

The world has changed from green to grey

And I endlessly wait for the night to become day


With the jungle of grey growing denser each day

Where do I find a little place to play?

To see a bird make a flight

Or to watch the moon shower its light

As the green gets smaller, the grey even bigger

I feel some day the green will be gone for ever

So will the clouds, the winds and the sea

For without the green, none of these can be!


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