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Book: The Justified Sin
Harpreet Makkar

Year: 2013
Publisher: Author’s empire Publication



The title of the Novel itself is so interesting that I was just wondering what the story will be all about in reality. The Justified Sin- It is a true fact which we can’t ignore that whenever a sin gets executed by a person, he or she lefts no stone unturned to fight  back for giving justification for the Sin and to prove that the sin is justified.

The very first question which provoked me to pick up this novel is the secret which is hidden under the cover so attractive about the sin. Earlier I had a session with Harpeet about this Novel and also about his life being an entrepreneur to author, from that time onwards I was keen to read his Novel and Kunal Marathe from Author’s empire gave me this opportunity to review the same.

The central character of this Novel is Jay who is in his sweet teen.  At the age of teen it is dream for all to have friends like Shaurya and Saloni. The base of this story center rounds the girls and their impact on the life of Jay. Things take a different turn altogether every time when Jay starts thinking that love arrived in his life. Here yow will get to feel the emotions of teen when friendship takes the shape of Love.

I prefer not to disclose the rest part of the story as I want others to enjoy the flavor of this novel. The novel is narrative and I liked it. No doubt on the fact that being a debuting author Harpeet did full justice to “The Justified Sin”.

I am expecting some more good work in the coming time from Harpeet and am sure he will fulfill the desire of his readers for sure.

Rating: 4 on 5


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