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One of the youngest Entrepreneur of India in the world of publishing is Aman Sharma. Besides being a prolific writer he is running Triumph Publishing as Chief Operating Officer. Presently he is working with a MNC in Jaipur.


1) Aman Sharma a popular name in the publication industry. So Aman say something about you?

Well I would say that I don’t agree with the first line in the question. I am not popular; yes I am in a transition phase and if I keep on working with complete focus, someday I will be popular. Personally, there nothing much about me other than what people already know. Shy when I first meet people and loud after that but only in the best possible way, random, different and have a 12 year old kid still in me. For me, each day of my life is a new experience. I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time. I am a very honest person who will bust his butt to achieve his goals in life. But above all, I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life whenever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste!

2) How you decided to launch Triumph publishing ? Share us the story about your startup journey.

As many people know  that I started my journey with setting up another publishing house that I founded in the month of April 2012. Getting into publishing and starting my own venture was an instant decision that I made earlier that year. So, after a thorough research for a couple of months and completing all the formalities, I became a publisher. The journey was no less than a dream run for me till April 2013 when due to some issues I left that organization and started Triumph Publishing.

3) Give us a brief about the work process of Triumph publishing and its various  services?

We, at Triumph Publishing believes in having casual relationships with our clients. Having said that, this does not mean that we are not professional, it’s just that the work we do, interacting with the writers and understanding what they feel & want, we need to have a casual relationship with them. This helps us to put ourselves in their shoes and smoothens the whole process of publishing.

As of today, we provide publishing services for fiction, non-fiction & short story books, in house editing & designing for our clients.

4) Share the entrepreneurial challenges you faced while setting up Triumph publishing?


Like every new entrepreneur, I too faced some challenges in the beginning; making our name amongst the prospective authors was the major one. It was tough for us to contact authors and attract them to get their work published through us. Also, establishing an effective distribution network & looking for good staff was one of the most important challenge that took almost 4 months to get it right.

5) How much funding you needed for starting your dream project, and where did you get the startup funding?

The startup funding was approximately 3.5Lacs and thanks to my parents who believed in me and provided me the funds.

6) What are your other interests in life?

Apart from reading & writing, my interest areas are playing cricket and travelling. I had been playing professional cricket from the age of 15 till I completed my graduation. Apart from this, I keep on travelling and exploring new places.

7) Share the Wow moments you experienced being the owner of  Triumph publishing?

Hahaha… This is a tough one to answer. Let me take an example of a newborn baby to show why it’s difficult and I can’t share a specific wow moment I had at Triumph Publishing.

When a baby is born; the parents hold him or her in their hands and their happiness has no limitations & measures. They don’t care what the skin color of the baby is or how beautiful they look. All that matters to them is that moment which they waited for so long and now when it’s there, they just want to live it, enjoy it and cherish it for a life time. Similarly, for me, there are no specific wow moments in Triumph Publishing. I cherish each and everything I do here, day in day out.

8) How you make a selection of Novel to be published?

I would not get into the details of this as we have a complete SOP for selecting a manuscript however, the  basic selection is made by mixed ranking by two editors who score a proposal out of 5 based on a story line, writing skills of the author, and uniqueness. Any story that scores an average of 3.5 comes to me for approval.

9) Any new expansion plan for Triumph publishing?

As of now, we are not planning for any expansion other than a bigger office for the company. If I talk about coming two years or so, yes we have a hell lot of things planned like moving to Delhi for better working, diversifying our work into poetry and self help, inspirational books etc. but all these are still plans we are working on.

10) Which process of recruitment you follow while hiring employees? What is the current employee strength?

The recruitment process is same as other organization follows. We hire people depending on the spot open and their qualification and experience in the given field. Currently we have an employee strength of 5 people which includes 2 in house editors,  2 outsourced editors who work from their place in Jaipur itself and one designer.

11) What are the qualities to become an entrepreneur?

“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” I don’t know how many times I have seen the video of Steve Jobs saying these lines.

There are some qualities every entrepreneur has possessed and one should always have to be a successful one; Integrity, Dedication & Loyalty. Being an entrepreneur demands commitment and dedication. You will always have people saying “Follow Your Passion” which is harder than saying. If you find something you love enough to share it with others, that love will act as fuel and give you purpose. Also, it’s so wonderful to see how much they can learn from others. They ask for advice. They’re flexible. They soak up the best practices around them like a sponge.

12) Any feedback or advice for budding entrepreneurs?

I don’t think I am experienced enough to give any advice to anyone but I will just say that Do what you love to do. Yes, at times things will look tough, as if there is no way out and you may think that you have made a wrong turn in your life but that’s where you should calm yourself down and believe in yourself.


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