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She is simple, she is beautiful, She is nice and she is an author Priyanka Baranwal. She is all set to appear in her new avatar as an author on the day of New Year,2014. We all are curious to discover her as an author with her debut Novel” It’s Never Too Late“. Here is the session with Priyanka


1) Priyanka, say something about you , your education and family as we all want to know you first as an individual in personal front?

To begin with, I come from a small but beautiful town Mirzapur located in Uttar Pradesh. Now settled in Bangalore with my family.

On education part, I am a graduate in Science and have pursued Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher’s Training with Specialization in Teaching English from ATI (American TESOL Institute) and, in Textile designing as well. I am versatile when it comes to achievements. I am also a Freelancer and blogger. I have also organized an Art & Craft sale in which I put several attractive handmade items; have participated in two summer camps as a teacher and I have tutored students as well. I have also worked in a Bangalore NGO as Corporate Relationship Officer.

I am a warm and friendly person. I like to help others. I am also bit straight forward but more or less, I am an easy person to whom you can confide your things easily.

You can find more details about me and my novel on following links –

2) What provoked you to be a part of writing world?


The idea of writing a novel was rather an inspiration and out of the blue. It was sprouted by my husband, Sumit. I clearly remember it was August 26th, 2012 when he had encouraged me to go for a novel. I had no idea whether I would succeed but seeing his determined gesture, I went on and this way, It’s Never Too Late born. So I can easily say that my such dream has come true that I have never dreamed of.

You can find other details of the start up of my journey in the novel itself.

3) When you first decided to give you words a shape of a Novel?

As I already mentioned, it happened on the night of August 26th of last year. When Sumit encouraged me to write a novel, the very next day, on August 27th, a Microsoft doc was opened to witness the journey of It’s Never Too Late.

4) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?


Undoubtedly my parents and my husband Sumit who have always been there for me through every thick and thin. My protagonist, Maya, of the novel It’s Never Too Late (INTL) also inspires me a lot.

My father, Mr. Naresh Chandra, is a voracious reader. He too has a good collection of books with verity of genres. I have always watched him reading books under his bed lamp after finishing the entire day’s task. He also loves to write and has indeed scripted his sporadic thoughts which are wonderful to read. I believe I have inherited reading and writing genes from him only.

My mother, Mrs. Beena Baranwal, is the woman with the kindest heart and a sharp mind. She is the person who knows exactly how to preserve relationships in their best manner despite of harsh seasons. Her ability to do things perfectly and in details; and also her love for the family has influenced me over the time in a great deal that can easily be extracted from my writing.

My husband, Sumit, doesn’t need an introduction though. He is the one person lighting my path all the time. Because of him I am an author today and I feel so content about it. He is the biggest strength pillar in my life. He is happier for the happening of INTL more than I am. That is why my book is the New Year gift to him as it is releasing on January 1st, 2014.

Maya too inspires me a lot although she is my creation. Sometimes, few strong traits automatically come along into your characters without any planning. Maya is the one character that can inspire anyone, including me too.

There are also a number of people who have helped me a lot to emerge into a person I am today. I am heartily thankful to all of them.

5) How is your journey so far as an author?

Journey towards any destination hardly comes easy. Mine too is not an exception.

I have written numerous articles ranging from 500 words to 2000 words but writing a novel in expanse is certainly a mammoth task that demanded my complete attention and dedication.

The idea of INTL was somewhat clinging to me since a while. So choosing a topic was not hard at all. When I started writing a novel, the plot was already clear in my head.

I wrote every single day. I couldn’t sleep well during days and nights until I finished writing the final draft. In fact, almost every house hold work was literally put on hold because I was deeply engrossed in writing. My family understood it very well and Sumit was always there to boast me. Whenever I had lost faith in myself, his guidance and support had done the magic and I’d again start writing until I came up with the final draft. An unexpected issue arose when I had to cast brutality on my protagonist. I couldn’t write for several days. It was not easy for me to torture her in inhumane ways as being myself a woman, I could also feel the effect somewhere. My fingers trembled on the key board but after few days, I decided to overcome my weakness and finally scripted the night scene where Maya has to suffer a lot. I learnt a great deal while writing INTL like characterization, plotting and detailing in particular. Then I had another few rounds of mind-boggling editing before contacting publishers.

Then came the point where I had to find a publisher. I had heard finding one is never so easy but it couldn’t deter me into keep going and after a bit of a struggle, I finally came across Mr. Jayant Bose and then Mr. Arup Bose from Srishti Publications. I received a reply from them within two weeks of submitting the manuscript which was a great boost and when finally they accepted it, I was surely on exultant. I am very much grateful to them and the entire Srishti team for making my dream come true.

Choosing a perfect cover designer was another big challenge in itself. Finally with the help of my publisher, I got in touch with Mr. Wasim Helal. When the cover was finalized, we all were spellbound. I am also very much grateful to Wasim for putting his precious time and out of the box thinking to come up with eye-catching INTL’s cover.

There are also a lot of other things to mention under this question but I will keep it simple by saying thank you to all those people for being wonderful true comrades in my life.

