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Book: In Pursuit of the woman

Author: Rajbir Gill

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication


It’s a love story with a different flavor. One day all of a sudden the central character of the novel, Indian Naval helicopter pilot Lt. Devinder Kapoor receives a letter from one of his close friend stating that his sister Suman along with her friends are reaching Goa on a trip organized by college.

Devinder’s friend requests him to take care of his sister in Goa and help her in exploring the destination under his guidance. After 2 days of getting the letter Suman lands in Goa and after spending time with Devinder, the two realized that something is attracting them towards each other. Its love and both of them realized the feelings well.

The real surprise is still waiting for Devinder which comes as a huge shock in his life. After spending time with him, Suman goes back and then again he receives one more letter. The letter is again from his friend stating that her sister was not well and so she didn’t turn up at Goa.

The girl Suman whom Devinder met was not the one who is his friend’s sister. Oh God, what a mistake and as a result of the identity crisis because of the same name of both the ladies. He tries his level best to clear off the confusion and rushes to Delhi. Failing to patch up with the situation Devinder’s father faces a stroke and reaches the hospital.

Getting depressed to realize that he is about to lose his love he introduces liquor in his life. Devinder and Suman are children of old family friends who are unaware of the love story of these love birds.  When Suman gets to know about this confusion she decides to move out of the relationship to end up the confusion between the families.

What will happen next? To know this you need to read the Novel.

A master piece by Rajbir Gill is “In Pursuit of the woman”. The story goes on in a very smooth and simple language which is easy to reach to the heart of the readers. You will get to feel each and every up and down in the life of Devinder and Suman.

Rating: 4 on 5



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