A review of Dinner Date by Ishaan Lalit

Book: Dinner Date
Author: Ishaan Lalit

Publisher: Authors Empire Publications



Dinner date, by Ishaan Lalit, is a must read for the young generation of 21st century. Here, in this novel, the characters are young people and there is no doubt in the fact that the story will win the heart of love story readers and college students straight away.

While taking a look at the cover page, I fell in love with it at first chance, and for that the complete credit goes to the designer of the cover page Mr. Amol Karambe. In most cases we get to see ample use of red, pink and other similar colors in the cover page of love stories, but Amol through the unique design has proved that his imagination and presentation is above excellence.

Coming back to the story the central character in this Novel is Samuel Thomas. He is a guy whom you can call the child of confusion, right from a young age. The story starts with the scene where Samuel is on a Dinner date and trying to impress and convince a girl named Mallika.

Mallika decides to leave this date, but Samuel requests her to give him just 15 minutes and nothing more than that. She agrees and Samuel starts narrating the story which is in fact of his own life.

The story of Samuel starts off with his failure while kissing a girl for the first time when he was just 12 years old. He received the title of Gay after this incident and his school life turned into a painful episode. After completing his school he joined Law-school at Shimla. He shares with Mallika, his memories of Law school and his life with friends Ram & Rohit and also about Aditi, his love. He specially mentions his memorable episodes with his godfather Alex. The episode of the god father is really interesting. The question which will plague your mind right at this moment is – will he be in a position to maintain his career and love Aditi together? Will he be able to prove himself as a good boy?

It’s time to give a full stop or else readers will lose the interest if complete story is disclosed.

Verdict: The story is well narrated and as already said a good read for love story addicts. I love ,love stories and I loved Dinner Date. Ishaan Lalit impressed me with his work this time. Good work.

Rating: 3.5 on 5

Check out the interview with Ishaan Lalit


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