A session with wedding photographer from Bengal- Himangshu Ghosh

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In India wedding is done in a grand way and its gets memorable when an expert photographer clicks the precious moment of the ceremony. This time I am presenting a very talented wedding photographer from Bengal – Himangshu Ghosh. It will be wrong  to say him only a wedding photographer. He is expert in various genre of photography , but in my view he is awesome when it comes to wedding clicks. Check out the session with him.

Image1) Hi Himangshu, will request you to introduce yourself to my readers.

I, am a hardworking guy and a passionate photographer. I am always ready for this art form. Photography is my first love. My camera is a part of my family.



2) When did you get started with photography and when did you start clicking photos?

I, started photography since 1993 and still continues the same with the same enthusiasm.


3) Who acted as an inspiration in your life?

Kartik Giri, a friend and philosopher who once said, love and respect photography as our own mother. Joydeb Saha was to name one who inspired me during my starting days, he himself is one of the eminent photography of the city. Also to Mention my wife ,Swati Ghosh, who is always by my side, during every up and downs.

4) Which Genre of Photography attracts you most and why?

Wedding attracts me the most and the reason for it is I get to know the varied culture, religion, colors, and the moments which I cannot describe in words .

5) How it feels when people appreciate your work?

Appreciation is worth more than money, it gets me motivated to do a better job every next time.


6) As per you profile in FB you are mostly into wedding photography. So what are different  state marriages you covered so far ?


I have covered Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, all religion to name.. but Bengali wedding attracts me the most, as being myself a Bengali.

7) If any one wants to get in touch with you for an event photography where they can contact you?


They can contact me at my no. 09832111574 and 09635846469, or can visit my studio at,
9/11, Ranapratap Road, Durgapur, west bengal-713204.


8) What are your other passions in life?

Apart from photography I like listening to music, specially Rabindra Sangeet, which refreshes my mind for a better work.



9) Share the list of instruments you are using?

I  am having a canon 7D body with 18-135mm lens. A 50mm canon lens, a canon speedlight 430EX II. I also have a pair of Elinchrom delight2(umbrella, softbox), 400RX(umbrella, softbox), portra lite P-10.For Video , Sony-2200E.



10)  Are you a  professionally trained photographer? Who is your guru or teacher?

I regularly attend workshops to enrich more technical knowledge, Kapil Chobisa Sir(Anurag Academy, Rajasthan) have helped me in gaining more knowledge, Debarghya Sengupta helps me a lot to improve and improve everyday.


11) What are your plans  in coming time?

In near  future I have plans to Build a large studio for my work, which will be enriched with the latest technology in the region. a place where budding photographer can come and learn too.

12) Rate yourself as a photographer?

Sorry I cannot rate myself, everyday is a learning day.


8 thoughts on “A session with wedding photographer from Bengal- Himangshu Ghosh”

  1. I admire and respect you a lot.
    Being in love with photography I understand the never ending desire and quench of thirst for better-best photography every time the finger is pressed and the shutter clicked…
    Your photos…. out of words to describe them.
    May all your wish come true.

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