A photographer with hidden talents- Paresh Pisipati

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There are few people in this world who don’t know how precious are they and their talent. One such person  is Paresh Pisipati. If you take a look at his clicks you will just say one word WOW. I am glad to present to my readers the very talented Paresh Pisipati some of his awesome clicks


1) Paresh will request you to introduce you to my readers. Tell something about you which is unknown to all of us and also about your family and background.

Well, I originally hail from Hyderabad, I am the youngest in the family. My father works in a bank, mother is a central government employee and brother is working in US.


I am a kind of person who is sensitive and get excited in happy or a sad moment. I have graduated with an engineering degree and presently working with IBM as a technical consultant in South Africa.

2) When you first realized that there is one hidden talent in you?


When I was working in Pune, I thought that the life must not be constrained to Office, Home and weekend parties. So, first I took cycling as a hobby and used to drive 16 km everyday but after a while, I lost interest as the rainy season started and I couldn’t do anything.


My love for photography happened by chance when I wanted to buy something for myself and bought an SLR camera. Its been an year and I am still in love.

3) Which was the first ever click of yours which impressed you?


The first pic that’s always close to my heart was the flowers at Golconda fort. This was the time when I was still clicking in Auto mode.

4) While going though your pics i found you are quite inclined to wildlife photography?Is it your favorite genre of photography?


My favorite genres are Action, Abstract, portrait, landscape, nature and wild-life photography. Out of these, I like Wildlife and action photography the most. I am inclined to wildlife photography as it allows me to capture the wonders of the nature and takes me more closer to the nature. Other than that, it helps to improve our level of concentration and patience.

5) What are the different categories of Photography attract you?


Bird photography, Light and star trail photography.

6) What are the qualities required to be a good photographer?


The three things needed to be a good photographer are – Stable mind, Stable hands and a good eye for capturing a frame.

7) Any professional training in field of Photography?


None. I have been learning by traveling with photography groups and looking at the work posted on online photo communities.

8) What are plans with Photography in coming time?


Presently, there are no plans of what I am going to do in coming time. You can follow my Facebook page for any updates on my work.

9) Please share the list of instruments you are using while doing Photography?


The list never ends. I always learn about a new accessory whenever I am facing trouble with my pictures. The equipment that I use are: Tripod, Monopod, Remote Switch, camera cleaner (It is a must while changing the lenses), light and dull colored covers for the lenses and body.

10) How important is editing in Photography and why?


Photos takes in JPEG format doesn’t need any software’s to edit. Adding effects and colors will have a bad effect on the sharpness of the picture but while taking in RAW format, a software is a must as it won’t come as sharp as JPEG images and a software helps to manipulate the pixels and make a better composition.

11) How you rate yourself as a photographer? Say being a third person.


Well, I think I rate myself at intermediate level.

The only way to become a good photographer is to do lot of traveling. This helps to get good pictures and some wonderful memories of the places that are visited


14 thoughts on “A photographer with hidden talents- Paresh Pisipati”

  1. Hey Paresh! I’m seeing your facebook posts and your pictures, you are doing a awesome job with your pictures. I’m happy for you that you found your love for photography! Keep inspiring me and others with your great clicks. Cheers!

  2. Paresh – I have read your blog and the images too. Reading your lines I can say that you are true to others and yourself. You have expressed what you are, in short. Your words “a stable mind, stable hands and a good eye” says everything about you and this is what you are. All your hidden talents are just like the image of a sleeping cub (in your blog) – you have everything required for a good photographer somebody has to awaken you. I also liked the originality in your images in terms of the light and un-processed they are true to life. Keep going you just click from your heart 🙂

  3. Hi Paresh …Nice to see that you have groomed yourself to this level… Follow Chandrasekhar’s advice …another great photographer I have known in my life..you should catch up with him once you come to Hyderabad… I shall also introduce another stalwart in Phtography in Hyderabad by name janardhan..you will love their company …

    All the best …

    With Love
    Gopi … Sai Priya Apartments

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