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A simple sober boy from Bengal is Sandip Sinha. He loves to click not only nature but also some amazing moments which are precious  in our life. When you take a look at his clicks we are sure you will love it. Join me in knowing this young photographer from steel city Durgapur

1) Tell something about you Sandip. Share your educational background with our readers we all want to know you better.
Ans:-  Myself born and brought up in Durgapur. Am the only child of my family.  I completed my graduation in 2013 as BBA(Hons.) from Dr. B.C. Roy Engg. College in Durgapur.

2) When you first discovered the fact that you can be a Photographer ?


Ans:- when i was in 2nd year in college after getting the ideas of basic knowledge about photography.

3) Who is the one who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be a photographer ?
Ans:- My father and my younger brother
4) Which style of photographs you always love to click ? which genre of photos attract you the most?

Ans:- Basically I don’t have any fix style. I click randomly which I see in my eyes and try to draw the composition. Nature, models, portrait,people’s, stage performance are my genre which attracts me the most. Another two genre i.e. birds and wildlife are also my fave. But due to lack of sufficient instrument I cant focus on these genres thou I clicked very few birds.

5) Tell something about the day when u first clicked and what was the topic of the click?
Ans.:- My first photography experienced was with my small nikon coolpix digital camera (not DSLR) when I was in H.S. I took random shoot of different flowers, dawn and dusk of nature and some common casual pixes. One day I fantasize about shooting a flower, suddenly the flower focuses and background went blurry. How is it possible!!! and why the background is not so clear. In my family nor frndz no one can explain me about this. Later in college when I saw a senior friend of mine holds a DSLR and I asked him what’s the  special about DSLR and difference between a digital camera, then he explains me almost everything about the basic difference of DSLR and a digital camera and from him I got my ans. After that it draws attraction to photography with his reference I bought my basic DSLR camera n start my journey about photography.
6) If we ask you to select the best photograph of you so far which one you are going to select and why?

Ans:- My best photograph changes with the change of my experience. The more I experience the more I can choose the best of my shot.

Right now my best photograph is related to the boatmen and the fishermen because these people’s work hard in nearby barrage to catch fishes for their income from early morning to dusk.

7) Who Taught you Photography, any guru in your life who gave you lessons?

Ans:-  Anirban Bagchi a senior brother who influenced me to choose photography as an interesting hobby. Then our college professor  Saikat Maity who gave me the lessons of basic photography. And also my small bro. who is also a photographer guides and help me the tricks of photography which he learned from his college. Rest by hit and trial method I learned by myself and from website


8) Rest than Photography what else you love to do?

Ans. :- Roaming and to discover many unknown places, hanging out with friends both in chatting and meeting face to face, reading story books, hearing songs n watching television.

9) What are the major instruments which you use in photography?
Ans:- I have Canon 1100D body and two kit lens of 18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS. I also have prime lens of 50mm AF f/1.8.
10)  Is editing mandatory to give a better look to pics?
Ans:-Yes, editing is must for better look to pics. Suppose when we make an idol,we get the raw idol which is made up of clay. Then we go for painting and designing to make the idol more beautiful which actually attracts the people. So in photography with the help of camera we frame a raw image and then by different editing tools we design the photos to make it more attractive to gain the attraction of general public’s vision. But too much editing ruins the image quality as well as the medium of attraction.

11) How you rate yourself as a photographer and what are the areas of improvement you feel you need to work on?

Ans:- Generally a person cannot rate himself. He will get rating from others. So me a photographer cant rate myself and rating of myself depends on the general people’s and other photographers.
I always try to focus mainly on other experienced photographers photo and study how they click to their particular photos. What are the needs behind clicking and the tricks and rules they applied to their photos so that I can take similar pixes or try to take pixes better than those pro level photographers photos. These are my improvement  areas which I feel and I need to work on to continue my journey my vision my experience in photography.  Happy Clicking

18 thoughts on “Session with a young and Bright Photographer from Bengal- Sandip Sinha”

  1. Sandip had always a thing inside him that kept him going. No matter how hard something was always find a way to do it. He always tried to improve himself in what he does. And now he has found his way to live life in the form of photography. And there is no questions abt his skills in it. Im sure he will shine brighter. You have my best wishes mate.

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