Review of ” CHAPTER 11- Kissa corporate Bankruptcy KA” BY AMIT SHANKAR

Authored By: Amit Shankar
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing


Another book of Amit Shankar which I finished immediately after “Love is Vodka A Shot Ain’t Enough” is Chapter 11. One major difference is there in between these 2 novels that here in Chapter 11, the hero is male character and in this novel he is basically looking to develop his viewpoints.

After wrapping up his old work and the place where he grew up where everybody appears to know VVS the central character, he moved on to join a Fortune 500 Company which is located in the city of Gurgaon. The City of Gurgaon which was known to this guy named VVS when he used to stay in Delhi while in college is far more different now.

Disaster takes place when his organization documents for bankruptcy or Chapter 11. VVS has no clue what he should do and how he should act after knowing this condition of his organization. He is optimistic in nature however his senior colleagues and his coach aren’t. He needs to pick between the two.  The story of this novel spins around the thought of morality and what percentage of the globe has changed over passing time.  The leaders of this company are majorly focused towards their personal interests and gains and in place of taking initiative towards strengthening the company they are keen to secure their own life. Because of selfishness of few people the company was bound to collapse leading to disaster in the life of many employees who actually work with complete sincerity and dedication.


My View point:

Let’s come to the presentation of novel. Chapter 11 is a well depicted story of corporate culture. The introduction creates the environment for an intriguing read and arouses the interest among the readers. The inquiries of un-wariness, dependability or more all voracity or greed are addressed and how vital are they in the society of corporate.

The question on a definite note comes to the mind of readers that  whether fast track life imply that we should  skip past the ethics and carry on with a life of an individual having no qualities?

The conflict between old framework and new one is composed in such a route, to the point that you comprehend both purposes of perspectives. Amit Shankar here attempted to catch the embodiment of how in world of corporate there is something more than just getting compensation. The life of a corporate is not fixed in a time slot of 9-6 job. Corporate life offers a job of 24×7 structures where there is no scope for personal life and money with power is the only word for which people run for.  Every line written in this book depicts reality of corporate world and also about the way hero bargains in his existence is extremely near actuality. We all dream to have lavish houses, money and car along with several other dreams likewise which are equally big.

There are certain other shades of relationship which are presented clearly in this novel and if we look around we will get to see maximum of these shades easily.

Chapter 11 is a definite read for the people in the corporate world as it will help them to act correctly in such typical situation.

The question is whether we can actually do anything for these special dreams or people’s humanity is considerably more vital than that. Amit Shankar asks some practical inquiries with his novel. If it is Amit’s contemplation or our own, but one thing is beyond any doubt, Chapter 11 is quick, suggestive and an aggregate bundle for an entertaining read.

Amit Shankar- You are amazing and you proved that whatever be the storyline you know the exact way to give life to it and present it in an entertaining way.

Rating: 4 on 5

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