A session with author and Tarot card reader Shruti Pareikh

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We all heard about one concept that beauty of a women lies in the brain and not on her face. A true example of this is Shruti Pareikh. She holds a divine smile which will make you feel comfortable in this universe of complexity. She is a Tarot Reader besides being an author. It was a golden chance for me when I interacted with her to know her closely. Take a look


1)Hi Shruti welcome to my blog. Before we go ahead in discovering you, we will insist you to start with an introduction of you. Please share something about you, your education, profession and family?

Hi I am Shruti Pareikh, born and brought up in Mumbai I have completed my studying in commerce stream. By Profession I am writer and Tarot card Reader. About My Family I have Elder sis named Shrradha Parekh and my Dad Mr. Sudhir Parekh and My Late Mom Sudha Parekh. My family small but I am blessed to be part of it where I get so much love.

2)You belong to both world of writing and Tarot card reading? How you maintain a balance between this two worlds?

Balancing both is not that tough coz I give time to both, as both are connected to my soul. Writing is my passion and sixth sense is god gift.

3) Out of this two world which one is your favorite and why?

This is a tough question I should say as both are my favorite but then too I would say 1% more goes to my tarot reading.

4) Tell us the story of stepping in the world of writing and how it happened?

Writing is my passion from many years but I had never thought that I would be a published Author but as they say when destiny no one knows, My life changed with My first short story ‘ It All Started With A Key’ In Anthology Book Name Syahi, I would Thanks to Nehali Lalwani Who had faith in my words. Then happened Tere Hi Liye Anthology, and now A Night in Paradise which is releasing soon. This way I got into writing industry. I should say god has surely tapped his magical wand on me.

5)    What about entering the world of Tarot card reading? Are you doing any other mode of prediction apart from tarot?

I am into Tarot Reading from almost 7 yrs, Sixth Sense is god gift. I was always attracted to Occult Science and I learned Tarot Reading, Yes I Do Face Reading and Healing, Angel Card Reading.

6)    How you chalk down the plot of the story and where from you get inspiration to shape a story?

I am a very imaginative person and I love to scribble that imagination in to my story. I get Inspiration from my sister and few friends who just motivate me to write more and more.

7)    Do your stories get some influence of Tarot prediction? I mean so far is there any character with astrological background in your stories?

Not yet, but it will come soon.

8)    You are also a blogger? So how is the life of a blogger different from an author?

I am not an active blogger, There is huge difference from being a blogger from author, as blogging needs time and activeness to make your blog worth reading.

9)    So far what is your greatest appreciation from any reader?

That I write from heart. That is the best appreciation as I believe writing from heart creates a different magic.

10) Any plan to pen down a novel in coming time?

Yes I am working on it the Name is ‘1+1 Not Always 2’ I hope it comes till next year.

11) What genre of stories you prefer to write the most?

Honestly I love romance; I love to write on real incidence.

12) Any specific incident when your tarot card reading helped and modified the lifestyle of a person in a positive way?

Yes there are many people whose life has changed in positive way and their blessings are the most important thing.

12) How you see yourself 5 years down the line as an author as well as a tarot card reader?

5 years down I see myself as a Good Author and Tarot card Reader and healer too.

13) Why it is tarot card and no other technique of prediction you do?


As I am connected to tarot reading more and honestly I love to get connect to tarot cards as they are like my babies.

14) What qualities are important to be a good tarot reader?

You need to be positive, Clear by mind and the most important thing is you should be connected to your soul and to the divine universe.

15) What as per you is the best quality required to be a good author?

For me it is expressing your emotions in to beautiful emotions and you should write from heart.

16) To any work we need some energy in life, so in your case who is the source of energy?

The source of energy is the love I get from my family and my friends and special thing is I think positive and god’s love.

17) In one line who is Shruti the author?

Shruti the author is one who loves to express her words and makes sure they fall in love in my words.

18) In one line who is Shruti the tarot reader?

Shruti the tarot reader is the one who loves to spread smile and help people with positive energies.

19) I am not a Tarot reader, but know that you need some special power to give good and genuine Tarot card reading. Is it true? If yes, how you get that power?

Yes it is true that you need power but for me that power is connecting to universe and your soul. Meditation which helps you to get connect with your inner soul and helps you to grow, Need to be positive.

20) What are the other passions in life?

I love Dancing, Reading, Photography, Music, and Cooking.

21) What is best quality in you as a human being which helps you to be successful in life?

I would not say best quality but I have a good patience in me which helps me to understand myself and my life too.


9 thoughts on “A session with author and Tarot card reader Shruti Pareikh”

  1. wish u more and more succes Shruti… a long way to go and u wl hv d best of walk to remember for ur life..
    wish u loadz of success hapiness ahead..
    kp spreading d +ve vibes and most importantly SMiLE..!!

    1. I am jealous of you shruti..why the whole world;s all talent is in you only?.. I am so happy that my little talented sister has just started to climb that peak which is that easy for everybody..but I am sure this is just the beginning..may lord krsna remain beside you forever..God bless you sis…your brother

  2. Shruti u are a real angel for all the people around you,all d best for the bright future ahead and keep smiling like dis….lov u alws….:)

  3. All the best Shruti …. really proud of you … and 5 years down the line I wish I would have the pleasure to pen down a novel with you …. 😀 😀 …. good luck sweety …

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