Meeting an author with an Air force Background debut Novel- Gaurav Sharma

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If you are having a special talent in you then some time or the other that will come in limelight. Gaurav Sharma, a teacher of mathematics, decided to pen down his debut novel after his life at Air force. The best part is that this novel centers round the life of Air force people and is a romantic story.  Romantic stories gives freshness in life . Gaurav is very creative and you can experience it when you read his novel-Love @ Air Force


1)Gaurav, say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as a human being then as an author?

A) I am a Science graduate and postgraduate in English. I teach Mathematics for living. My wife’s critique of me is the latent force that coaxes me to find ways to prove myself. My two kids are my other significant achievement.

2) What’s the difference between a life of an Air Force person and an author?

A) An Airman is more disciplined. I think nobody can match a soldier’s patriotism and devotion for the motherland. These are the two traits that set apart an Airman. An author has just the ability to translate his emotions and thoughts into words. Otherwise the brain of every mortal narrates stories to itself.

3) What provoked you to be a part of the writing world?

A) I have been writing since childhood. It’s just that life permitted to take it to this level so late. When I realized that I had a firm foothold, I pursued it more devotedly.

4)  When did you first decide to give your words a shape of a Novel?

A) In 2010, my school friends had organized a reunion. During mutual sharing, the idea of the story invaded my mind. I started writing.


5) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

A) My father is the biggest inspiration in my life.

6) How is your journey so far as an author?

A) It’s amazing. Appreciation from readers is the biggest reward I have got within one month of the release. Also, I have been privileged to know a lot of writers.

7) The Love @ Air Force is your debut Novel- why did you decide this title?

A) My father served in the Indian Air Force. I lost him in 2007. Like every father, he used to be very happy whenever I achieved something. Whenever I had an accomplishment or won a prize, he would talk about it and show the trophies and certificates to all his friends and acquaintances. So I set this story in the world he was associated with. It’s a tribute to my revered father. I know, wherever he is, he is doing the same, happy and telling everybody that his son wrote this.

8) We request you to give a small summary of Love @ Air Force.

A) Love @ Air Force is a story of two friends whose fathers were non-commissioned officers in Air Force. They too get enlisted in the force – one as an officer and other as a non-officer and meet after twenty years at the Air Force station Agra. The officer is living in his illusions and the Sergeant is living with remorse. Basically it is a love story of the officer with the ranks in Air Force playing the villain.


9) When did this Novel get launched in the market?

A) It was launched in the January of 2014.

10) Who is the publisher of this novel and how was your experience in finding a publisher for you?

A) Blackbuck Publications, Delhi has published this novel. It took me one year to find a guardian for this novel. It went through eight or nine rejections before getting a nod. I am really grateful to the Blackbuck guys for helping my dreams attain a shape.

11) What are your expectations from your readers?

A) I am a very emotional person and it comes in my writing too. I want my readers to read everything I write with their heart – then they would connect to it in a better way. And also, I would request them to point out the flaws. Knowing the shortcomings will help me improve.

12) Gaurav, what are your other passions in life?

A) Teaching mathematics, cooking and traveling give me pleasure.

13) Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

A) Five years down the line I would like to have at least five published books on my shelf with a name as a writer pan-India.

14) To be an author what qualities are mandatory?

A) I think one must be a keen observer, a voracious reader and soft at heart to be an author. Only an emotional person can find suitable words to bring his characters to life.

15) What next after this novel?

A) Another novel is already in the making.

16) Any suggestion for budding authors?

A) I think I am still a learner to pass suggestions. Just one thing, write from your heart and not from your mind.


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