6) “It’s Never Too Late” is your debut Novel- why you decided this Title?

INTL book cover

Titles are not necessarily to be decided before the first word you put on the screen or paper. Many a times, it comes along with the story.

When I was writing It’s Never Too Late, I started it without the title but sooner somewhere along the journey I came up with it. I chose it because it sums up the message that I want to give out to the readers through my protagonist Maya’s struggle and journey. As one can easily understand, the title itself is a very positive phrase. It fills you with hope and determination of never giving up and that are exactly the concepts my novel is based on.

7) Request you to give a small summary of
“It’s Never Too Late”.

My book It’s Never Too Late is about a woman named Maya. She is from IIT Kanpur and there she meets a guy named, Rajat. Later thing goes on smoothly. They both get married and are living happily ever after with their five-year old daughter in Bangalore. Their life easily strikes as a fairy tale but when two petty criminals decide to make her fairytale life a tale of horror and fear with their intention of molesting her, life topples upside down. What happens that horrible night and afterwards makes up for the major attraction of the book. But she has to fight with her biggest enemy in the process and that is her fear.

Basically It’s Never Too Late is a story that is written not especially for women but for everyone. It strongly sends out a positive message of it’s never too late to find an escape or a solution. To the point and vivid descriptions justify the demand of the plot. It is gripping, thrilling and perfectly able to catch your attention. I call it a Thrillance; a perfect combination of Thriller plus Romance.

All in all, It’s Never Too Late is a story that is deeply bold, unheard and carries a surprise reading. Where people can think of obvious chain of events of the night, there they will find something unthinkable. Readers of all ages will certainly find something meaningful reading it.

8) When this Novel is going to hit the floor for the readers?

It is releasing on January 1st, 2014. I have also planned for its launch after few weeks.

It is available on pre-orders now –





9) Maya is the lead character of this Novel, so how far her character matches the Indian women of 21st century?

Women be it in any era are usually considered as an object; a means for pleasure and satisfaction. 21st century is no exception to such morbid thinking. But on the brighter side, women are gradually but surely realizing their power and rights. They know they are neither slaves nor a toy to key in. They are also human beings like male figures around and they are also entitled to claim happiness and other emotions in the same way as men do.

Maya too is a woman of substance. When she is in college, she studies hard to get a good job. She thinks of being independent like a 21st century women choose. She does a job and lives a good life in a sprawled city like Bangalore. She is confident and never afraid of living alone. She travels, spends time with her friends and does things like a clear-headed woman. She knows her priorities at all stages in her life. The night when she gets attacked, she is scared and dumb founded like many of us can feel in any big trouble.

After the night, her emotions are overwhelming. She is being treated as a victim but not as a fighter which is true in our society. Women, being victim of any crime, are always treated to low levels while they must get treated as fighters or survivors of a battle. In the later parts of the story, Maya does everything that a 21st century women, a woman of courage and bravery, will do to save her family from every negativity.

Maya is just a name and a face but she speaks on behalf of every strong and weak person in the society.

10) Who is the Publisher for the Book?

Srishti Publications.

11) What are your expectations from your readers?

I expect a lot of positive response from everyone and I am already getting it. Not because it is my novel but because it will tell you whatever happens in your life, keep looking for the opportunity to get out of the trouble, no matter how big it is. Never let your mind shut down. Maya and her family’s struggle will show how much life changes after a gruesome incident and how people have to deal with the society.

When someone emerges out from any trauma, we should not treat the person as a victim but as a fighter. Also, fear is the thing that keeps us away from achieving peace of mind. How Maya deals herself on this front is an interesting read.

I firmly believe in family and it can be the biggest support for anyone. So be with your loved ones when they face any trouble. Be ready to share their trauma and uncertainties of times along with bundles of joy and potions of love. INTL mirrors this belief in a sensitive way. There are such kinds of strong and sensitive messages sprawled all over the story.

12) Priyanka, what are your other passions in life?

I am also versatile when it comes to amuse myself. I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, travelling, watching movies and TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Friends. I am also keen to learn Guitar but let the right time come by. I also prefer catching up with friends and I do have lot of friends who are very nice to talk to.

I am a fast learner. I am trying to learn Kannada as well and have learnt some. I do read inspirational books on the daily basis. Talking to my husband Sumit helps me as he is a clear thinker and carries strong set of beliefs. So one can say talking to him is also my passion. 🙂

13) Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

INTL marked the start-up of my journey as an author and I hope myself to become an eminent writer in future though I don’t prefer to think much about it. For me, focusing on the quality and the ideas of my upcoming creations (novels) is priority.

14) What as per you are the qualities of a good author?

For me, being a good author means to bring forward such stories that can not only be bespoken as a binding read but also must have the ability to bring change in people’s lives. A good author is supposed to think more about others rather him or herself.

15) Any suggestion for budding authors?

I guess every author is a budding author as learning never stops.

Write your script in such way that it not only appeals to you but others also. Have a complete faith in your work. Maintain a discipline for writing and always be in touch of your family and good friends who can motivate you to achieve goals. After all, they are the real comrades of your journey called life.


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