Who Am I- A poem by Meetu N ( Theme – Woman)

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Facing my reflection, in the mirror,


I often think and ask myself,

Who am I?

Am I just a daughter, a wife, a mother?




Am I just what my duties make me?

Am I here to make a sacrifice every time?

Where do I stand as a person?

Who cares for my emotions?

Who Am I?


Then some little voice within me answers

A voice that has been mellowed down

A voice I am barely able to hear

It answers not only my musing

It also answers all my fears.

You are all these and more, it says

You are the one who makes them.

Your strength and courage moulds them 

Your sacrifice nurtures them

You give them happiness and peace

So don’t worry, just be at ease.


You are a woman who loves and cares

And that my dear is all you should care

For God has found you to be very special

So that is why you are here!!!


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