A Trip to Ganga Sagar Camp- Courtesy Photographer Basudeb Goswami

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Ganga sagar mela is one of the leading mela of India strongly dedicated for the Hindu religion people. The popularity of this mela is huge and it crosses the boundary of India. People from different corners of the globe visits this holy place of Ganga Sagar for a holy dip in the Bay of Bengal where River Ganga joins the sea. Here the devotees offers prayer to Kalpil Muni, a renowned sage of Hindu religion. In order to make the holy journey of the devotees and sages successful special Ganga Sagar camps are organized by the organizers of this mela.


Basudeb Goswami a photographer from Bengal whom you met very recently with his amazing clicks of butterfly visited Ganga Sagar Camp region and shared with us some awesome clicks which you will love to see.


Young Sadhu in the getup of Lord Shiva

unnamed 11

Female Sanyasini in her original Avatar

unnamed 1

A divine smile

unnamed 4444

Relaxing the mind with the flavor of Hooka


Modernization touched spiritual life


A spiritual face in disguise


In a refreshing mood


The Moon landed on the Sadhu to bless the devotees


Simplicity speaks in silence


Moving towards sea for a holy deep


In the lap of Nature refreshing mind


Guess me who am I


Worshiping God in holy land


Blessings to devotees


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