A session post release of Novel” Its Never Too late” By Priyanka Baranwal

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Congratulations for your novel

Thank you very much! For your wishes and your time to take the interview.


1) Priyanka the day finally arrived when your debut novel is out in market. How you are feeling?

It feels wonderful. When I saw my book in bookstores, the feeling was quite settling. It was an unparalleled experience to see my book resting on the shelves. I am very happy and so is my family. The feeling still lingers in my heart.

2) Go to flashback and recall the day when you was only a woman of India and then think of today when you are an author. What the difference you observed in your life?

Well…I am still the same person, same woman in my life trying to fulfil all duties and responsibilities at my best capabilities. But yes…few things have changed now. Some are good and some are not-so-good.

Now when people meet me, they go awestruck after knowing they are meeting with an author. They ask for my author signature and tell me how much they loved my novel and the story. Though these changes were expected yet I enjoy them.

Also, now my schedule has taken a big U-turn. Earlier when I could avail the expanse of time, now I cannot afford the same. Now I run short of time as I am highly much busy in the promotion of my book It’s Never Too Late, dealing with and learning many fronts, working on my next project and simultaneously trying my best to give as much time as I can to my family and friends. Life has become busy but I guess with the love and support of my family, I rather easily get through it.

Not-so-good front is, I can’t sleep at nights. No matter how much I try, it has become really hard for me to get a good night sleep. That really is a tough issue to deal with. Hope I will get through it soon.

3) When you touched the first copy of your novel, how you felt?

The feeling was unmatched. I remember the evening when I had received my author copies. I was busy in making my kid’s school New Year project. Things were sprawled here and there and I was so tired working for a long time. When the door bell rang, I had even decided to ignore it. Clearly I had forgotten that I could be in receipt of my copies any time. When my kid told me it was a courier guy then suddenly I got over my short termed memory loss and ran to the door to answer it. I took the parcel and hurriedly but carefully opened the package. And when I saw my books in my hands, the moment was defining. I was not just holding my book, I was holding almost one year and four months of my hard work and several moments of uncertainties. Basically it was a mixed feeling on the spot but the kind of joy I had topped the list. I immediately informed my publisher and thanked him. I called Sumit in office. He was ecstatic. I even sent the pictures of all the copies to him and my parents on Whatsapp. They all were on Cloud 9 and congratulated me.

4) Whom you will give the credit for accompanying you in the journey of  becoming an author?
A lot of people of course. As I have said in my book, no step can be taken alone, especially the first one. The very first name that tops the answer of your question is my husband, Sumit. He was the one sprouting the idea of becoming an author in my head and the way he supported me to live my dream one day has been phenomenal.

In later months when things got in shape and I told my parents, it sounded incredible to them at first. The delight I could hear in their voices still rings my ears. My parents have always been with me not only on this venture but also to all the other phases of my life. Their love and support matters to me the most.

My respected Tau ji and late Grandmother’s blessings, my in-laws, dear siblings, teachers, and friends also played a big role in my journey. Their belief in me had motivated me great time and because of them also I had accomplished my dream today.

My publisher Arup Bose and the entire Srishti team have played a huge role in turning my dream into a collection of pages. Also my cover designer Wasim. His work has given new heights to the identity of my novel.

All in all, people who loved me and cared enough about me to see me at this stage are very well acknowledged to me and the same I have shared in Acknowledgement section in my book.

5) Who made the designing of the cover page of your Novel” Its never to late”

Wasim Helal. His brilliant piece of work has been able to put my book into my readers’ mind in one shot. I got lots of compliments because of the cover and I never delayed to share it with him.

6) Whats next after this Novel?
Currently I am working on my second project. I feel it will be little early to talk about it. Let the right time hit and I will share the details here.

7) What are your expectations from your readers?

As an author, I expect primarily from my work. I simply do not look at the readers directly. If I am doing my work with my best competencies and they come out as interesting reads then only I expect the readers to read them and suggest and share the same with their friends and families

Basically I expect from my readers to connect with me as I am only happy to listen to what they have to say about my work and what more do they expect from me. Their feedback’s value a great deal to me.

8) Biggest appreciation so far received for your Novel?

I guess best one is yet to come but recently I have received a very nice and humbling compliment about my work in It’s Never Too Late. The person happens to my neighbour’s mother. She read my book and said,

“I see you in Maya and Sumit in Rajat” and needless to say I was flattered though I agree the qualities I have portrayed in my character Rajat are mostly inspired from my husband. Sumit’s understanding and supportive nature is adorable and that is why probably I have obliviously portrayed his qualities as Rajat. As for Maya, I can also relate myself to her up to an extent.



9)  How you are going for the marketing of the Novel?

I am using Social media as the major aspect of marketing. I have also planned a book launch. The details I will share soon on my pages.

10) Describe Priyanka the author in one line.

One who believes in perseverance and doing what she feels is right.

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