Thought of the Day: 28th February,2014

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People will judge us based on the way we interact.

Interaction skill plays a key role in creating an image front of others


Being F- A Journey by Mukesh Biswas and Shouvik Lahiri

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Small Dreams shape the stepping stone for bigger dreams. You need to be a great Dreamer if you want to do something different in this world of complexity with great opportunity. Both Mukesh and Shouvik dare to dream something unique which is hard to do for many. They Introduced Being F. In this session join me in knowing their startup journey.

ImageMukesh Biswas

ImageShouvik Lahiri

1) Welcome to ” Samata Welcomes You” . Before we take this session forward will request  you Mukesh  to introduce yourself and Shouvik to my readers.

Mukesh is an under graduate student of IIT Roorkee, is involved with Wayne State University, MI, USA and IIM Bangalore, India for different social and entrepreneurial projects.

Shouvik is an entrepreneur and corporate coach, graduated from JU university and former head of MNC. Currently he consults several SME and companies.

2) Why the decision to enter the world of business?

For me it’s not only about making money. It’s about creation, it’s about innovation. Creating something big is my main motive behind this venture.

3) What is Being F all about?

Beingf is a social platform for fashion professional rather fashion enthusiasts e.g. (photographer, model, designer, makeup artist etc.). They can interact with others like fashion professionals, corporates, share & showcase their work. So that talented people get an extensive visibility among corporate fashion world.

4) Share you start up journey with Being F?

Since my first year in college I got attracted towards entrepreneurship. Then I get involved and start attending the talk / entrepreneurship event hosted at our college. And I started thinking about creating something interesting which can serve/help people significantly.
During my third year I came up with the beingf idea. Then I met Mr. Shouvik Lahiri on linkedin as we both were having almost same idea. And then we start executing our idea.

ImageBeing F

5) What Actually acted as a motivation to go forward with Being F?

I have several friends in fashion industry and I got know about the complexity and struggling story of newbies e.g. new models face lots of difficulties to get an assignment and after working hard they don’t get reasonable payment. Designers really need a platform to show their talent among corporates/ brands / photographers etc. Same difficulties are there for other fashion professional.
I found this issue should be resolved and planned to create this platform. Absence of such a platform and presence of other platforms (e.g. twitter for celeb, linkedin for professional etc) pushed me to create one for fashion enthusiasts.

6) When you started Being F?

I started creating the prototype along with the business model since my 3rd year. After meeting Shouvik Lahiri, he supported the idea and we executed together during Jan 2014.

7) Any WOW moments so far in this short journey?

Yes it’s simply WOW when users get our idea correctly, trust us and appreciate it.

8) Clients are considered as God for business , so how to attract God to be the clients for Being F?

Simply being honest

9) Why you named is as Being F? Any special reason behind this?

As it’s all about fashion so, joining the platform is like Being fashion. Hence the name came up Being F

10) What sort of response you are getting from the clients?

Internet contains lots of Junk.Keeping this thing in mind most of the clients don’t take it seriously.

11) What are the specific services Being F is offering?

Providing a platform to all fashion enthusiasts to showcase their work which will increase visibility and give an exposure of their venture.

12) What is the team size of Being F?

I believe in good team than big team. So our team is small- we six only.

13) Where you see Being F, 5 years down the line?

A social giant which will be top choice for all fashion professional and fashion lover to share their story and experience.

14) Besides being an entrepreneur what are the other passions in your life?

I’m passionate and serious about the social causes. I’m already involved in a project to improve education in foster care.

15) What as per you are the qualities of an entrepreneur?

I’m passionate and dedicated about doing work what I love to do.

17) What are you expansion plan of Being F?

Tie up with fashion institute, magazine, studio.

Life’s Like That- By Prashant Shrivastava————– A Review

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BOOK: Life’s Like That

Year: 2013
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.




“Life’s Like that” by Prashant Shrivastava is a book which readers of all ages will love to read. This novel has all the interfacing components that are astounding, fun-filled and affectionate and that connect the readers well with the concept of the story

The base of this novel is formed by the stories which are part and parcel of everyone’s life hence everybody will without any doubt feel that this book really relates to the incidents of their life in some way.

Writer “Prashant” has utilized an extremely pleasant dialect with great vocabulary that will seem close to the heart of the readers.

The story has a group of companions as we all have in our montage time, indicates how things change with circumstances and time. Amit and Preeti are the central characters of this story. Apart from this couple there are 2 more couples, Sankalp and Ishita and Rahul and Niharika. The story tells about the way they fall in love and start believing in the fact that their love is truly divine. But will this fairy tale love story be successful or become a victim of money attraction over love? That you will get to learn once you read it.

The whole story talks about the beauty of Udaipur that excites you to explore every part of the destination.

No doubt in the fact that this novel is a good attempt by this debutant author, but areas of improvements are still there and as a reader I will expect  his next venture will be more entertaining with something new and fresh to offer. Grammatical mistakes are well noticed in many pages of this novel, which is more the responsibility of the editor and I guess the editor failed badly to perform the role. Effort made by author ended badly due to the negligence of the editor and publisher.

All the best to Prashant for better work next time.

Rating: 3 on 5