Session with Vicky Palrecha- Author of Backlogs

He is young, he is promising and he is a debuting author of Novel”Backlogs”- Vicky Palrecha. To know him better check out the recent session with Vicky.
1) Hi Vicky, its nice to have a session with you as my readers will get the chance to know you better. Will request you to give a brief about you?

Thank you Samata for this opportunity.

I am an extrovert, avid reader, blogger & photographer. I take life a moment at a time.

2) When and how you decided to pen down a book?

I started writing after school,most of the things remained very personal until I started blogging and writing short stories & poems. My story of Backlogs was one such story, which I turned into a book.


3) Who is the one who inspired you to be an author?

Technically no one. I enjoyed reading & writing and that itself created my path to become an author.

4) After completion of your management degree (Diploma) you joined your family business, so how is the life of a business man different from that of an author?
Its not that different because I am living both at the same time. I have a business life professionally but my author life is personal. I manage to keep them apart,thus enjoying both at once.

5) What are other passions in Life?

Photography, dance & reading.

6) How you manage to get time to think for the plot of the story for your Novel” Backlogs”?

Backlogs started off as a blog, which I had started writing while I was in college. The plot of backlogs was an outcome of turning my hobby into serious writing. The plot of backlogs has simple elements of friendship and college, which made the plot more entertaining and as well the experiences of my friends helped me shape the plot into beautiful story.

7) Please brief the plot of the story?

Backlogs is the story of failed students and their constant efforts to put life back on track.
The way their life’s get tangled with problems that never end, accidents,heart breaks, exam failures, everything rides against them, but they soon learn to take things in their stride, enjoying their screwed up college life. Teachers ire and classmates they never wished to have, it all sums up their Backlogs in life altogether. Backlogs is about Family,Friendship,love,college and the very ability to come over one’s failures

8) Any character of this Novel matches you as a person?

Nothing in specific, but the character of Shrey is a little inspired from me as a person.

9)  What next in Pipeline  after Backlogs?

I haven’t started working on anything yet, have a couple of stories. It will take time to put them down in words.

10) How it feels when you are appreciated by your readers?

I feel awesome, it makes me realize the fact that I managed to turn a long time dream into reality.

11)  How will you rate yourself as an author?

I would like my work to be rated than rating myself as an author. I still have a long way to go, I have just begun my journey as an author.

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