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Rahul Kapoor – An author who gives priority to social service and believes it as the sole mission of life. Rahul Kapoor is a silver medalist in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida. After spending 2 years as Electronic media journalist he moved on and joined “Amitasha” a school for underprivileged girls as Programme Coordinator. Very recently he penned down his first Novel ” Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”. Check out the session with Rahul.


1) Welcome to this session Rahul. Rahul my readers are keen to know you more as a person in common life than as an author. So Please share your background in educational front as well as about your family.

A1) Well, in real life I am a very strange person. You can call me a rebel in true sense. I am a silver medalist in Journalism and Mass Communication and although I did practice journalism for a short while, my heart always lied somewhere else and that is social service. I now look after a NGO called Amitasha which is a school for underprivileged girls. Amitasha provides these girls free education, meals and health care facilities till class 12th. I am a brother to more than 1500 sweet little angelic girls in Amitasha. As far as my family goes, I love my parents dearly and they are God for me. However I have studied in a boarding school since class 5th and therefore this fact always pinches me that I have not been able to spend much time with them during my childhood days and even now I stay in Delhi and they stay in Kanpur which is my hometown. I also have two real elder sisters.


Q2) When you first realized that there is a hidden talent in you  and you can present that withe the power of pen?
A2) Of course, I do not have any hidden talent and I am a very normal person like we all are. However, writing comes to me naturally. All I do is put my imagination into words. I write what I think. It is as simple as that.
Q3) You penned down you Novel” Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”- so how was the experience while writing this Novel?
A3) While I was writing the novel, I was only and only writing the novel and doing nothing else. I very clearly remember that I used to write in the night when everyone at my house was asleep so that I can have absolute silence. The other thing which I did was that I always kept my mind stress free as I strongly believe that only a stress free mind can create a master piece. I did not allow any issue to have the better of my mind during the time I was penning down my novel.
Q4) How you planned the plot of this  Novel or else we can say how this plot came into your mind?
A4) My book is a romantic science fiction which revolves around a very unique and rare neurological disorder called sleeping beauty syndrome. I once read a Headline in a leading daily news paper, ‘Teen with sleeping beauty syndrome wakes up after 78 days”. I then researched about sleeping beauty syndrome and asked everyone around me if they knew about this disorder and nobody knew about it. It was then that I decided that I will write a book on sleeping beauty syndrome and then I did what needed to be done. I wrote a love story and presented ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ with love.
Q5) Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
A5) My parents. They have worked very very hard all their life. They are my role models and will always be. They inspire me every moment.
Q6) Please give the gist of the story of “Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother”?
A6) ‘Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother’ is a love story of Radhika and Rahul who are time and again separated and united by just one common factor and that is ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’. I can’t reveal more 🙂
Q7) How was the response from readers?
A7) The response from the readers has been great. In fact I never expected such a warm response for my debut novel. I went to a literary exhibition in Gurgaon where I talked about my book and read an excerpt. As soon as I finished talking, everyone in the audience went to my book stall and started buying my books and requested me for signed copies which I gave happily to them with a personal message for each of them. I have also got a mention of my book and my name in Times of India. You can check out the article below.
Q8) Biggest compliment so far received from readers?
A8) One of my readers said, “Your book is the only book after Hamlet which I have liked”. I know it is a very big and unrealistic compliment but the enthusiasm with which my fan told me this made me believe his words.
Q9)  What are you other passions in Life?
A9) Actually, I am not a passionate person but I like helping people and especially those who need it. It gives me a lot of peace and mental satisfaction.
Q10) What next is there is Pipeline?
A10) I am writing a short love story which will get published in an anthology of Love Stories in April-May 2014.
Q11) What are your plans 5 years down the line?
A11) I don’t think that I will survive the next 5 years of my life. In all probability, I will die but if I don’t then expect something really really big from me. A booker prize and a Hollywood adaption of my novel. 
Q12) Rate Author Rahul  by Rahul Kapoor?
A12) I am sorry but I will have to rate the way I feel about Author – Rahul Kapoor. It is 10/10. Truth is mighty.
13) In one line say about Rahul Kapoor- the author?
A13) Rahul Kapoor the author is not the next Chetan Bhagat. He is the first and last Rahul Kapoor ever.
14) Any suggestion for young upcoming authors?
A14) For all the young writers, “If you have a story to tell then just pen it down. Don’t hold back and just put your imagination into words. Most importantly write to tell and not to sell.

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