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Book: The Woman’s Code

Author: Binduu Chopra

Year: 2013
Publisher:Author’s Empire Publication


The Woman’s Code, by Binduu Chopra is a great novel which was published last year by Author’s Empire Publication.

The cover page clearly speaks about the central character of the novel who believes in dealing with life like a free bird. Sunill Kaushik designed this attractive cover page. The title itself is also attractive.

I can say one thing for sure that all men should definitely read this novel to know in depth about the world of a woman which is her very own. While in case of women this novel will help them to realize their inner world once more.

The presentation of the novel is done in a very artistic way with very good quality paper.

The story is very well knitted with right tone of emotion. The smooth flow of the story will keep the readers engaged till the last page of the Novel.

In short about the story- The story is about the woman Sumi and the ups and down she faced in her life. While reading this story you will get to feel every bit of the emotion of Sumi. Her main motto in life is to live life like a complete free spirit.

How she acts and reacts and gets connected to people forms the base of the story.

The story is narrated in such a simple language that it will touch the heart of readers straight away. The story will make you feel that life is not at all a Bollywood love story which in most of the cases ends with happily ever after tone. The story plot is set in the era of 21st century and so it looks quite real.

In one line”The Woman’s Code” is a story which depicts the transformation when a girl grows up and becomes a woman of substance. It’s no doubt an amazing work by Binduu Chopra. Hats of to you Mam and your work is just amazing.

Being a woman you have every right to experience your freedom and enjoy your inner desire like a free bird in the open sky. If you are not doing that then you are in a life which is no better than a prisoner’s life. Give your life a chance to enjoy freedom and enjoy reading this amazing Novel by Binduu Mam.

Rating: 4.5 on 5


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