A Review of Novel: The Virgins by Siddhartha Tripathi

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Book: The Virgins
Author: Siddharth Tripathi
Publisher: Fingerprint

Rating: 4 on 5

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

Whenever I get the chance to read any novel by some debutant author, a doubt always hits the mind- How the Novel will be? Will it be worth reading and many such questions? Recently the review copy from The Tales Pensieve of “The Virgins” reached me. Siddharth Tripathi a debutant author penned down this Novel. While taking a glance at the cover of the book, my intuition made me feel that something good is stored there under this cover. Believe me, my intuition was right.

The background of the story is set in the land of holy city of India, Banaras or Varanasi. I know Varanasi very closely as in my MBA days I was a resident of this city and spend 2 years there as a student.



“The Virgins” is a novel whose story centers round three friends, Pinku, Bhandu and Guggi. They are all confined in the state of living which consists of extreme chaos in their respective lives. They all are trying really hard to establish themselves as a man of this era.

Character Pinku:  A guy of 19 years, who is completely overburdened with huge family responsibilities in spite of being a school dropout. He dares to dream to marry that girl for whom he faced huge trouble in life.

Character Bhandu:  You can call him a messy man. He is confused how to deal with life while his parents are getting divorced. He too is simply surviving due to lack of lady luck.

Character Guggi:  A complete mischievous man. He is always busy in doing some thrilling acts in life to experience it. Both the above characters of this Novel are perfect partners for him in such thrilling acts of life.

You need to read this novel in detail on your own or else you will lose interest, so no more story disclosing from my end. I want you all to read this Novel for sure and am sure you will love it.

Starting from the first page to the last, it presents an absolutely entertaining story which will force you go through every page without taking even a single break while reading. The story is very well crafted. I experienced Banaras once again through this novel as this city came live in front of me while reading the pages of this novel.

There is no doubt in the fact that Siddhartha Tripathi is a promising author of India from whom we can expect more good novels in coming time. If you want to experience some light note stories with funny spices, just read “The Virgins”


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