A session withe Gaurav Narayan -Post relase of his Novel” The incomplete story”

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This is my second session with Gaurav. This time he is here to share with my readers his feelings post launch of his debut Novel and for providing some insight about his Novel.


1) Gaurav the day finally arrived when your debut novel is out in market. How you are feeling?

> It’s like a dream came true. Well I never thought that I will be an author of a book one day. It’s a big thing for me. Now I am confident enough to make my others dreams real.

2) Go to flashback and recall the day when you were only a singer and song writer and then think of today when you are an author. What the difference you observed in your life?


> Frankly speaking, nothing has changed much. But yes, I feel a spark inside me When a got appreciation for my work as an author. But Music is the only thing which helps me to live so I would like to be perceived as a musician rather than author.

3) When you touched the first copy of your novel, how you felt?

> I was at home when I got to see the first copy. My family was so happy to see that and that was enough for me to see their happy faces.


4) Whom you will give the credit for accompanying you in the journey of becoming an author?

> My family and friends and some extremely important people who just showed up miraculously to support me. I am thankful from the depth of my heart to every person who supported me to make this thing happen.

5) Who made the designing of the cover page of your Novel” The incomplete Story”

> Designing is done by my publisher Notion Press. I am very happy and thankful to them. I remember the day when they showed me the cover page and I was like amazed by their work. I was able to feel more about the story after seeing the cover page. I would like to thank Akshay Kumar Upadhyay too for making a tremendous track for the trailer of the book.

6) Why you named it as “The incomplete Story“?


> When I started writing the book this title clicked in my mind and I discussed it with my friends and they all liked it. While writing it was in my mind that the reader should feel the title, the importance of “incomplete” in our life and stop blaming for the incomplete things and incidents because some things are better left incomplete.

7) What are your expectations from your readers?

> I just want them to enjoy the journey of Kumar and thankfully I am getting great responses and appreciation from the readers.

8) Any suggestion for budding authors?

> Most important is to listen to your heart. Make yourself free from norms and write what you want to express. Reading other’s work will help you to create your book a masterpiece. Learn and Implement!


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