Session with rising photographer- Subhodeep Sen

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A hidden talent or you can say a rising star in the world of photography is Subhodeep Sen. Just take a look at the clicks of him, every click speaks something. He is growing in this world and I am quite sure that in coming time he will do really good and prove that nothing is impossible if you have the will to do it.

1) Subhodeep we will request you to introduce yourself to my readers. Tell us about your family, your education and what you are doing at present?

I belong to a Bengali orthodox family. My parents give me motivational support in everything I do, but they give more priority to my studies.


I am a final year student doing BBA from Dr. B. C. Roy ENGINNERING College, Durgapur. I love traveling, photography and drawing.

Expanding photography as a career requires buying lenses, filters, and obviously good camera body which are costlier and difficult to bear for a student. So I am preparing myself for MBA and looking for a platform to build my photographic career.

2) It looks really nice when people appreciate others work and refer them as rising star. Sandip Sinha gave positive feedback about your photography skill, so what as per you attracted him the most about your skill?


Sandip Sinha is a student of our senior batch of our college and he is also experienced in this field so I used to show him my captured photos. He likes my landscape and open photography and he had also helped me to improve my photographic skills by pointing out some mistakes.

3) You are a student of BBA, so how you are managing your passion of photography and study together?


Study and photography they don’t intercept each other. I make time for both of them side by side. There are always some events or occasions organized in the college, where I experiment with my photographic skills. Other than this, I travel with my friends to gain photographic experiences.

4) What provoked you to pick up the camera?


I had interest in painting and drawing from childhood. I wanted to be in the nostalgia of my childhood and at the same time capture real life moments which gave me an edge over painting and drawing.

5) What are your plans with photography in coming time?


I would like to join a photography institute to enhance my skill and possibilities. Then I will setup my own photography business.

6) Who inspired you to step in this world of Photography?


My cousin has a huge collection of our family photographs. She likes collecting moments. She was the one with whom I used to see our childhood and our parents childhood photographs and some other photos taken by her which were really nice.

7) What section of photography attracted you the most?

Nature and wildlife photography attracted me the most.

8) What instruments you are using while clicking?


I use Sony hx 200v, a bridge camera.

9) Who are your favorite photographers?

Sudhir Shivaram, Sandesh Kadur.

10) What are your other passions in life?

Other than photography I like travelling, playing pc games, designing magazine covers.


11) Will you continue with photography or quit it for a prosperous career in management field?

I see more prosperous career in photography because it is the only thing in which I think I am the best. To continue a different career depending on no one requires a financial back-up. So I will carry both of them initially.

12) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?


At least I will be skilled enough and i will be able to buy my photography equipment’s by my own to set up my own business.


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