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Book: It’snevertoolate…

Author: Priyanka Baranwal

Year: 2014
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors






Are you a woman of 21st century? If yes, then this Novel “It’s Never Too Late…” is a must read for you. We are in a nation where we are forced to believe whatever be the crime; it is the woman who is always going to be blamed. This novel is the story of a woman named Maya. She is the one who decides to fight against all odds and prove that it is not the women who are always responsible for what happens with them. Maya is alumni of IIT Kanpur and there she meets her love Rajat. They get married and later are blessed with a daughter- Sejal.

Life is going in a smooth fashion like a happily ever after story, but receives a sudden jerk when 2 inhuman criminals step into her life with a clear cut intention to turn her life into nightmare.

Facing this critical situation in life she decides to show her hidden power of womanhood and revert back boldly to the society and the criminals planning to make her life a hell. No doubt in the fact that even in the era of 21st century India is still a male dominated nation and the struggle Maya needs to go through is quite tough. She is having the responsibility of her daughter who is just 5 years of age and his husband is away from her when the incident of molestation peeps into her life.

This novel depicts the story of Maya, who with her mere sense of intelligence and love for her husband and daughter struggles to win the battle with destiny. She takes the oath to make this world a better place for the future generations. Will she win this battle? Read the novel to know it…..

This novel made me strongly believe that Indian women are not weak, all that is required is to create the spark in the level of confidence and they can rule the world. Women need to be respected in all the roles they perform and they will come out as strength for the whole society.

The story goes in a smooth flow and that too in an entertaining way which will make you feel curious to know what next is going to happen. The narration is so simple yet touchy and when you read the descriptions, you will get to feel that everything is happening right in front of your eyes. Priyanka executed the plot of the story in such a fashion that readers will connect really well with the story.

Amazing work by a debutant author. Hats of Priyanka, keep up this good work as we expect lot more from you in coming time.

Rating: 5 on 5

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