Chit Chat Session with Suraj Jangid

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Suraj Jangid, is one such talented author of India who got attracted towards the world of literature at a very young age. He started penning down some lovely short stories and poems when he was very young and many of them are available online for the readers.  He is still a student but also an assistant-editor with one publishing house. Check out the recent Chit Chat session with him.


1) Hi Suraj, my readers are keen to know about you as a human being, so please tell something about you?

I am working as an assistant-editor, pursing my under-graduation from Delhi University. I am an avid-reader; my work makes me an avid-reader. I feel I am workaholic as well.

2) When you decided to pen down your feelings in the form of book?

I was in eleventh, as I could remember. While reading the chick-lits available in the market, I realized that I could have written a better book than the books, which were on fire. I wanted to read something fresh and different so I decided to write a book.


3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life and provoked you to be the part of the book world?

It’s true that my grandfather is my inspiration but as a writer, I always look for several inspirations. My boss and friend, Mr. Kaushal Goyal has always provoked me. And, I confess that I want to be like him in the future.

4) You novel “My Life With a Soul” is a love story. So what as per you love stands for or else what you mean by Love?

Love, it’s a difficult question to answer.  Love is different for everyone. For me, love is an invisible web between two entities, which could take any form. A web is like a trap and we all know that somewhere in our life, we get trapped, sometimes for good. This trap is a relationship. It could be between your mother and you, you and your father or between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.

5) Please give a brief of “My Life With A Soul?

My Life with a Soul is a story of Sam and Selda. It’s a story of a teenage boy and his world with his dreams and wisdoms. This story deals with the problems: teenagers face, religion: they follow and love: they fall easily.



6) When you touched the first copy of “My Life With A Soul” how was the experience?

I felt like if I was holding my own baby. I became a father that day, literally. I was overwhelmed with emotions that I could not stop smiling the whole day. Quite funny, isn’t it?

7) So far how is your journey as an author?

Journey is good. I am enjoying every moment of it. I am glad to tell you that my second book is going to release in February, 2014. And, my journey has not finished yet. It could not be finished.


8) What are the other passions in your life?

Racing, reading, repairing old things, and watching movies.

9) Which is the best compliment you have received so far from your readers?

The compliment is, “I finished reading your book today and I am still thinking about Sam. I think you are Sam. And, I am also amazed after knowing that you are just going to be nineteen in April. Just one question to you, “How did you come up with this kind of concept at this early age? You are so young yet so mature. If you have some qualities of Sam then, your girlfriend will be so lucky. You are such a handsome and darling guy.”

This was sent in my email on 22nd January, 2013.

10) What next after “My Life With A Soul”?

The Devil’s Conspiracy, my second is set to release in February, 2014.

11) How you rate yourself as an author?

I am an author that’s it. If I begin to think about rating myself then I will never be able to do great things.

12) What are the qualities of becoming an author as per you?

Read a lot, write a lot and never miss an opportunity. And, you should be hard-working as well.

13) In one line describe Suraj Jangid in the eye of Suraj Jangid?

I am an author and if not an author then a book-lover, whatever, my soul is connected to words and knowledge.

Read more about Suraj: Suraj Jangid


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