A trip to the wonderland of Butterfly with young photographer Basudeb Goswami

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A wonderful collection of pretty butterflies behind the camera by Basudeb Goswami

Common Name : Grey Pansy
Bengali Name : Chadonari
Scientific Name : Precis atlites (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 55 – 65 mm
Colour : Creamish-Grey with brown lines and a row of black spots near the wing margin.
Habit : Commonly found in the rain-fed open regions, near water-bodies and along the foothill. This butterfly is fond of flowers particularly the marigolds.
 Butterfly spreading wings under the Sun
Common Name : Blue Tiger
Bengali Name : Himalkuchi
Scientific Name : Tirumala limniace (Butler)
Wingspan : 90 – 100 mm
Colour : Dark brown to black with blue markings.
Habit : Large, showy and slow-flying. Fond of wet soil and nectar. Relishes nectar from hedges of exotics such as Cosmos, Tagetes and Lantana. Wings are closed over the back while the butterfly feeds.
ImagePretty butterfly  in romance with nature
Common Name : Great Eggfly
Bengali Name : Jamuy
Scientific Name : Hypolimnas bolina (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 70 – 110 mm
Colour : The iridescent, bluish white, egg shaped markings on the upperwing surface make the male of this species a handsome insect.
Habit : Found in open areas, forest clearings and paths. The male is highly territorial and patrols to and fro, chasing away any butterfly that comes into his territory.
Larval Host Plants : Portulaca oleracea, Abelmoschus sp., Barleria sp., Sida rhombifolia, Hibiscus sp. etc.
right (male)
ImageThe black beauty butterfly
Common Name : Plain Tiger
Bengali Name : Tamath
Scientific Name : Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 70 – 80 mm
Colour : This is a tawny with black apex, body is black, spotted with white. The hindwing has three small black spots approximately at the centre.
Habit : The most familiars butterfly in Indian gardens, basically a butterfly of open plains. It is protected against attacks from avian and reptilian predators by virtue of palatable alkaloids it ingests during its larval stage. Flight is slow and laborious. While basking, it rests close to the ground, on small bushes etc.
Larval Host Plants : Calotropis gigantea, Asclepias curassavica
ImageBeautiful butterfly in the lap of nature
Common Name : Striped Albatross
Bengali Name : Dhulkapas
Scientific Name : Appias libythea (Swinhoe)
Wingspan : 50 – 60 mm
Colour : Dusky white to yellowish with black or brown stripes. Two forms are found (i) libythea & (ii) Olferna
Habit : Habit is more like Common Gull and Pioneer; they are fond of flowers like Lantana, Eupatorium etc., flies fast, males often seen drinking water from wet soil; found in dry deciduous forest and in bushy undergrowth of scrub jungles
ImageThe white beauty kissing the purple flower
Common Name : Dark Palm Dart
Bengali Name : Tirap
Scientific Name : Telicota ancilla (Moore)
Wingspan : 34 – 36 mm
Colour : Black butterfly with orange bands on the forewings.
Habit : Flies very strongly and swiftly. Basks in the morning, sitting low on the grass-blades or bushes. Its proboscis is falirly long and therefore it has access to flowers with long corolla tubes, such as Andrographis, Lantana, Tridax etc.
ImageButterfly kissing the flower
Common Name : Lime
Bengali Name : Ruru
Scientific Name : Papilio demoleus (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 80 – 100 mm
Colour : Black and yellow butterfly with a slight tooth on hind wings.
Habit : One of the most widely distributed butterflies; fast-flier; hovers briefly to feed on flowers. Visits flowers as well as damp patches.
ImageBlack Beauty on the floor of nature
Common Name : Rounded/Striped Pierrot
Bengali Name : Tilkusi
Scientific Name : Tarucus nara (Kol.)
Wingspan : 24 – 28 mm
Colour : White with black spots and border; upper side violet blue with narrow black border.
Habit : Found in open areas and thinly wooded areas. Visits flowers, damp patches, fond of sunshine; it basks particularly after the rains

ImageDancing on the flower

Common Name : Peacock Pansy
Bengali Name : Nayan
Scientific Name : Junonia almana (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 60 – 65 mm
Colour : Coppery yellow with peacock colour at the centre with yellow and black rings around it.

Habit : One of the commonest and beautiful butterflies of India. Found in open cultivated areas, as well as in the jungle clearings and paths. Behaviour is highly territorial; chases away any intruder. Visits various flowers like Lantana, Tridax etc

ImageRoyally  dressed butterfly
Common Name : Painted Jezebel
Scientific Name : Delias hyparete (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 72 – 88 mm
Colour : Almost identical to Common Jezebel, but more lightly marked.
Habit : Status- uncommon, It occurs in wooded country, found in lower hills, flight is slow.
ImageNature gets a new look with this pretty beautiful
Common Name : Lemon Pansy
Bengali Name : Ushum
Scientific Name : Junonia lemonias (Linnaeus)
Wingspan : 45 – 60 mm
Colour : Dark brown with eye-like markings with orange rings.
Habit : Visits various species of flowers, found almost throughout the year. Very bold butterfly, often seen basking. Shows strong territorial and aggressive behaviour.

ImagePrincely Look

Common Name : Longbanded Silverline
Scientific Name : Spindasis lohita (Horsfield)
Wingspan : 30 – 42 mm
Colour : UN creamy yellow to cinnamon red, silvery lines edged prominently with black to red.

Habit : Swift flier, flies in sunshine and often seen perched among shrubs along the road. Comes to flowers. Prefers forest with heavy rainfall.

ImageButterfly dancing on the flower

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  1. splendid mixture of ur photographic skills,angles,colours and natural beauty.U r really talented. Keep up the good work bro. 🙂

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