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Analyzing a person and specially his/her future is one of the toughest task in this world. There are genuinely few people in this world who can get  analysis done about a person, his/ her character, future prospects etc in a correct and well defined manner. This time I am presenting an expert in Numerology, Hand writing and Vastu Shastra-  Shrradha Parekh


1)     Hi Shrradha welcome to this session. It feels nice when I get chance to interact with people like you who can help people in shaping their life in a positive way. Will request you to introduce you to my readers?

  Hi I am Shrradha Parekh, by profession I am Numerologist, Vastu Shastra and Handwriting Analyst and I do angel card reading. I am working into HR Firm as HR Manager. I feel life is given once so should live it with happiness. 

2)     While going through your profile i found that you are expert in Numerology, Handwriting analysis as well as in Vastu. So will request you to explain these three subjects in short for a rough idea?

  •  Numerology is where we deal with birth dates.
  •  Handwriting Analyzing is dealing with handwriting but that does not mean dealing with words which are written but it’s about the style of writing.
  •  Vastu is something which is very common these days, but there are different types for doing it. I believe that changing the things and keeping at some other place should be done if it’s needed not just for a sake.

3)     Which type of clients approach you the most in case of Handwriting analysis a person and in what way they apply your feedback in modifying their life?

  I mostly deal with models and common people at times in corporate world too.

4)     Is Numerology for analyzing the character of a person only or it can give prediction about life of a native too?

 Birth dates can tell you many things about your past. Present and help you grow to make your future. Character of person can be described too.

5)  In vastu Shastra we generally see application or you can say placement of certain vastu figures in bringing prosperity, peace and success in family, business and life as a whole. So how effective is vastu in giving results?

The directions are mostly important in vastu, for e.g. If the main door of your house opens in south direction then it is bad omen, but for that some remedies can be applied. Temple should always be in north east. When you sit in proper direction in your office it gains you prosperity.  Vastu change brings peace also at home.

6) How it feels when you suggestion brings peace and satisfaction with prosperity in life of your clients?

 I feel very happy as my client gets help and peace from my suggestion and that are blessings for me.

7) Where from you learn these 3 specific subjects?

From my Teacher Arun Bansal and the other master is my god who gave me this special talent.

8) Who actually inspired you to enter this world?

My Uncle Prashant Daftary who was very good astrologer.

9) How long you are practicing and what as per you is the prospect in this field?

  I am practicing from 9 yrs and prospect in this field is too much but you should be very honest and positive.

10)  Even today many people don’t trust the world of prediction, so how you deal with such group of people?

True many people don’t believe in predictions but I don’t force them to believe but I tell them their thoughts which are just known to them and they do get surprise.

11) What are your other passions in life?

I love watching movies, listening music and observing people.

12)  What are your plans 5 years down the line?

  To get married and to have my own occult science school.

13) Any memorable achievement in your career which you want to share with my readers?

There are many but I have been through an incurable disease which is called SLE, from that I have come out. Now I am totally fine and I go to give inspiration in hospital to the people who have lost their will for living. God’s grace and support of my family has made me what I am today.

14)  What as per you are the qualities to be successful in this field?

I believe you should be soul believer and not greedy to earn money. Always say the truth to the person whether it is good or bad.

God Bless you all with light and love.

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20 thoughts on “Meeting Numerologist, Hand writing expert and Vastu Shastra specialist- Shrradha Parekh”

  1. The thought of opening a school like this has really amazed me. Such dedication to pursue your passion is commendable. ..

    Keep it up !!


  2. Hi.evryone….
    I know.shraddha for a very long time..
    She is a kind human being..
    Also been helpful whenevr we were in problem.. timely suggestion alway helped us in taking right decision for future…
    Both the sisters are kind people.

    Thks shraddha for being der when we needed u…
    God bless u & and give u more such wisdom…to help mankind..

  3. Hi Shraddha,
    Though we belonged to same school, we never meet in school. But heard a lot about u from our common friends & meet u in one get together. U r truly inspirational. Good to have a motivational friend like u 🙂


  4. I loved the vision of your…
    your are and always will be the pillar for strength with lot of positive energy for me…..

    best of luck!!!!!

    Mitesh Chunawala

  5. All I do know about Shrradz is that shez a strong deterministic girl having a strong will power… Always gives positive vibes to the people talking to her..

    A good friend and always ready to help others…
    Dear Shrradha keep the good work.. Spread happiness always…
    Hope and Pray.. your dream come true..

    Your Friend Amit 🙂

  6. Kudos girl, god bless you with more and more success and yup our angels are making sure that you be in the best light of love. 🙂 A way to go 🙂

  7. Wow…superb..!!!

    You are a true inspiration….your insight is awesome and your observation power is god gifted…all the very best for your future ideas….


  8. Hello everyone,

    I have shrradha for many years, she is a very good human being, I am constantly in touch with her in every new step I take in life, I consult her and trust me she is very good guide, I can totally relies on her


  9. Hey all the very best dear, the best part of your personality is your idea to open a science school, you are helping others for their career and life so god will fullfil your all the dreams. Wishing you all the luck. Its good to read your interview. 😊

  10. congrats Shrrds…..I don’t know u for long but watever I know about u and how much I know about u is all I can say that U are one of the best human being and one of the best frnd anyone can get…….I am very lucky to have u in my life…….god bless u…..lov u….<3 :*

  11. Wow superb……

    Keep up the good work…..may u achieve everything u r worth of…congratulations

    Tc… god bless u …. 🙂

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