Make Me Whole! – A Poem By Meetu N ( Theme Love) - Indian Blogs Aggregator
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Like the river seeks the sea

And a stranded ship seeks wind

I seek only you my dear

In every thought I think


The emotions in my heart

Are like the waves in the ocean

And my love for you dear one

Is much more than just an emotion


Beyond the limits of time

And across the border of destiny

I look for you everywhere

Unaware of how to find thee


As I travel on and on

My soul thirsts for you

My feet refuse to move

But my love sees them through


Don’t let my hopes fall

Don’t let my trust go in vain

Just come to me for once

And free me from this pain


A single glimpse of you

Will magically revive my soul!

Just one touch from you

And I will surely feel whole!





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