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Shruti Parekh


Aum Namaha Shivaya

Jai Mata Di

Shree Ganeshaya Namaha

Yearly Prediction for 2014 for Sun Signs


Sun Sign Aries- Mars- March 21 to April 20

The year 2014 for Aries people would be good but have to be very careful about making

Any decision, this year contains good luck for work and studies. If in relation then you

Must take care of arguments and balance out your relation.  Any past fight or argument

Solve it this year. Health will be fine but have to take care of temper.

Angel Message: –

Your financial situation is going to get better soon, your

Home is protected by us; just give your all worries to us.


Sun Sign Taurus- Venus- April 21 to May 21

The year 2014 for Taurus people would be very good; it’s time to celebrate your victory,

Just don’t stress yourself with over working. Your symbol is bull which is known for stamina

And strength, your strength is moving ahead and achieving the target you have set for yourself.

Just take care not to be hyper and stressful. Enjoy this moment. Studies wise it would be good year.

Relation wise it will be year for marriage, meeting new people.

Angel Message: –

Time to slow down your fast making decision habit,

Don’t trust blindly, you are giver but now it’s time to accept.


Sun Sign Gemini- Mercury- May 22 to June 21

The year 2014 for Gemini people would be Fine; your symbol is a twin, like twin you have

Dual mind which gets you into deep thinking.  Stop hesitating to ask for help.

There are many things you want to do at one go but balance out. See where you

Walk and what you do. This year for studies is good but you have to be stable. Relation will

Go through lot of up and down for few months so stop taking harsh decision.

Angel Message: –

Angels are watching over you, don’t doubt your strength and ability

Be calm and if you are planning for baby its good time. Your born and unborn child is watched by

Angels in heaven.


Sun Sign Cancer- Moon- June 22 to July 22

The year 2014 for Cancer people would be good; your symbol is a Crab, like crab you are moody and reserved too. This is a time to bestow blessings on others, don’t compare yourself and your skills. You are good in what you do. Listen to your heart and express your feelings. This is year of having patience in whatever you do. Don’t pick a fight and just relax yourself. Go on vacation and get in nature.

Angel Message: –

You are a healer and start learning what you wanted to learn. Angels are

Supporting you to be what you want to be.


Sun Sign Leo- Sun-July 23 to august 22

The year 2014 for Leo people would be good; your symbol is a Lion, It’s time to explore your creativity,

Don’t hide your skills but let it come out. Your mind works very sharply but at times your temper

Makes situation bad, so don’t let your temper harm you. Studies wise it is good year you will be

Enjoying the new change in life. Relation wise it is year of commitment, don’t be unstable.

Angel Message: –

Don’t fear, Allow yourself to accept abundance and love. You

Are loveable and god’s child too.


Sun Sign Virgo- Mercury-August 23 to Sept 23

The year 2014 for Virgo people would be good; your symbol is a Virgin, The sign of purity.

Time to free yourself from old memories, you are good as you are don’t push yourself to hard to

Be perfect, it’s time to enjoy the fruitfulness of your hard work. You know what you want to do just

Focus your mind in it. Don’t rely on others but make your own decision. Studies wise its little unstable

 Year. Relation wise it is good year.

Angel Message: –

Be positive, share your thoughts and desire with angels.

Don’t worry about how your desire will get fulfilled. Time to affirm your desire.


Sun Sign Libra- Venus- Sept 24 to Oct 23

The year 2014 for Libra people would be good; your symbol is a Balance, The sign of Balancing out in every situation.  You are good at balancing but don’t run in too many situations in one go. It’s time to release your fears of not being true, you are born creator explore your skills and work on it.  Don’t be confused in taking a step ahead. Studies wise it is fair year and relation wise its good year but only desire what you really want.

Angel Message: –

Time to change job or get into new project, Focus on what your heart desires. Ask angels to help you and get to next step.


Sun Sign Scorpio- Pluto-Oct 24 to Nov 22

 The year 2014 for Scorpio people would be good; your symbol is a Scorpio, The sign of heading ahead.

It’s time to look at yourself, gather information and learn what you want to do. Don’t be judgmental,

But be free mind. Its time meditate and hear your heart. Studies wise its very good year and Relation

Wise the year is good but don’t rush yourself into marriage. Know about each other more.

Angel Message: –

It’s time to commit with your dreams and your desire, Get on to new project

But be ensured what you want to do.


Sun Sign Sagittarius- Jupiter- November 23 to Dec 21

The year 2014 for Sagittarius people would be good; your symbol is a centaur. The symbol that represents the dual nature. Time to work hard little more. Don’t worry about the result they will be in your favor. Don’t fear about your needs. Be calm and walk ahead, it’s time to be positive and let your worries out. Studies wise it’s an ok year and relation wise its nice year.

Angel Message: –

Time to be positive, don’t jump yourself into negative energy. Meditate and affirming will help you to grow and reach your goal.


Sun Sign Capricorn- Saturn- Dec 22 to Jan 20

The year 2014 for Capricorn people would be good; your symbol is a Sea Goat. The symbol that represents the Calmness but at the same time Practicality. Time to be honest, get into new projects and see what you want and where you go. Be Practical but don’t lose relation in order to gain work and fame. You are good at business just explore new ideas and work on it. Studies wise it is good year and relation wise it’s time to be stable.

Angel Message: –  

 Ask for help and don’t worry your prayers are been heard

And angels are working on it.


Sun Sign Aquarius- Uranus- Jan 21 to Feb 19

The year 2014 for Aquarius people would be good; your symbol is a Water Bearer. The symbol that represents helping hand. It’s time to work on challenge, speak what you feel but with politeness. Hard work will pay off but don’t stop working. Studies it is very good year, Relation wise its good year, meet new people and explore nature.

Angel Message: –   

Creativity is very good path learn new languages and meet new people.

Concentrate on your thoughts.


Sun Sign Pisces- Neptune- Feb 20 to March 20

The year 2014 for Pisces people would be good; your symbol is a Fish. The symbol that represents getting into opposite directions. It’s time to pay attention on your goals. Don’t be in day dreaming but action out your plans. Its good year for health but just be aware of not getting influenced with negative thought. Studies wise it is safe year and relation wise it is time to grow your relation on new level.

Angel Message: –    

Keep open mind and hear the solution given by others. Don’t be victim of your past but be the truth of your present.

Heaaling Power

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21 thoughts on “Predictions By Shrradha and Shruti- Angel Card and Tarot Card Reading for Year 2014”

  1. Thank you for the lovely predication and hope for something good this year….

    wishing you both a happy new year……..!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had my experience talking to Shruti di.. She is a magician who showed me the path i never knew i had.
    Thankyou di.. Owe you all the love and respect.

  3. Its Taurus and thanks so much Shruti di for showing the right path. Angel’s message is truly what i need to practice.. ❤

  4. Good to hear about Arians 🙂 What precautions an arian need to take this year financially and personally ?
    All the best to you two 🙂

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