A review of Novel Kashi- By Terin Miller

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Cover page:  The very first look of the cover page of this novel will give you an impressive view – the beautiful lady in a red saree covering her to protect herself from the drops of rain. On the backside is the city of Kashi, now popular as Varanasi. The cover page gives the true feel of Kashi during the period of 1980’s. I must appreciate the great designing of Cover page by Sunil Kaushik.

About the Novel:  Moving the discussion towards the story of “Kashi”- It is the story of the generation of 1980 of India. The plot is knitted on the ground of independent India. The book presents four primary characters viz. John Colson, Chet Bardus, Meetha and Liz.

  • John Colson is a columnist connected with an American association, covering the stories of local areas.
  • The character Chet Bardus also comes to Varanasi from America.
  • Liz being a student lands in India for her research work and gets connected with Meetha.
  • Meetha is a young girl and daughter of a wealthy Delhi-based import export businessman


The plot takes the shape of a story with the narrations of John Colson. John, being a columnist, loves to pen down articles about the various aspects of India, its culture, emotion, values and much more.

During his stay in India he becomes friends with Chet Bardus and Liz. In the very first meeting with Meetha he gets attracted towards her, but falls short of words to express his feelings to her.

The story moves on from Kashi to the India’s capital city of Delhi, and then ending at the picturesque destination of Darjeeling. The story continues in a smooth flow making readers curious to know if John will be successful in expressing in what he feels deep down for Meetha. What shape will the characters of Chet and Liz will take?

The story is fresh; the story is different and readers will enjoy reading.

The story describes the generation of India in 1980’s, their emotions, their expectations, their vision towards life.

I loved the novel and I hope readers will love it too.

Absolutely great work by Terin Miller. He proved that writers can be from any origin, but the urge for good work can create magic even if it is related to other country.

Rating 4 on 5

Check the interview session with Terin Miller


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